New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?

JohnQ | 29 novembre 2012

It's a multi-coat paint so will definitely be different than the "original" sunset red. That's what I'm going with so will have to visit the stores once they have the paint chip in stock. Doesn't matter much to me as it's the only bright color available and I've had red on my last two cars (I'm becoming a creature of habit). Can't wait to "un-defer" and finalize my config. P1,491.

Volker.Berlin | 29 novembre 2012

No way it's the Signature color! Signature owners would run amok if Tesla deprived them of one of their very few perks they got for paying the Signature surcharge.

Did you see the Sunset Red in person at some of the events? From the description others who have seen it had for it, I did not get the impression that it was "flat" (although it does look flat in some pictures, but pictures rarely do colors justice).

JohnQ | 29 novembre 2012

I'd be shocked if it were the Signature Red and don't expect it to be. Does look deeper than the Sunset Red that was at the Get Amped events, though. Happy about that.

Bperry01 | 29 novembre 2012

Yay, finally the Red i was waiting for. Just in the nick of time too... I expect my Finalize email within the next two batches.

RAFellows | 29 novembre 2012

I have not seen the Sunset Red in person, just from photo's. The Design Studio color looked darker than those photo's so that is what prompted the question. I just went back and created a Signature Red in DS and compared the two and Sig Red is darker, preserving the exclusivity of the Signature owners. I really do like it either way.

Schlermie | 29 novembre 2012

To me, the red in George's blog today looks the same as the Sunset Red. I wouldn't trust the hue in the design studio, since it's just CGI. It hasn't been accurate for any of the other colors.

DLM270 | 29 novembre 2012

P 9001 2013 RED, Pano, 19" wheels, Grey Leather, 85kWh, Tech Package, Active Air, Parcel Shelf.

Finalized this morning with the release of the new RED!

My Wife and I are both very excited.

s_curve | 29 novembre 2012

Schlemiel. I concur. I believe if you order the multi coat red pictured in the DS, the Sunset Red from the Get Amped tour is what will be delivered to you.

Cindy.holland | 29 novembre 2012

Since Tesla supplied a picture of the red in the event gallery where they shot photos of all the colors in the same daylight, I can't imagine they have since changed it to another red.

Brian H | 29 novembre 2012

Beautiful red. I predict big sales of that one.

Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

I think this is the same red which Motor Trend used in their COYA. IMO beautiful!

Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

Actually, when I look at the Tesla logo at the top of my screen, I see a gradation in color from the upper left to the lower right. Each of those extremes, to me, look like the Sunset Red and the Signature Red. Just saying.

Trekker56 | 29 novembre 2012

So, for those who are receiving the Finalize emails now, does it mean if they select the new red and their production starts March, they could get their cars potentially earlier than the 10-14K Ps who are ahead of them with the other colors?

Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

Trekker56 - I rather think it means that those who have already reserved and configured the new red, expecting it "this summer", won't have to wait as long.

Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

Of course "this summer" really meant the summer of 2013.

Trekker56 | 29 novembre 2012

ah - makes sense. I didn't realize new Red was available as a Finalize option sine it was not in the DS.


Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

Trekker56 - you may be right that it was not available. I was just speculating, which usually gets me in trouble.

JohnQ | 29 novembre 2012

I disagree that the red in the design studio is the same as the Sunset Red that was at the Get Amped event. The Sunset Red did not look like a multi-coat paint process. Will just have to wait for the paint chip to arrive at the local store.

TheFlyer | 29 novembre 2012

I have been wavering between green and brown as my choice of color. But that debate is now definitely to an end; it will be this New Red! Absolutely beautiful, at least it seems so in design studio. I wanted a red, but the sunset red is not metallic and that is a must for me. But can anyone tell me, is the multi-coat color actually metallic? Maybe a stupid question, but I have yet to see the Pearl White color in real life.

Aleksandyr | 29 novembre 2012

The red at the events was a flat red, not metallic in any way

Ohms.Law | 29 novembre 2012

I contend there is nothing "flat" about this:

Doesn't need to be metallic.

RAFellows | 29 novembre 2012

The Pearl white is the Multiple-coat and it defiantly has a fine metallic sheen to it, so I would expect this new multi-coat red to have it as well. Only way to know for sure is to see one or at the show place stores.

s_curve | 29 novembre 2012

JohnQ - It may be offerred with a different finish for 2013, but its the color that was referred to as Sunset Red. There were only two red paint chips...Signature and Sunset. Sig is on its way. Sunset is the new Red and its being offerred as a multi-coat. I think they both look great.

vinster | 29 novembre 2012

Has anyone confirmed what it takes to switch colors after a signed MVPA? I emailed an old rep but have yet to get a reply. I'm P#4605 and wouldn't mind delaying if I could switch to the new red. Or would it be better to walk into the store to confirm on the spot?

mklcolvin | 29 novembre 2012


I would've loved to order my Model S in the new Red, but I'm already finalized (P5058/60 kWh) in Blue, but have not received it yet. Considering that the car hasn't actually been built yet, we should be able to get a last minute opportunity. Sigh. At least that's another $750 that won't go to Tesla. I'll enjoy my Blue Model S.

