New Jersey Service Center??

New Jersey Service Center??

It seems there are many of you Model S owners in the great garden state of New Jersey. I am expecting delivery in feb/ march and one of my biggest concerns is that he only service centers are in Queens and one coming in White Plains. In my opinion those are not viable options for all of us in NJ. Having to travel thru NYC to get your S serviced each time is a major hassle. I know we all like the ranger service but the reality is they can not fix everything at your house. Would like to see our fellow NJ owners press for a center somewhere between the Paramus store and the Short Hilla store. If they can justify 2 stores they should consider us important enough to add a service center. Appreciate your feedback. Has anyone discussed with Tesla mngt?

Peter Spirgel | 28 décembre 2012

They are opening a service center in King Of Prussia which is not that far from those of us in South Jersey.

Carmine | 28 décembre 2012

I would lobby for the first NJ service center to be around Woodbridge where the GSP & NJT cross making it accessible to a vast number of Jerseyite, Teslaites!

TeslaLABlue | 28 décembre 2012

What exit? ;)

KeithE | 29 décembre 2012

Peter, is that confirmed? When is that expected? Tx

bsimoes | 29 décembre 2012

Check the jobs listings on the Tesla site. It's a great way to get a sneak peak!

Edneff | 29 décembre 2012

King of Prussia would be great for owners near Philly, but there's a huge population center in North Jersey that don't want to go across the Hudson for service or drive 2 hours to PA.

Carmine | 29 décembre 2012

Edneff- And CENTRAL Jersey. I,also, don't want to cross multiple $15.00 toll tunnels and bridges for service. That's the main reason for placing the first NJ service center in the southern end of North Jersey at the GSP/NJT cross around Woodbridge. Easy to get to from all areas of North, Central and a good portion of Southern Jersey too.

kalel65 | 30 décembre 2012

I asked Garrett, product specialist about this. He said Queens was the "closest" center and that there are no plans for a New Jersey service center. I wrote back explaining this is not an option for many of us and we need our own. Until that happens I guess I will have to rely on the Lone (Tesla) Ranger.

Perhaps we should flood them with requests? Woodbridge is a good location also for folks in Staten Island.

Carmine | 30 décembre 2012

kale65-I think flooding them with requests is a good idea.
Queens is not an option for Jerseyites or, as you said, possibly a portion of Staten Island as well.
Sitting in Silicon Valley, looking at a map, North and Central Jersey may appear to be within a descent radius of the Queens Service Center; but, as we all know, that's not even a remote possibility.
When I give friends rides in my Sig P85 the eventual question is, "Where do you get it serviced?" When I tell them that most of the service can be done remotely or that a Tesla Ranger can performs certain repairs/fixes at home; but, the nearest service center is in Queens, they look at me a little funny.
As early adopters we are willing to tortured a little for driving this wonderful car; but, when it comes to the typical auto buyer comparing cars and service convenience I'm afraid Tesla will not be on top of their list; or, at least that's what some of my friends who can afford an MS say.
I'm afraid that Tesla will suffer in NJ sales if they don't open a NJ service center. They don't understand the NJ mindset. Just like 101.5 FM broadcasts hourly: "WE ARE NOT NEW YORK, WE ARE NOT PHILADELPHIA, WE ARE NEW JERSEY!" Until Tesla recognizes that, NJ sales will be lower than they could be.
Sorry for the speech, now let's decide who we should flood with requests.

kalel65 | 30 décembre 2012

Well said Carmine!

Edneff | 30 décembre 2012

Carmine, where did you hear about the Edison service center? I was in the Short Hills Tesla shop last night and the rep there also said that she thought the next service center would be in Edison...

gimp_dad | 30 décembre 2012

I am an early owner of Model S and have had a few issues over the first couple of months. In all cases the rangers have come out and if the work was more than could be done at my house they took it to the service center for me.

I can't imagine wanting to be the one to drive the car to the service center given a choice. Isn't that the definition of a luxury car customer?

I assume that if you opt for the unlimited ranger service package you won't ever have to take it in yourself unless you want to. It would be nice to confirm the assumption but if true, I don't think you need to worry where the service center is. It will become more of a question of supply chain management on the part of Tesla.

