Minor wiper spray problem

Minor wiper spray problem

This is a very minor issue but I'll warn other MS owners and maybe the feedback is useful to Tesla.

Here's the situation: you have left the wipers on your parked MS and it has rained in the meantime. When you enter the car, the wipers power-on and clear the water from the windshield while your driver's door is still open, and the spray does a remarkable job of falling into the open door. Seems the curve of the windshield, the path of the wiper, and the door opening is perfectly designed for this :-) A regular car would not have the problem because the wipers don't have power until you turn the key / push the button, at which point your door is usually closed.

One could leave the door almost closed until the wipers do the first pass...or try to remember to turn off the wipers when parking...Tesla could fix this in software by not engaging the wipers until the brake is applied.

David Trushin | 20 février 2013

I would like to see the accessories stay off until after you depress the brake (i.e. turn the car on) That would fix this problem. Until then, you can just turn the wipers off before leaving the car. A couple of facefuls of water and you will remember to do this. Please call Tesla service and complain. It seems that is the way to get these things reported.

nickjhowe | 20 février 2013

Check out the prioritized software enhancement thread. Discussed there..

Pungoteague_Dave | 20 février 2013

Other cars also do this - I had two Mercedes GL's that did the same thing - it may be a function of the Mercedes switch gear that TM uses. I agree it is irritation - has been raining around here a lot.

Because we have automatic wipers it is best to leave them on all the time, but doing so means the car performs an automatic swipe every time we enter. I try to remember to turn off the wipers to avoid this, but invariably forget. As I recall from the Mercedes GL owner forum, it does this whether or not the windshield is wet because the car needs to calibrate the water surface tension sensor every time it initiates.

If this "feature" is a function of the MB switchgear, I doubt it can be changed through a software update.

David Trushin | 20 février 2013

My caddy also has rain sensing windshield wipers and they don't turn on until the key is in the accessory on position. Then if there is water on the windshield, they swipe. I assume that the wipers only go on when the accessories go on and this should be software controlled.