My old car

My old car

Did Tesla Motors take back my old car if I bought a model S from them? As all car dealer does.

Joshua Burstyn | 10 octobre 2012

I read in another thread that Tesla is only able to take trade-ins if you are buying in the state of California.

I'm sure another forum member can clarify though.

nickjhowe | 10 octobre 2012

Data not very clear on this right now. There is definitely room on the purchase agreement for trade in, but it is left blank at the point one confirms the order. When I spoke to TM (I live in FL) they said that trade-ins would be finalized when they call me to take delivery.

Anyone not in CA who's taken delivery done a trade in yet?

mknox | 10 octobre 2012

I asked at the Toronto, Canada Get Amped event and was told Tesla would take trades in Canada.

sergiyz | 10 octobre 2012

They do take them in California, but wouldn't clarify how this actually works, i.e. if I pick my Tesla up at the factory, are they taking my trade-in right there or I have to make separate arrangements and leave my trade-in at home...