Carmine | 30 décembre 2012

gimp_dad-I think you're right that Tesla transportation to the service center is great at this time. When there are tens of thousands MS's on the road, you're also right that it will become a supply chain management issue and it may take a period of time before our car is able to be transported and serviced. How long will that time be is anyone's guess. Unless they flatbed us down a loaner car we may be in big trouble. A convenient service center is still the best bet.

Ediff-I love when I start a rumor and it comes back to me as fact! On 12/29 I thought that the GSP/NJT would be the logical place for a NJ service center. Happy to hear that on 12/30 the Short Hills rep thought the same. Hopefully it's true and not just a subliminal message from my post!

DanD | 30 décembre 2012

No doubt I'd go for that.

kalel65 | 31 décembre 2012

Plus the drive to Queens adds wear and tear on the car (and the ranger if you've ever been on the BQE or LIE).

Much better to have one in NJ. Edison is reasonable. Hope so. Garrett indicated he would inform staff about the need for such a center so emails to them might push things along.

Carmine | 31 décembre 2012

kale65-Do you have a specific person that we should email?

kalel65 | 31 décembre 2012


George Blankenship?

KeithE | 31 décembre 2012

Yes, you can send a private message to George on the Tesla Motor Club website. He has a user handle on there. Additionally, if anyone has his work email, please go direct as well. That was the point of this thread and Im happy to see you all agree. Let's get behind this and let them know it's a priority for us and vital to their success in NJ! Thx, Keith

Vawlkus | 2 janvier 2013

Come ON. EVERYONE wants a Tesla dealer/service center 5 minutes drive from them, but Tesla can be EVERYWHERE right out of the gate!

Give them time, and they'll be closer than they are, but for right now they have to try and cover the whole of the USA. That's not a small project!

Vawlkus | 2 janvier 2013

Typo: " can be everywhere" should be "can't be everywhere".

DanD | 2 janvier 2013

NJ Tesla Club anyone? I know there's a Philly region group (and being in Trenton, I'd qualify). But I wonder if we ought not to consider a NJ group that could include the folks in NNJ.

Any interest?

kalel65 | 2 janvier 2013


re: club

Yes, we are starting one and three of us are meeting this weekend in Westfield to discuss it.

To all who want to write about the need for a service center in NJ, a few facts about NJ (from wikipedia)that makes it unique:

1. NJ is the most densely populated state.

2. NJ has the third highest per capita income in the USA and the highest percentage of millionaires. It is ranked 2nd in the nation by the number of places with per capita incomes above national average with 76.4%. Nine of New Jersey's counties are in the wealthiest 100 of the country.

3. The New Jersey Turnpike is one of the most prominent and heavily traveled roadways in the United States.

Finally, as I've noted, traveling to Queens from NJ is difficult for most in the State

More than enough reason to have a more local service center

DanD | 2 janvier 2013

We actually have a hard rule against ever driving in NYC again. I'll go as far as the parking deck at the Bus terminal on the other end of the Lincoln Tunnel but that's it.

I just can't handle the traffic. Originally from the south.

Plus its a 3 hour trip to Queens.

kalel65 | 2 janvier 2013

DanD - I'll keep you posted as we are still working on a good meeting time

RyanMN | 2 janvier 2013

I am in Minneapolis, the nearest service station is in Chicago 600 miles away. I understand no one wants to be on the road for 3 hours for service, but at least your in milage range :( Also there are no supercharge stations in Midwest yet.

David87 | 2 janvier 2013

i just got my e-mail regarding delivery (60KW; reservation #1945) . Very excited about it. I am in Central New Jersey and the thought of driving to either Queens (I drove a truck too many years there in my youth) or Philadelphia is ridiculous. Specifically or my first trip after deliver! I can't seem to find out how much home delivery vs. pick-up would cost. Can anyone supply that for me? I would vote for a centrally located service center. I like the idea somewhere around the confluence of the NJT and GSP but anywhere between Paramus and Edison would be is fine. As it has been said before, NJ is NOT NY or PA. A NJ club would be great as well

Brian H | 2 janvier 2013

Home delivery should cost no more. Except you may have to wait a bit. The logistics have gotten tight!

