Locations of Supercharging stations.

Locations of Supercharging stations.

Here is map of the current planned charging locations:

Does anyone know the exact locations of these stations? It would be great to add in the major roads to this map. I feel like the locations of some of the charging stations could be better optimized.

Brian H | 7 novembre 2012

They are intended to be on highways between destinations, as far away from cities and each other as reasonably possible -- at the places they'll be needed most.

tkofler | 3 février 2013

My wife and I are planning a road trip in our Tesla Model S from Seattle to LA. Has anyone done this trip in their Tesla Model S, and if so, could you tell us at what charge stations you charged your Tesla.
Tom K.

ian | 4 février 2013
Brian H | 5 février 2013

Yes, but he's asking for specific choices someone else made, and how they worked out.

saminter1989 | 27 septembre 2013








gwstephens | 28 septembre 2013

I just purchased a fully loaded model S. I live in Port Saint Lucie with a charging station.

I understand that most people tend to think of charging stations in terms of a great tour or cross country travel.

I bought the car in order to travel to my to restoration franchises in Fort Lauderdale and Melbourne. The car is paid for by my franchises as part of my travel expenses. It costs me nothing.

There are no charging stations there.

If you are reading Mr. Musk there are a great many professionals in Florida that travel between the major cities and would buy these cars if they could charge at a Starbucks in each city along 95 or the turnpike.

The head of my law firm was ecstatic about mine and heartbroken to learn that he could not charge in Fort Lauderdale or Melbourne.
Please hurry.

mirrorshades | 2 octobre 2013

I am moving from San Francisco to South Carolina. I will be crossing the country in my Model S starting December 7. No one at Tesla can give me information on location and dates when Super Charger stations will be open. So does anyone have a clue whether I should go the Northern Route (I80), Middle route (I40) or Southern (I10/20)? I cannot spend 10 days doing this so Super Chargers are critical to success.
I will also probably be traveling with a newspaper reporter so I'd like to give him a good story to tell.
I'm a bit surprised that Tesla is not willing to assist with the endeavor.

negarholger | 2 octobre 2013

@mirrorshades - ship your car to South Carolina... fall ends after your trip.

bfranks273 | 2 octobre 2013

Right, check the SC map. The Northern route (that Elon will use) will be done by the end of winter which is roughly Feb '14. There are a few threads of people coming across from the factory. You need to use the various charger apps and plan heavily using KOA's and such. These will require 8 hour stops. Cant do 10 days? Well we are not quite there yet.

Brian H | 2 octobre 2013

Tesla cannot give you advance info, especially when it is still uncertain even for them. Your timing is off by about a year.

msawolf | 4 octobre 2013

I'm a new owner in Northern California. We would like to do a road trip up I-5 to Oregon. Does anyone know what the Blink Network is? Do I need to join in order to charge at Blink chargers??
thanks Anita

Earl and Nagin ... | 4 octobre 2013

If you're going to drive across the country this winter, there probably won't be superchargers yet so you'll need to rely on RV parks. Since it is winter, most RV parks, especially in the north, are closed in the winter so I highly advise you to take the southern route, probably I-10.
Be very sure to call ahead to all RV parks you figure you'll need to be sure they will be open. Assume about 180 miles between them maximum to account for running your heater.
If you do end up shipping your Model S, there's no shame in doing so, given the time of year. Most smart early American pioneers (Donner party excepted) didn't try to cross the country in the winter either.
A team of intrepid Tesla employees did drive a Roadster from LA to Detroit in December and January a few years ago for the Detroit auto show, just to prove it could be done so it is possible but isn't easy.

ian | 7 octobre 2013

@Anita - Yes the blink network requires a membership. It's free though and I believe you can call them from the road and get guest access if you need it in a pinch.

Also check out the West Coast Green Highway ( That might help your trip too.

Hopefully Tesla will have the Norcal and Southern Oregon Supercharges up for your trip. It's been said they'll be available by Thanksgiving.


ablack2004 | 9 octobre 2013

Looks like some superchargers were added yesterday - I noticed one in Texas...was the one in Colorado new as well, don't remember there being two before...
Looks like things are continuing to progress!


Bubba2000 | 9 octobre 2013

I live in an affluent city with 150,000 pop, lot of oil/gas production, service industries. Lot of Porsches, MBs, BMWs, Audis, Range Rovers, etc. Only 2 Model S, including mine. There is 1 Roadster. Great car, except when I want to got out of town. First I got to top off with my HPWC which is not big deal. The big issue is finding decent charging. I would be happy to have HPWC/80A in major cities. I could top off 100 miles while I have lunch and relax during the trip.

Lack of public charging got to be the major impediment to adoption.

ian | 9 octobre 2013

@ablack2004 - Yes the Colorado and Texas Superchergers are new. You can check the "Confirmed Supercherger" thread in the Model S section here for more upcoming openings.

Bubba - Where do you live? Is Tesla not planning a Supercbarger near you in the future?

diane | 28 décembre 2013

Right now the major benefit of the Tesla is for driving within a suitable radius of one's garage charger. That's 95% of any intended driving, and the Tesla is absolutely great for that. The planned superchargers seem to be located for travel between major population centers. I can't fault that logic, but it really doesn't fit our family's need. I'm never going to drive from Atlanta to New York City or Miami. That's what planes and rental vehicles are for.

