New Question and Answers site

New Question and Answers site

Hi All.


I don't know about you, but I find it increasingly difficult to find information in the TM and TMC forums, despite my search site Volkerize, @ccbldg's search thread and and what JT is doing with the FAQ thread. The good nuggets of information on both forums are buried in in the middle of great discussions and are really difficult to find.

So to accompany my book and my free Model S delivery checklist, I'm launching a new Question and Answer (QnA) site.

It isn't a discussion forum.
It isn't designed to have threads with hundreds of posts.
It isn't meant to compete with the TM and TMC forums.

It IS a moderated, searchable database of frequently asked questions that is open to everyone to participate in.

I hope that over time will become the de facto resource for factual answers to questions about Tesla and the Model S (and maybe subsequent vehicles)

I'm also hoping a few other experts (you know who you are!!) will volunteer to contribute content and moderate the questions and answers.

Please give it a try, and let me have feedback here, or via the site. So far I've only added a few questions, but I'll be slowly taking info from from my checklist and book, plus both TM and TMF and adding to the knowledge base. If it is no good, or duplicates what we already have, or someone has already done something better please let me know. You won't hurt my feelings. :-)

All the best,

Velo1 | 19 avril 2014

I spent 5 minutes checking out the site. Early impression (beta) this is a great addition to the experience of owning a Tesla. I've bookmarked it and thanks Nike for putting this together.

NKYTA | 19 avril 2014

Hey Nick +1! I think this is a really good addition to this forum and TMC.

I just registered and played around a bit; posted a comment, asked, answered and edited a question as well as up-voted.

The interface is pretty clear and the Categories down the right hand side are very nice.

The only nit I have is the main page with the columned questions scattered around (based on the size of the question and all the bits that go with each) makes it visually awkward (at least for me).

Having all questions (+ assorted stuff) be the same size, whether one column or multiple columns would be more visually pleasing, IMO.

Nicoletta | 19 avril 2014

love it! Thank you Nick.

bayoufilter.tx | 19 avril 2014

Quite spiffy. I have already registered and posed a question.

nickjhowe | 19 avril 2014

Thanks guys. @NKYTA - yeah. I'm not happy either. But the good thing is that this layout is completely 'responsive' - it works on any sized screen (will dynamically change the layout) and also works very well on mobile - I tried it on my iPhone 5 and it looks great.

I'll play around with the formatting.

Can someone try it on Android and let me know how it looks?

DTsea | 19 avril 2014


gary_r | 19 avril 2014

well done!

jjb94941 | 19 avril 2014

Looks great on Android too. Thanks very much for doing this!

PBEndo | 19 avril 2014

That's a rather serious typo on this forum. Wouldn't want to confuse nickjhowe for nickniketown ;)


2050project | 19 avril 2014

Well done, looks great on my iPhone too...

PhillyMomof4 | 19 avril 2014

Love the site, thanks!!

michael1800 | 19 avril 2014

Great site. I little crazy looking when you first see it, but still clean and adaptive.

NO2PTRL | 19 avril 2014

Excellent, I look forward to seeing more additions to the site, and I can't wait to get your book.

loefvinc | 19 avril 2014

Nice work... I look forward to seeing the Q/A in a few months.


GoBlue88 | 19 avril 2014


Roamer@AZ USA | 19 avril 2014

Joined, nice site.

SamO | 20 avril 2014

Killer site

bduke | 20 avril 2014

Thank You Nick from a new owner who has many questions regarding the best operation on my S, trying to use the forum has gotten to be laborous with too much duplicity and plain old chatter. Really look forward to your book. We owe you for all you have done for owners.

Bernard Hong | 20 avril 2014

Great site

hamer | 21 avril 2014

@bduke: You probably don't mean, "duplicity." Perhaps "duplication?"

Bighorn | 21 avril 2014

Are you calling him duplicitous?

hamer | 21 avril 2014

@Bighorn: He was calling himself duplicitous.

Brian H | 21 avril 2014

Maybe it was his evil twin?

bduke | 23 avril 2014

I think my point on chatter was proven!

agarcia | 19 septembre 2019

my automatic changes in high and low beams has stopped working. How do I get it to work? | 19 septembre 2019

@agarcia - Controls > Lights > Auto High Beam (page 55 of the manual).