David87 | 2 janvier 2013

Thanks BrianH. Beats the hell out of traveling to LIC and Van Dam Street!

kalel65 | 5 janvier 2013


So i wrote to GB and he wrote back! Rather quickly, actually.

There are indeed plans for a NJ service center sometime in the first half of this year. They haven't found the right spot yet. So thanks George and anyone else who wrote to him.

So i'm almost all set.

Will get a service center.

Got solar panels installed from Geopeak and they put a 240v outlet in my garage (labor was gratis).

Now all I need is MY CAR! Promised for this month.

Carmine | 6 janvier 2013

kale65-Good work.
Now, in order to help GB find "the right spot" for the first NJ service center that would be a fair and acceptable location for most Jerseyites maybe we should do a poll of NJ owners and soon to be owners.
The only parameters required are the ideal location and rational for that OBJECTIVELY being the best place for the vast majority of owners.
As I posted earlier in this thread, the GSP/NJT crossover would be a good location for most owners in North, Central and even parts of South Jersey. As Edneff mentioned, Edison would be good because it would additionally include the 287S corridor from the northwest area of NJ and the 287N corridor from Staten Island as well. The extreme northern areas could be serviced by the White Plains center and the extreme southern counties could be serviced by the Philadelphia center.
Are most NJ Teslaites in agreement or are there other locations should be considered?

kalel65 | 6 janvier 2013


This is also the location suggested by one of our NJ Teala Motor Club members and so indicated to GB. I agree. Perhaps you can make the same suggestion to him.

Carmine | 6 janvier 2013

kalel65 - Will do.
Didn't realize that the NJ Tesla site was up and running on this forum.
Just forwarded my info to the new as well.

ghillair | 6 janvier 2013

The guessing maybe over.

If you go to the job openings and look for jobs added in the last week you will find 5 job openings at the Edison, NJ service center.

agiangone | 6 janvier 2013

I did suggest that area but for other reasons. Nonetheless, it does make a lot of sense what Carmine is saying.

Ghillair, that was a good catch, I guess I'll be driving slowly to work tomorrow to see where exactly the Service Center is being built :)

Brian H | 6 janvier 2013

Just wondering; is your tag a way of gloating over car-yours? ;)

Carmine | 7 janvier 2013

Brian H:
No, just gloating over the color of car-mine red.

Ghilair: Good work!

DanD | 14 janvier 2013

Just heard that Tesla is opening a service center in Edison, NJ

sbern18 | 14 janvier 2013

I'm in maplewood, and agree that Edison is a very convenient location for most in jersey.

sk1656 | 14 mai 2013

I live in New Jersey too, and based on my research now there is a service center in Springfield Township. You may want to check that out.

ironmikeii | 20 juillet 2013

This week my Dashboard updated and will allow me to pick up my P85+ at the Springfield NJ Service Center. On the rest of Tesla's web site, Springfield is indicated "comming soon". Queriiosity got the best of me as its only 15 minutes from my house. Something Tesla is going on there - Tesla sign out front, a bare chassis with a cover on it, and a grey Model S in the yard. I noticed a massive power supply and switch gear on the side of the building. Upon further inspection (quick look in a few heavily tinted windows) I saw several bays filled with Teslas, S's and Roadsters. The facility doesn't look like its ready for the public yet, but looks pretty close :-)

Equest | 20 juillet 2013

I had my 12.5K service done at the Springfield location about 2 months ago. The have been prepping cars and allowing deliveries to take place there. Depending on what needs to be done the are doing some service activities there. I was told that this summer they are completely redoing the facility so that it will be a permanent service center. That will probably be late summer / early fall.

tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

Queriiosity or curiosity? :)

eddiemoy | 20 juillet 2013

i'm picking up my car in the next two weeks from the springfield service center.

edfinn | 20 juillet 2013

I picked up my MS85 at the Springfield service center a month ago, and had the recall repair done there a few weeks ago. It was clearly just getting set cubes and the like were not fully built out, but there were quite a few MS's there for delivery and servicing, along with a couple of roadsters, and they were doing servicing in the bay. A car carrier was unloading 10 or so MS's on teh day we took delivery.
It is off Route 22 and the Parkway, so plan for miserable traffic delays to get there.