ModelS front grill and Rear 3rd brake light

ModelS front grill and Rear 3rd brake light

I just noticed Tesla's homepage ModelS pictures are all different. Its about a day until they release the car, why are they still using older images from previous alpha/beta models?

I know the door handle was already discussed (rectangular shape vs trapezoid shape) but the front grill on the black ModelS looks sooooooooo much better than the plain red sig model. Could this be the performance model? The original grill Tesla teased us a few years back is not what i'm talking about. (That grill was even better!)

As for the 3rd brake light.. in the ModelS Video (home page), around 1:09, you get a nice glimpse of the brake light in action and I think it looks really nice. I love the fact that it is as wide as the window... gives it that bentley look. (I think Caddilacs had these as well)

Let me know what you guys think.

Also, please please please, spend hours and hours blogging about your Tesla when your take delievery :) I sure will when I get mine :)

Volker.Berlin | 22 juin 2012

There are numerous shots of the actual production version grille among the photos that Russell Engle took of Steve Jurvetson's Model S Performance:

Slindell | 22 juin 2012

However, I still have not seen a front license plate...

cerjor | 22 juin 2012

On the Buy page there are two white and two red Teslas. I thought these grills were different and indeed they are. Then I realized two are S and two are X.