Model S Smartphone App

Model S Smartphone App

What would you like the App to control? I'd like it to have the ability to:

1) Cool the car before I get in
2) Open the chargeport
3) Locate the car in the airport garage
4) Tell me if someone is in the car (if possible)


tork | 6 décembre 2012

I don't think it's being underestimated. As of October, it's been reported that Android+iOS make up 87.9% of the smartphone marketshare. Windows is at 3.2% (and declining). The rest is split up between symbian, blackberry, etc. Not saying it's a bad OS by any means (my cousin works on the Windows Phone team). Just saying it's probably not high on the list.

BYT | 6 décembre 2012

Developers and hackers for that matter always go for the market leaders and Windows Mobile is not it.

Timo | 6 décembre 2012

I think Windows 8 phones will increase the marketshare for windows phones. It's still new so it doesn't really show yet and people are only just starting to get them. Before Win8 there was no real Win OS designed for mobile devices which is where MS acted just like these automobile fossils, too late to act in new mobile techs. For that reason they are now playing catchup with iOS and Android.

OTOH they still have vast majority in desktop computers, and that will help them to play that catchup.

Vawlkus | 6 décembre 2012

Best bet for security is some method of pairing the phone withe the car, so it will only recognize it. Probably need to be in the car with the fob and have it link to your SIM card or some such.

mrspaghetti | 6 décembre 2012


OTOH they still have vast majority in desktop computers, and that will help them to play that catchup.

Maybe, but I'm guessing that desktop use is declining with the advent of good mobile devices. I know I very rarely even turn on my desktop at home anymore. So Windows may be dying all around before our very eyes.

mrspaghetti | 6 décembre 2012


The technology to authenticate and secure communications between two devices is well-established - it happens every time you make a purchase online or check your email. There are lots of other examples, like

which lets you unlock your front door from your phone.

I'm sure you'll have to pair the phone with the car somehow, as Vawlkus suggests, but that should be no more onerous than setting up Bluetooth.

Hogfighter | 6 décembre 2012

1) Ability to view and set the internal temperature of the car, and view the external temperature
2) 'Valet' mode
3) View the charge status
4) Robust interface with Nav system
5) Car status (location, speed, etc.)
6) External opening of Chargeport, windows and handles
7) Lifetime stats of energy used
8) Remote lock/unlock with password and sync the car with the specific device (from Vawlkus)
9) Compatibility with all leading smartphone manufacturers
10) Access to backup camera
11) Easy transfer of data (playlists, pictures, etc)
12) Notification of (and control download of) software updates

Captain_Zap | 6 décembre 2012


I'm looking at you through Windows on devices large and small.
I like the fact that I can retain my own data and information and I don't have to rely others to store, maintain, protect or preserve it. I like knowing where my data resides.

The other options require a huge leap of faith that I have not yet been able to make.

Timo | 6 décembre 2012

@Captain_Zap, it is not only you. AFAIK almost 100% of world corporations, schools and universities use windows as their primary OS. Desktop computers at work are not going away anytime soon, only home playfields are changing. Mobile devices are pretty limited compared to desktops.

Vawlkus | 7 décembre 2012

Oh, if wifi is available, the view from the rear camera would be cool. Spy on parking lot attendants :D

Ron5 | 7 décembre 2012

Love that idea, Vawlkus.

In terms of smartphones that aren't really a blip in the ecosystem (like Windows Phone), they should just make a web-based version that they can use. It would also allow for desktop use (like when in the office).

Hogfighter | 7 décembre 2012

I agree, Ron5. Should not just be limited to an app. I'll add it to the list.

TheAustin | 7 décembre 2012

That would be a very cool feature indeed!

"Vawlkus | DECEMBER 7, 2012
Oh, if wifi is available, the view from the rear camera would be cool. Spy on parking lot attendants :D"

ylyubarsky | 15 décembre 2012

Any idea when the application is going to be available?

darius.dadabhoy | 17 décembre 2012

I would like the ability to move the car 6 inches forward or backwards remotely. Maybe use the backup camera and see on the app to make sure I don't hit anything. There are public parking spaces frequented by parking police who put a chalk marker down behind the car to confirm if a ticket should be given later. If the car were to slightly move remotely an hour later, no parking ticket! And I can keep enjoying my lunch. :).

edcalis | 17 décembre 2012

All the above features are available with the app for my Volt, except for No. 4. So it is easy to do for the S, I guess.