The supercharger map depicts the Tesla's highway range as a radius around each charging station. That range only works for highway travel if there's a supercharging station near the end of that radius. In almost all radial directions from a given charging station, there is not and will not be a supercharging station any time soon, and if our family manages to reach one of its typical lightly populated mountain or beach vacation sites by means of a scattered network of Level 2 chargers, there won't be any Level 2 chargers close to where we're staying for the return trip at a site where we'd be comfortable leaving our Tesla overnight. In Charleston, SC for example the only Level 2 chargers are a Nissan dealerships. The closest dealership is many miles from the beach, and Nissan is unlikely to invite my Tesla to its charger.

I doubt the Tesla will become a practical vacation travel car in our family for many years. Thankfully, our alternative gasoline car has a 600 mile range.

Brian H | 28 décembre 2013

If you use the the Teslawiki map and set the radius to about 100 miles, you will get a more realistic view of the system. That will show you overlapping ranges more directly.

Newampster | 31 décembre 2013

@mirrorshades- I tried to plan a cross country trip using plugshare and campgrounds. I 40 is warmer, but there are stretches without options that go over 300 miles. No go. Doing a road trip in the winter requires all of the hypermiling techniques, including little cabin heat and 60 mph. I will leave tomorrow for the 600 mile trip from Nh to VA. I will ship my MS from there to AZ. Hopefully, Elon will do his trip by Mar 31 and I can follow his SC route to return in April.

Brian H | 31 décembre 2013

Please post details on the fly!

Brian H | 31 décembre 2013

But not on this thread. Start your own trip thread. It will get lotsa hits and replies, I promise.

dktkpa | 11 avril 2014

I am planning to go from Harrisburg, PA to Toledo, Ohio. The route has an adequate number of charging stations,

However, you must take Rt 76 to access these stations. I know there are long tunnels through the mountains on that stretch of Rt 76. I get panic attacks in long tunnels so that route is not feasible for me.

Route 80 would be an alternative, but I do not see any Tesla Charging Stations on it in PA. Also, I do not see any Chargepoint stations.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!

Rocky_H | 11 avril 2014

Check Plugshare for that. There are some public charging stations in the towns along the way on the I-80 route that you can use, but they of course will not be as fast as Supercharger stations.

GeekEV | 11 avril 2014

I've noticed that Chargepoint is now listing stations from other networks, independents, etc. - L1, L2, DCQC and even Tesla SuperChargers (though they seem to be lagging on those). How long have they been doing that? I hadn't look in quite some time. That seems like a nice all-in-one place to look now.

just an allusion | 11 avril 2014

As I understand it, these are the current charge station installations:

Which, BTW, enabled the cross-country LA-to-NY rally:

And these are the planned charge station installations to be completed by the ed of 2015:

Just to help all visualize both Tesla's present and future dedication to provide all of America with environmental friendly, oil-free transportation.

Brian H | 12 avril 2014

Let the MS soothe you through the tunnels. It does fine psychotherapy as well as transportation, you know!

PV_Dave @US-PA | 12 avril 2014

Until the I-80 corridor is energized, it'd be pretty slow using level 2 chargers. Probably better to rent an ICE, until the "End of 2014" chargers are lit up.

dktkpa | 13 avril 2014

Thank you ta all for your input. I think I will fly there this time. Hopefully they will have stations on Rt 80 soon.

dcm0529 | 16 octobre 2014

We reside in the Dallas, Texas area and want to know when there will be charging stations completed for us to drive our new S model from California to Texas. Can someone give us firm dates?

dcm0529 | 16 octobre 2014

Does anyone have a written list of charging stations by city and state so that proper calculations can be made on a cross country trip?

Land of Texas | 25 mars 2015



SamO | 25 mars 2015

+1 @LOT

California is BIG and has lots of places that still have limited access and poor charging choices.

Grinnin'.VA | 26 mars 2015

@ Land of Texas | March 25, 2015



The Tesla Supercharger page has a feature for people to suggest locations for SCs.

These forums are NOT the best way to get your suggestions to the Tesla Supercharger team.

centralvalley | 27 mars 2015

Madera and Fresno are only about 25 miles apart, so to have Superchargers at both locations would be redundant, and would not help out at all in reaching Yosemite.

A better location would be Visalia near the junction of SR99 and SR198. This would provide easy access to the southern entrance to Sequoia for those from LA or those taking I5 south to Harris Ranch.

With the Supercharger already operating in Manteca only 5 miles off 99, I doubt that they would install another one so close in Modesto. From my house to Manteca is about 130 miles or so.

My feeling is that in about 4 years, Tesla will install a couple along SR49 like Oakhurst and Jamestown.

Lubdub | 27 mars 2015

Fresno is about half way between Tejon and Manteca so probably the best location

Grinnin'.VA | 28 mars 2015

@ centralvalley | March 27, 2015

Madera and Fresno are only about 25 miles apart, so to have Superchargers at both locations would be redundant, and would not help out at all in reaching Yosemite.

I'd guess that the reason Tesla decided to build those SCs is NOT primarily to facilitate your trips to and from Yosemite.