Brian H | 30 novembre 2012

At some point TM must "lock in" the supplies pipeline for your car, and after that no (substantial) changes under the original MVPA are possible. I suspect you're beyond that point, but it depends on battery size, etc. Check. Quickly.

vinster | 30 novembre 2012

Good news for me. After a couple of emails yesterday and today to, I received a call from Jason today to say that I'm not too late in the production line to be able to change my configuration (I'm P#4605)!

So I went ahead to change it to the Multi-coat Red, and also from 21" dark/grey wheels to the 21" silver wheels (I prefer silver wheels with the red). The caveat is that I'll probably have to wait around March or April 2013 for my delivery. I was fine with that since I really liked the red.

They are preparing my new paperwork now (email received to inform me of that).

I guess that takes me out of the sequencing so the rest may receive their cars a tiny tiny bit earlier!

kalel65 | 30 novembre 2012


Really? Are you sure?

I'm p5514 and was told by Walter that I can't change because it's too late - they are prioritizing my car, whatever that means

vinster | 30 novembre 2012

@kalel65 : Yes, I'm sure. Even my design studio webpage shows the change to the new red. Perhaps there was some delay for my configuration that allowed me to do this.

FWIW, my configuration is:
- Performance
- 85KWh battery
- 21" Silver Wheels
- Black interior
- Carbon Fiber spoiler & decor
- Pano roof
- Tech and Sound package
- Active Air Suspension
- Paint Armor

GoTeslaChicago | 30 novembre 2012

Performances appear to be delayed.

kalel65 | 30 novembre 2012


Yes he said that my delivery date would be extended so that and performane explains it.

The red looks very nice but I can't wait. I had chosen white

Brian H | 1 décembre 2012

It's taking time to squeeze the extra HP in.


Steve P5664 | 1 décembre 2012

P5664 here
Currently on target for jan/feb.

Got an email I can go to new red , still get super charging for free, but need to wait to march/apr

I''m currently 60kwh, blue metallic, 19, pano, tech pack, air susp

Not sure which way to go, so impatient. If it was metallic red, I would have to suck it up and wait..

Grrr. Tough decision!

JohnQ | 1 décembre 2012

Shauk, I'm P1,491 and deferred specifically to get the red. I'd be getting my car in the next few weeks but instead in April. Painful to wait another 4 months but worth it to me.

webguy | 5 décembre 2012

P#9974 and definitely want the red. For those with delivery dates past March, would finalizing with red significantly change the delivery date (since it is after March anyway)?

Cindy.holland | 5 décembre 2012

My number is very close to yours and I just finalized with the red and the 60kwh battery. It says April/May delivery.

Brian H | 5 décembre 2012

Now that Sig Red is flushed from the Paint Center nozzles, there should be little delay.

GoTeslaChicago | 5 décembre 2012

Don't think those Signature Red nozzles will be flushed till the 500 European Signatures are done.

Brian H | 5 décembre 2012

Maybe they are done, tucked away in a corner till all is ready ...

Or the bodies could be painted, but set aside.

mbarontseff | 7 décembre 2012

I was at the Tesla store today, and the red is not the same as the Signature red. It is the same red of the uniforms that the employees wear. So it's much lighter in color.
I saw the samples in the store, and they are definitely not a deep red like the Signature model.

p.s. I also did my test drive today, and it was awesome!

David Trushin | 8 décembre 2012

mibaro2 is it like the red tee shirt in the merchandise section? That's pretty bright red. 7

vinster | 11 décembre 2012

On Tesla's gallery page (, there is a picture of this Red in the "10 colors - Fremont, CA" photos section.

A couple of user photos from teslamotorclub also show this red:

The red on the design studio page seems darker though - maybe my monitor/laptop isn't color-calibrated right.

The one I saw at the Get Amped test drive event in August matches these pictures. These are my personal pictures from the Get Amped event:

vouteb | 12 décembre 2012


Are the teslamotorsclub the new Red or the Signature red?

do you have photos to compare?


Brian H | 12 décembre 2012

IMO, definitely Sunset Red. The Sig Red is far deeper maroon.

vouteb | 12 décembre 2012

thanks, Guess I will have to see it 'live'

vinster | 12 décembre 2012

vouteb: I got the attachments from this thread, which shows all the colors. These are all very well taken photos!

If I have time to stop by the Tesla Motors showroom and see the new red paint-chip, I'll try to take a photo of it and post it up here.

vouteb | 13 décembre 2012


Thanks a lot

Is the 'traffic light' picture, SIG Red?

Brian H | 13 décembre 2012

Pretty sure it's not. No maroon darkness in it.

ylyubarsky | 15 décembre 2012

Does anybody know if I order Performance 85 KW with air and all toys but new Red color, how far will I be pushed back in line?

JohnQ | 15 décembre 2012

@ylyubarsky, I completed paperwork on new Red on Wednesday and the estimated delivery was April/May. That's a non-performance 85kWh with Air and a few other thing that shouldn't have an impact on date. I'm P1,491 and deferred to get the red.