Northeast Tesla owners MEET & GREET!!!!

Northeast Tesla owners MEET & GREET!!!!

Hi all,

My name is Lou Montalvo and I am an avid Tesla enthusiast. I also am a proud member of the Carmel NY, Fire Department. I will be giving a EV safety course to my fellow members on Thursday March 20th, 2014 at 7PM at our firehouse, and a few members of this forum have volunteered to come up with their Tesla's so the crew and I can look over the vehicles.

I then got the idea to open it up to everyone and see if we can make an event out of it. I got the OK from the Chief and we can have a MEET and GREET at our Firehouse parking lot after the class. We have a huge parking lot and I would like to see as many Tesla's come up as possible. It would be a great opportunity for us at the firehouse to see the cars up close and the owners to meet fellow owners and just make a great evening out of it.

If your interested in coming out here's the info:

Thursday March 20th from 7:30PM till whenever we want to leave.... ;-)
Carmel Fire Department
94 Gleneida Ave
Carmel, NY 10512
Google maps:

I can be reached via phone, text or email anytime day or night for any information at:
cell# 516-351-0866

The more people and Tesla's that come out the MERRIER, and no worries, I will be hiding the JAWS of LIFE so everyone can relax. Hope to see you there.

Lou Montalvo
Badge# 873
Carmel Fire Department

LouieLou74 | 10 mars 2014

No.... no takers???? :-(

Brian H | 10 mars 2014

Patience, Louie. 10 days left, and schedules to be juggled. Your meetup has lots of appeal and interest.

LouieLou74 | 10 mars 2014

Ahh thanks Brian, i was getting worried. I do hope to get a nice turnout. Would be great for everyone.


Brian H | 11 mars 2014

Have you also registered at and mentioned it there? It's a larger and more active member site, with additional forum capabilities, including messaging and easier image insertion.

LouieLou74 | 11 mars 2014

Yes indeed, they stuck it in some directory where i dont think anyone will see it thought. :-( gotta be a way to get more exposure. Open to suggestions.

LouieLou74 | 11 mars 2014


Here is the link for the event over on TMC:

Maybe you can spread the word on another directory for me?


LouieLou74 | 11 mars 2014

I am thinking, if we get a good turnout we turn this into a quarterly thing and move it to a Saturday, so that way more people can come and enjoy.

Brian H | 11 mars 2014

'Fraid I can't. They've got such a hierarchy of carefully defined sub-forums that the regional meetings area is the closest to what you're discussing. There's a "shadow listing" in the Model S general postings, with a link to the new spot, so I assume anyone interested will take the jump.

Brian H | 11 mars 2014

Maybe you could offer a fireman's helmet as a door prize? ;)

LouieLou74 | 11 mars 2014

Ahh ok, i will look into the door prize.

Mel. | 12 mars 2014

Why not make it an anti-Christie rally?