Model X towing a boat

Model X towing a boat

I plan to purchase a small trailerable sailboat in couple of years. Total towing weight would be 6,000 pounds. Would the Model X be able to handle such a trailer? This is a typical weight for a boat less than 8.5 feet in width/beam. What would the likely impact be on range?

jjs | 15 septembre 2014

a) Drive up to XL stall
b) Supercharge

I like this one better.

Red Sage ca us | 16 septembre 2014

The original Supercharger design was for 'sidesaddle' installation, parallel to charging stalls. ICE drivers kept running into and damaging them. When dedicated Tesla Waypoints are available, in addition to current shared parking solutions, towing vehicles will be better accommodated for Supercharging.

Miggy | 17 septembre 2014

The Outlander PHEV is Tow rated at 750kg

Towing,Unlike many hybrid vehicles the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid is tow rated to 750kg braked and unbraked.