Mats for Model S

Mats for Model S

I got my car at the end of October (Sig Performance), and at the time, there was some talk about how we will all get upgraded mats when they are available. I see that they are available in the online store (currently states sold-out). So, are we going to get them for free, or do we need to buy them, or do we need to get them third party?

Just wondering what others are thinking.


TheAustin | 3 janvier 2013

You have to buy them. I got my order in a few days ago. I wish I didn't have to buy them, but whatever, I did, and I'll be happy when they arrive.

pb32 | 3 janvier 2013

My delivery specialist told me the car will arrive with 2 front mats.

nickjhowe | 3 janvier 2013

My car was delivered with two front mats. Nothing about better mats, and nothing on the due bill in that regard.

jd3tm | 3 janvier 2013


I got my Sig Perf on 11/2 with the same promise...upgraded Mats coming soon for Sigs (supposedly with proper Badging etal). Mine came with plane black carpeted mats front and none in back seat floor so I'm expecting "something" to be delivered for the back seat floor. In the meantime, I have ugly temporary solutions in place.

GLO | 3 janvier 2013

Ditto, for us. Told floor is black and we have to order mats for the back...

Velo1 | 3 janvier 2013

I'll likely buy mats for the cabin, but this is a pet peeve I have when buying a new car. Full set of mats should be standard, IMO. The only otherpet peeve I have is that there cannot be any dealership name on the car. Manufacturer's name is fine, just no dealership. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with the latter anymore.

Desai | 3 janvier 2013

@Velo1: Agree with both statements. My current car (Acura 3.2CL) had the dealership logo on it, luckily someone rear ended me few months after I got it and I had to get a new bumper and requested the dealership to not put their logo on. Glad I won't have to worry about it when I get the Model S.

I see that they have the Premium Carpet Floor Mats on the Tesla Shop page; however, I was hoping it would be all weather.

smd | 4 janvier 2013

I have custom fit Lloyd Mats that fit really well and are great quality. They offer several lines of carpet as well as RubberTite. I got the Ultimat in Linen color, which really matches my tan leather well. I plan to get the RubberTite for the rear cargo area and the frunk.

I got mine at Took 4 days to arrive to CA.

Also available at

MandL | 4 janvier 2013

Looks like all-weather mats are coming:

Interior Set (3 pieces: Driver, Passenger, 2nd Row) - $250
Deluxe 30oz Mammoth Black custom dyed carpet with non-skid nib backing. The driver side mat has built in grommets utilizing the same retention system as the all weather floor liner mats (purchased separately, available Q1 2013). The Tesla logo has been sewn directly into the carpet mat. All the edges have sturdy black binding for that finishing touch.

Interesting comment about the grommets. Nothing to attach them to in my car, so I guess they have to be installed. The stock mats are a pita without some sort of anchoring system, but I'm not sure I'm up for dropping yet another $250 to resolve the issue. I just hope these mats don't go all Toyota on me.

jjaeger | 4 janvier 2013

Jim 2855 - thanks for the info, that's very similar to what I have been looking at. Only waffling if I should go a touch darker than the Linen. Since you have them installed and can see the other options available, would you still stick with linen?

sbern18 | 4 janvier 2013


How did you order, they don't have tesla as an option for ordering. Thanks.

sagebrushnw | 4 janvier 2013


To find Tesla at the, put 2013 for the "Year", then you will find Tesla listed.

Brian H | 4 janvier 2013

I recall seeing a note that you must look under the 2013 listings. ?? See if that helps.

iholtzman | 4 janvier 2013

Until the custom winter mats are available from I got a full set of mats from Costco for $14 that actually fit pretty well.

smd | 5 janvier 2013

jjaeger - The linen color matches well with the tan leather, which is fairly light-colored. I'm very happy with how they look.

Use 2013 when looking for the Model S for Lloyd Mats.

MatMyCar | 8 janvier 2013

Hello Tesla S Owners,

We have been inundated with orders from your referrals on this forum. On behalf of everyone on the MatMyCar team, I would like to personally thank you for your business :)

Hope you all have a happy new year!

-Jake Hurlbut, Operations Manager

drp | 8 janvier 2013


Would you be interested in providing a group discount? I think there are about 20,000 orders possible!

Brian H | 8 janvier 2013

MatMyCar? Never heard of 'em. ;p

jat | 8 janvier 2013

I just picked up a cheap $20 all-in-one black rubber mat for the back from Walmart, and I will wait to see what Tesla makes available.

MrB | 8 janvier 2013

I just ordered black Ultimat for the front and back, but I'm not sure what to get for the trunk yet, since the mats on state the trunk mat is for cars without a jump seats, and I'm getting those eventually.

MatMyCar | 24 janvier 2013

We would of course be able to offer volume discounts, provided that the orders are divided into groups based on the type of mats (Ultimats, Luxe, etc.) You can e-mail us through the "Contact Us" tab on our homepage :)

David Trushin | 24 janvier 2013

For my Cadillac DTS, we use the carpetted mats for good weather and for bad weather, we turn the carpeted ones over because they have rubber backing. Works just fine. Mats tend to get dirty and grungy and one needs to get over it. I expect that this will work for the MS as well with the mats they sell. I think you're all right about the fact that really nice mats should be standard on this class of car, but I can't get excited about having to spend $250 more on a car with this price tag.

Brian H | 24 janvier 2013

If they're not symmetric, that won't work! Maybe if you switch sides, too.