Ny to Miami

Ny to Miami

Started my trip from LI to Miami in my MS on 1/14. Charged at JFK, then Delaware, the Glen Allen Va. On the 15th made a tough stretch from Va to Rocky Mount, NC then onto Santee, SC. Ran into to Grand Opening of the Santee SC! I thought the next leg would require a regular charge (and 3-4 hours) to get from Santee SC to St Augustine Fl. but the new Savannah, SC opened that day and I charged up there and breezed on to Port Orange then to my first stopover in Sebring Fl. for 3 days. I'm in Sebring now and plan to go to Miami via the Port St. Lucie SC. Just planning my trip home and not looking forward to the 250+ mile stretch between Santee SC and Rocky Mount NC, and low and behold, a new SC has just opened in Lumberton NC, half way between Santee and Rocky Mount!!!! Amazingly, I will have traveled from LI to Miami and back entirely using SC' a total cost of $1 (for parking in Savannah SC lot). And I expect to arrive home with more charge than when I left. Thanks, Tesla

Al1 | 17 janvier 2014

Looks like you were the first one doing that trip! Congrats!

History in making!

jp158 | 17 janvier 2014

Tony Thats Super.... Congrats also

pgiralt | 17 janvier 2014

Excellent. BTW - you can validate your parking ticket in Savannah at the security desk so you don't have to pay the $1 parking on the way back :-)

TonyShakesby | 17 janvier 2014

Thanks to all. I didn't expect to be one of the first to make the historic trip, but just lucked into it. I can even save the $1.00 on the way back. Thanks pgirait !

Docrob | 17 janvier 2014

Good work, sounds like a great trip. So this would suggest with 2 more SC's in the mid and south west and ~4 more in the NE we will hove N-S on both coasts and E-W through the middle covered. That will be a major milestone.

akikiki | 17 janvier 2014

That's so cool. You make us all proud of TM.

edcalis | 18 janvier 2014

History in making, indeed.

amitb00 | 18 janvier 2014


lolachampcar | 18 janvier 2014

What a rip off!!!!!! Musk said it would be freeeeeee. It cost you a dollar. Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

Awesome story and thank you Elon for doing what no one else could even imagine.

bogemyr | 18 janvier 2014

Hi Tony, thanks for the info. I'm waiting for delivery of my MS and travel from PA to SC and was curious about the stretch from DE to VA and the Rocky Mount to Santee. Can you share weather conditions and how much range you had to spare upon arrival? Thx in advance.

jai9001 | 18 janvier 2014

Very impressive and very important trip.

You should let Tesla know. This seems press worthy!

(Likely a much more common road trip than cross-country)

Ragtimer | 18 janvier 2014

Wonderful news. I am heading to the US Open in Pinehurst, NC in June, and have been staring at the map hoping that all the needed SCs would be on line to get me there from Philly. It will be a breeze now, and TM has five more months to get even more SCs on line!

Thanks Tony!

JonathanL | 18 janvier 2014

Congrats Tony.

Not sure what your ICE ride would have been, but you probably saved at least $360 assuming 2600 miles round trip, $3.50/gallon for gas and 25 miles per gallon. Yeah, big oil has nothing to be concerned about!

jordanrichard | 18 janvier 2014


I have seen a number of people recently say that "we" are almost there in being able to do the whole East Coast via SCs. Is there something I am missing here. Look at the SC map. If one lives in Portland ME and leaves on a full charge, they can make it to RI, then here in CT, so on and so forth. So I would consider being able to go from Portland ME to Key West, FL as being the whole East Coast.

TonyShakesby | 18 janvier 2014

Jordan... Right now the plans for the east coast will allow you to only go one way fully on SC's. To make it round trip only on SC's you can't get much further south than Miami

TonyShakesby | 18 janvier 2014

Even when the Miami SC is operational you won't be able to go round trip to Key West without an non-SC charge.

jordanrichard | 18 janvier 2014

Tony, I am really corrected. I don't know what I was thinking. It's clear that there is not SC in Miami. My bad.

TonyShakesby | 18 janvier 2014

The distances between SC's were, if I recall correctly, much less that 200 miles. I didn't need a full charge for any leg (except NC, which is now covered with the new SC in Lumberton). The the weather from NY to VA was rain and 45. I drove conservatively (speed limit) and lost about 15%. From VA to Florida it was clear and 45-55 degrees. I lost no range when driving 60-65, but the speed limit is 70 in most stretches and I did about 76 mph average and lost 15-20miles range due to the higher speeds. My thoughts in planning we're that I would loose about 20 miles when it was cold and raining and another 20 miles if I drove over 75 mph--- that's for a typical leg of say150 miles.

edfinn | 18 janvier 2014

Congrats Tony. The New York to Miami run on Superchargers is a milestone for the MS. I am looking to do it later this winter, and glad to hear you made it so easily. Now an SC in in Miami and one in say Marathon and Key West is in range. :)

Mathew98 | 18 janvier 2014

Great trip Tony. I'm assuming you did it in an 85. Any chance an S60 can replicate the trip with more SC visits?

demetri | 18 janvier 2014

Congrats!!! Probably the first one to do it! I'm doing it in late February in a 60 but probably will not be the first.
There will me many more trips like these and will show the world that long distance EV travel is doable. Will help change the perception the general public has about EV's.

Similar to what happened when we went from horses to ICE cars, it spawned road trips.

TonyShakesby | 18 janvier 2014

Yes, my MS is an 85. A 60 can certainly make it from at least the Boston area to just north of Miami
You will have to drive conservatively on a few legs since they do approach 200 miles

Ron5 | 18 janvier 2014

The hardest part for the 60 will be between Savannah and St. Augustine. This will eventually be solved with the Jacksonville SC, which has been pushed off, unfortunately. The last leg to Miami is no problem (112 miles).

Brian H | 19 janvier 2014

lo and behold
lose about 20 miles

Geez, lucky or what? Should get you to buy me a ticket for Mega Millions so I can get a MS, MX, and ME.

bonaire | 19 janvier 2014

This means it is possible to drive from North of Boston to Miami now using SCs.

Plugged In | 19 janvier 2014

It's good to see you can do this. I've been looking at the building of the Supercharger network up and down I-95 and now it is clear that I can get to Palm Beach County, FL from NJ.

What I am hoping for next is the ability to go northward (e.g. Montreal). That's going to take some time I guess.

NKYTA | 19 janvier 2014

+1 OP!

Bighorn | 19 janvier 2014

I think Tesla might be plastering your picture from the Santee grand opening on Facebook.

tes-s | 19 janvier 2014

I saw that! @tony - is that you standing by your MS with the hand prints on the hood?!

TSLAholic | 19 janvier 2014

Saw the tweet earlier today and thought it has to be the guy from this post, crashing the party. Talk about great timing!

TonyShakesby | 19 janvier 2014

Aw man, that's me, scruffy with a dirty Tesla, among all the bright and shiny Teslas there for the GO. At first I was shocked that all the SC's we're being used. (At least the handprints on the hood show that I close the hood properly)

TonyShakesby | 19 janvier 2014

Good news, the leg from Savannah to St. Augustine is 170 miles. So it's doable in a 60. You would, however, have to charge non-Super in Miami to make it back to Port St Lucie with the 60. I was able to do the round trip with the 85 since it's about 230 miles. Problem solved soon with the new Miami SC