BYT | 17 décembre 2012

@mrspaghetti, sorry I wasn't clear, I wasn't referring to pairing the phone to the car, in that I agree. I meant a specific app running on the device to monitor and/or control your Model S.

For #4, that wouldn't be hard as it can tell you if it's unlocked or it detects a heavy ass in the drivers seat.

pbrulott | 9 janvier 2013

Request for information (or suggestion):

Do you guys think the smartphone app will come with a fee? with the connectivity package?

If I don't have a smartphone/don't have an Android/IOS, will I still be able to have the battery pack warm at a specific time?

While I understand Android and IOS have a massive market share in the existing base. New adds market share will likely have more Windows 8 and Blackberry 10. TM should have their app ported. Could the Android app be played from the Android player on the BB10 phones?

I realize there may not be anybody capable of answering those at this point.

joepruitt | 9 janvier 2013

From what I've seen in using the app, I can't see them charging for it. It's useful, but nothing to the point of wanting to pay for it.

But, I do believe it will require either the data package or an active internet connection via wifi (if/when they enable it). Otherwise, I'm not sure how the app would work across the internet to the car.

DouglasR | 9 janvier 2013

@joepruitt, I believe at least part of pbrulott's question was whether some of these features would be available without any app at all. It's a good question. There is really no reason why an app should be the only way to program the car to charge or warm up at a particular time. If it can be done with an app, it should also be possible to do it from the touch screen. But of course, I have no idea whether TM will make these features available on the touch screen as well as via a smartphone app.

BYT | 9 janvier 2013

If the car can connect to your wifi network, would make sense to add a web interface for some of these features via your personal intranets?

Vawlkus | 10 janvier 2013

Security might be an issue there......... I need to think about this one a bit

PaceyWhitter | 10 janvier 2013

The website says the app will have:

"The Tesla App allows you to check your state of charge remotely. If you’re eating lunch or shopping, pull up the app to see if you have recovered the range needed to get to your next destination. A few minutes before you're ready to hit the road, use the app to heat or cool the cabin to your preferred temperature"

Which seems rather spartan. The picture also shows tabs for location and charging, so you will also probably be able to locate the car and schedule charging times.

bbryant | 10 janvier 2013 heaters on prior to boarding.

pbrulott | 10 janvier 2013

Thanks for your answers.

1) the reason why I asked if the app was going to be free is because I watched a review a Mercedes charging 20$ a month for their app

2) second question was due to the fact that say for a minute I dond't have a smartphone or a compatible one, would there be a way to heat the pack or heat the car from a programmable setting in the car (heat at 7am so that when I am ready to leave the house, everthing is warm) or if the app would be the only way to do this. ref to winter/cold climate thread in the TMC forum

3)well, I have to admit I 'm not and iOS nor Android fan and I'm looking forward to the BB10 OS coming out in the next month. Early adopter all the way :-)

kalikgod | 10 janvier 2013

A suggestion for Tesla on the app:

Use the app to help the delivery process, allowing the owners to track their vehicle before delivery. Just setup a phone call between the DS and customer once the car has completed production. Give the customer their login info, links to the instructional videos and answer any pre-delivery questions they have. The customer could track the delivery progress and watch the videos while they wait. Driver makes a call day of delivery to confirm meeting point and time. Have the DS follow up with a phone call after delivery to answer any further questions or log any unknown due bill items.

This would significantly cut down on the resources needed for direct delivery.

joepruitt | 10 janvier 2013

Right now the only thing the app does that you can't do on the touch screen is the map with the location of the car. If you are in the car, knowing where it's at doesn't do you much good. I would be surprised if they add features to the app that aren't in the car to begin with. But, you never know...

DouglasR | 10 janvier 2013

@joepruitt, maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but my touch screen does have a map with the location of the car.

kalikgod | 10 janvier 2013


Are you beta testing the app?

cgiGuy | 11 mars 2013

Would also like to see a web-based method of interacting with the car. For those of us who can't have cell phones in our workplace or don't get a good signal.

Would also be nice if more detailed stats/logs could be viewed from a web interface.

I believe the Leaf currently has connectivity via a webpage. Any former Leaf owners find value in the web version?

castortiu | 26 septembre 2013