No Tesla Grin . . . . yet.

No Tesla Grin . . . . yet.

The Tesla factory is building my Model S so I have not taken possession of the “grin” yet, but I do have the Tesla stomach. It’s like that nervousness you got before the first day of school, or the morning of your birthday and it’s a little like that feeling you get when you’ve made a HUGE mistake (apologies to GOB Bluth). Should I have splurged for the P, did I really need the air, was the tech a waste of money, am I going to have creaks, floating, NOISY, charging issues, excessive tire wear, has Slacker heard of Tommy, is a valet going to crack it up, and should I get the service plan?
My order was finalized 5/11, delivery button came 2 days later. 2 days after that I got the delivery window of 6/11-7/3.
I’m not obsessed, I’m really not. My wife can confirm that I only check the “My Tesla” page 10-15 times an hour. That’s normal, right? I’m prepared. I’ve got my mats airing out because they have the same smell as the alien in Independence Day (And what’s that smell?!!) and my Zaino stuff is on the way. Electricity is done and in a week I can finalize the financing (figuring 30 days back from last day of window.) So, I’m good there. Just one question: WHERE’S MY F****** CAR?

Panoz | 23 mai 2013

Geez, you sound exactly like I would be, and you've chosen exactly the same options I would. All will be better when you're driving your S...

Brian H | 23 mai 2013

About now, it's in various parts bins, scheduled soon to be plucked, positioned, welded, painted, and possibly loaded on a truck. Providing it doesn't fail the Final Assembly Quality Check. In which case it'll get fixed or scrapped, and TM will try again.

Captain_Zap | 23 mai 2013

^^^Or, maybe not.

Hi. My name is Captain_Zap. I'm a Teslaholic.

I thought that I could stop after delivery. But the rush became even more intense. I started making up errands and tasks. I would disappear for long periods of time. I'd blame it on Tesla Time. Then it started getting ugly. I started road tripping.

stosh3 | 23 mai 2013

We've all had this. It is worth it! FWIW I had my first service experience (White Plains) and I was worried about the creaky roof but several days later it is creak free and fixed!

lightbody_s | 23 mai 2013

You finalized on the 11th and got a delivery window 2 days later?! So jealous! My order finalized on the 10th and I'm still waiting. It's KILLING me. What'd you get? I got a Red P85, air, jump seats, tech, sound, and 19" wheels (all my friends are giving me crap for not getting the 21" wheels). I had heard that my configuration should go fast, but perhaps one of those options slowed me down :(

J.T. | 23 mai 2013

Flat white, pano, piano, tan leather, air, tech, 85, 19".

From what I've read the delivery window can stretch.

Nothing will be certain until it's in my driveway.

J.T. | 23 mai 2013

One more thing, the only people I've told are my wife, mom, kids and insurance agent., and no one was privy to my choices. I was having a hard enough time deciding on the configuration by myself, outside input was going to be nothing but detrimental.

alohasara | 23 mai 2013

I'm right there with you. I ordered mine on April 12th and only got my Delivery button yesterday (May 22nd) after calling and whining. I have that same sick / nervous feeling. If I keep on pacing for the next two weeks I will have worn a hole right through the floors....

kback | 23 mai 2013

Exactly my experience as well. But I take delivery...tomorrow!!!

No sleep tonight!

J.T. | 23 mai 2013

@kbackman. Have a blast!!

stimeygee | 23 mai 2013

I get mine tomorrow too. Which is why I'm up late, here.

This is honestly embarrassing. I hope nobody I know in the real world ever tracks down my posts.

nickjhowe | 23 mai 2013

don't forget the Model S delivery checklist

akikiki | 23 mai 2013

@alohasara, If you live in Hawaii, come over to the TMC forum, look under Pacific Northwest and find the Hawaii elsa Owners and tell us about your MS. There's a bunch of us on it everyday.

billbaggy | 23 mai 2013 This made me laugh out loud. I feel your excitement and am excited for you.

I received my MS back in December. Was supposed to take delivery in March, but came as an early Christmas present!

Even now, after driving it practically every day for the past 5 months and over 10,000 miles, I still feel giddy driving it - in LA traffic no less. On the weekends, when it is sitting in the garage, I still find it calling me to find a reason to drive somewhere - I hear a whisper from the garage "come on, lets go for a ride....."


P02655 S85, Midnight Blue, Tech, Air, Sound, 19", HPWC

Brian H | 24 mai 2013

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on the River

Proud Mary

elguapo | 24 mai 2013

I had that same feeling and still get it every time I drive my 60. It is a tough wait, but we all went through it and promise you it is well worth it. I seriously look for reasons to drive the car. It is amazing. Until then, hang here and we will keep you company.

HenryT2 | 24 mai 2013

"My order was finalized 5/11, delivery button came 2 days later"

I put down my deposit in Feb. of 2012, finalized in December, and am taking possession TODAY. Yep, I've been up since 2:30am. I'm hoping I don't fall asleep before my 1pm pickup, or even worse, driving back after I pick the car up.

J.T. | 24 mai 2013


I have the check list memorized!!! I had to skip a few days of work and a few meals to do it but I got it down . . . cold.

Thanks for creating and updating. It's a tremendous tool.

Panoz | 24 mai 2013

You WILL take photos and post them here, won't you?

KOL2000 | 24 mai 2013

28 hours remaining to P+ time...............

J.T. | 24 mai 2013

From what I read here Spock was absolutely wrong about the wanting and having thing.

kback | 24 mai 2013

@jtodtman- Thanks

@nickjhowe - love the checklist, thanks for the update. Printed it out and ready to roll. Just a few hours left!

rch1708 | 24 mai 2013

Man, this sounds worse than rushing to the delivery room and waiting for the wife to sprog. I'm beginning to think that ordering a Tesla should come a stress/health warning.

AreBeeAZ | 24 mai 2013

Everything will be fine. Don't let the valet touch it! Enjoy.