Looking for Opinions on Upgrades

Looking for Opinions on Upgrades

New to the board and a reservarion holder in the low 14,000's. I'm going back and forth between the base model with the 60kWh battery or the 40 kWh with the air suspension, leather, pano, and upgraded stereo. I drive 50 miles a day. I'd hate to always be checking how much range I have left and lock myself into just local driving, but the idea of spending over 60k and not getting any amenities is hard to swallow. I stretching my budget either way and can't do both. I plan to have the car for at least six years and want to be comfortable with all it has to offer. Thanks for the input.

nickjhowe | 27 novembre 2012

The 85kWh owners are getting 200 miles plus from typical driving. Assuming the 40kWh car is lighter then 100 miles should be perfectly possible under normal conditions. So even with the small battery there should be no reason for range anxiety.

BUT - 40kWh cars cannot use the Superchargers. So if that is a requirement you'll need the 60kWh car.

My take is that more toys are always better, so if 40kWh is enough I'd go with 40 + toys vs 60 without.

I'm sure there have already been threads discussing this, but for the life of me I can't remember which one(s)

Brant | 27 novembre 2012

It's an great care even without the bells and whistles you listed. "Hate" sounds worse than "hard to swallow" so....60kWh would be my suggestion.

dorseka | 27 novembre 2012

I agee, hate sounds harsh:)Thanks for the imput.

mpottinger | 27 novembre 2012

EXACT same issue I'm facing. Pending information on leasing, I'm leaning toward a loaded up 40. The way I'm looking at it is "How much range do I need to buy (and for the most part not use) for those few times a year when the 40 won't be adequate?" Day in and day out I drive 30 to 50 miles a day. 3 to 6 times a year I might face a drive that will require more than the 40 can do without a charge (I'm assuming a 100 mi real world, climate control, etc. range).

I'll enjoy the amenities every day; the extra range, only occasionally. For the 10K upcharge for a 60, or 20k upcharge for the 85, I can rent a lot of Hertz. All that said, I've been dragging my feet on finalizing until leasing details are announced. Depending on how they do residuals, the payment difference between a 40 and 60 might allow me to purchase the extra range.

dorseka | 27 novembre 2012

Good points. We have an Explorer for the longer trips. I put on too many miles to lease.

Superliner | 27 novembre 2012

On the charging front... I removed "twin chargers" from my configuration. I don't plan on buying Teslas "high power wall connector" but will charge @ home on a 14-50 plug. and here's why..

The mobile connector that comes with the car is only 10KW rated which I assume would have to include the J1772 adaptor as well since it is designed to work with the mobile connector, So unless the mobile connector was rated for 20kw "assuming one could find public chargers existing in the wild that are capable of that charging rate"?? Therefore without the High Power wall connector at home the twin charger option seems moot. While @ home charging @ 62 mph vs 31 mph is not a huge deal as the car will gain a full charge overnight even on a 14-50 anyway ( I gotta sleep lol).

I opted instead to scratch the $1500.00 twin chargers and add the optional $2000.00 "super charger hardware" which provides much more value for the $$$ because it enables me to charge cost free @ super chargers for the life of the car "as it is offered currently".

Am I wrong here? Thoughts.. PLEASE!

EcoHeliGuy | 27 novembre 2012


The J1772 adapter has nothing to do with the mobile cord. The adapter goes into your charge port on the car and allows a public J1772 cord to connect. Your limiting factor on current is the public charger and then the single or twin charger. I plan to select twin chargers and not get the high power wall connector as I will not need that much juice from my house. But want to get the most charge I can when out around.

olanmills | 27 novembre 2012

@mpottinger, Tesla says, "We are targeting summer of 2013 to begin offering leasing."

@dorseka, if I absoluetely had to choose between the upgrades or the 60kwh battery, I'd choose the upgrades. I definitely want to fully enjoy a car that I'm buying for more than mere utility, and for me, things like leather and heated seats, the pano roof, and tech package are all part of that.

However, for me, the 60kwh battery is a minimum requirement. So if I was in your situation, I would (grudgingly) wait for Bluestar, or, if possible, find a way to save up more money. I, personally, would not want a barebones 60kwh car. However, as others side, it would still be a very nice and very cool car.

I guess that isn't much help.

I don't think range for your daily driving will be a problem. What's a problem is that you may not be able to handle unexpected events. At only 50 miles a day, you still have room for a fair amount of unexpected driving too. However, I do think you will still be somewhat limited for unplanned driving, but in a true emergency, you can always find somewhere to charge, even if it's only a a 110v outlet. Those paid charging stations are popping up everywhere though.

jat | 27 novembre 2012

@Superliner - I want the HPWC even though I don't expect to use it that often. It is incredibly convenient to be able to drive my LEAF into the garage and plug up the J1772 cable from the charging dock. I would not want to have to get out the mobile cable and plug in both ends each time I got home, so that would mean the alternative is buying a second mobile power connector to leave plugged in at the garage, and that isn't going to be much less than the HPWC. Also, there might be a day I care about charging quickly at home.

Personally, I would worry about how useful the superchargers are for a 60kWh battery, as they are going to be spaced for 85kWh batteries (read some of the reports of driving long distances using them, and you will likely have to wait much longer to get a fuller charge to make the next one). However, you are going to plugin your car every night, so I would go for more convenience every day rather than something that will be rarely used and possibly still not useful for long-range travel.

dorseka | 28 novembre 2012

I havn't seen anything about heated seats. Does that come with one of the packages?

nickjhowe | 28 novembre 2012

Heated seats are part of the 'Leather' option. Textile seats don't have heat.

Volker.Berlin | 28 novembre 2012

Rumor has it that heated seats will become a standard feature with the new pricing scheme that is to be announced any moment now.

murraypetera | 28 novembre 2012

We had same decision to make and went with 40 + options. That said I think twin charger is a must for quick top off when needed from public or tesla hpc. I am lucky to have a high concentration of tesla stores in the NYC area where hpc's have been promised by tesla.

I am still hoping the super charge stations will also include hpc. I would be very disappointed if they did not add them. J1772 can also support 70 amp Varrient but few have been been deployed yet which is surprising since this much cheaper to install than DC.

ChasF | 28 novembre 2012

I spent many months agonizing over the 40kwh + options vs 60kwh decision before finalizing on the 40kwh + options for many of the same reasons stated above. Funny, several months ago while working this out, most of the advice I received tended toward the bigger battery and supercharging. Seems there are more than a few now coming to the same conclusions I did. It really depends on your driving patterns. If I regularly drove over 80 miles a day and lived on the west coast, I probably would have gone with the 60kwh. I currently drive only about 40 miles/day, 100 miles 3 or 4 times a year, over 100 miles maybe once a year, and I live on the east coast so the 40kwh makes more sense for me.
I'm also banking on the future upgradability of the battery pack vs upgrading options or buy a new car.

Superliner | 28 novembre 2012

@ ;

Good point on supercharger spacing.

@ EchoHeliGuy.

If the J1772 adapter is <80A capable then twin chargers might be worth it if one were to encounter a higher amperage public charger in the wild. Or perhaps even the option of opportunity charging if in a rough patch at another Tesla owners home that has a high power wall connector installed and allows passers by to top off , listed on plugshare etc.

Great input! Thanks so much! Looks like I may have to reconsider yet again.

mrspaghetti | 28 novembre 2012


And don't forget that high power Roadster-type chargers are available for use at many Tesla stores, which would also make twin chargers worthwhile.

stephen.kamichik | 28 novembre 2012

Get the options that cannot be added later-sound studio, air suspension, tech package and pano roof. The other options can be purchased later, if required.

Captain_Zap | 28 novembre 2012

Supercharging capability cannot be added later.