P+ First deliveries

P+ First deliveries

Who is going to get the first P+'s off the line? I have an "end of line" date of May 20 with delivery shortly (5 days?) after that. Has anyone gotten delivery already or have earlier dates?

mdherbst | 2 mai 2013

I am told to expect delivery by May 22.

paul.e.mcdaniel | 2 mai 2013

I am picking up my multi-coat red, performance plus with all other options on May 10th at the Fremont factory.

BYT | 2 mai 2013

As a signature Model S owner who has a P85, I'm jealous!

KOL2000 | 2 mai 2013

May 10!!!! Wow that might be the first one off the line. I'm dying to hear about the "supercar handling". I doubt they could use that phrase without backing it up.

christurbeville | 2 mai 2013

Lets hope its amazing and the retro fit for P85s who lust after the + follows!

rdalcanto | 2 mai 2013

May 10th! Lucky!!!! I just called and I'm looking at mid-Jun. That means there will be a lot of time wasted on this forum as I wait for my new baby!!! :(

paul.e.mcdaniel | 2 mai 2013

I will do my best to keep you all updated on the handling. I have been driving an SLS for about a year now and I surely hope the P85 performance plus will boast similar if not better skills.

It is really not luck however. I worked hard when TM released the performance plus package to get everyone at headquarters to include it on my build. At first, they were unsure as the car had already been released to the factory, but I insisted I did not care when I got delivery so long as it was going to be performance plus. I could actually pick it up as early as Wednesday, but I am traveling currently and I asked them to pick it up Friday, May 10th. 8 more days!!!

Sudre_ | 2 mai 2013

I live is St. Louis but I will fly out and pick it up for you and leave it in your garage charging! plus a few extra miles :-)

lolachampcar | 2 mai 2013

I am really curious to see how the car compares to an M5 (the defacto standard for a performance sedan - or so say the mags). If anyone familiar with the M5 gets a chance to ride in or drive a P+ please post your comments.

BYT | 2 mai 2013

@lolachampcar, You have seen the YouTube video of the drag race between the Model S P85 and M5 have you not? :)

tann3rm | 2 mai 2013

@lolachampcar - The standard P85 already outperforms the M5 from 0-100mph, "2 out of 3 times anyways"...
I'm also fairly certain it handles better too, as it has a lower center of gravity, a lower drag coefficient (0.24) and plus the Model S' body is 97% comprised of lightweight aluminum.

jnb | 2 mai 2013

Wow, Paul. Hard work really does pay off! Im told mid June for mine too. May 11 we are expecting a full report! Congrats.

Brian H | 2 mai 2013

Elon's standard for handling comparison is the McLaren.

KOL2000 | 2 mai 2013

If they can really achieve McLaren handling in a car that seats 7 and has room for Costco groceries that will be mind-boggling.

Six | 2 mai 2013

Based on updates from others on it appears that the first (and fairly large) batch of performance plus cars will be built next week.

rdalcanto | 2 mai 2013

I would not be so sure that it handles better. The P85 already has a very low center of gravity, but on Edmunds testing, several SUVs (Yes, high center of gravity SUVs) beat the P85 in both the slalom and skid pad. Among them are the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, BMW x6M, Porsche Cayenne, etc., along with a long list of performance sedans. I don't know if the problem is the tires, the suspension, or both, but the P85+ needs to really up the ante for those of us that enjoy hard cornering.

RedRedRedS | 2 mai 2013

Just got my VIN overnight. Waiting to hear the delivery date.

paul.e.mcdaniel | 2 mai 2013

@Sudre_: Thanks for the offer, however, after waiting for this long, I surely would be bonkers to accept it.
@jnb: Hard work does pay off most of the time. I am glad it did with mine.
@Six: I am not fairly certain where the updates from TMC come from, but I can tell you this, my P85+ will be ready by May 8th.

eddygorsuch | 2 mai 2013

Hmm, what time on the 10th? I'm also picking up my red (non+) P85 on the 10th. I almost got the +, until a little financial sanity hit me, but am still curious to know how much handling difference is noticeable.

CaliSun | 2 mai 2013

My P+ order was finalized this past Monday, the 29th. It sounds like there is a batch being made mid-June so hopefully I'll be in that.

lolachampcar | 2 mai 2013

I should have been more precise in my comment. I am interested in suspension bushing compliance, shock valving and roll control of MS P+ as compared to the M5. If I were to voice on complaint with my MS P85 it would be the vague nature of the rear of the car. It does not feel like shock valving or spring rate although both of these are less than the M5. It does feel exactly like too much compliance in the suspension bushings.

MS is supposed to have superior torsional stiffness when compared to the seven series chassis (current M5 is based on the seven series chassis) so, in theory, Tesla should provide better wheel control.

As for getting MS P+ to handle like a MP4-12C (or F1 for that matter), I would think that a pipe dream but then I have been wrong before :)

lolachampcar | 2 mai 2013

Now if you want to talk about how Musk handles in comparison to Dennis..... There is absolutely no comparison and there is no way to fix a Dennis.

paul.e.mcdaniel | 2 mai 2013

@eddygorsuch: I pick up after my factory tour at 9 a.m.

hnashif | 2 mai 2013

@BYT: P+ retrofits for $13,000.

Tesla Model S Peformance Plus Option Now Available for $6,500; Retrofits Offered Too

rdalcanto | 2 mai 2013

From the article:
"The Performance Plus option, basically a suspension and wheel package, has been in the works for months now. Its the creation of Tesla engineers who were sort of put off when Motor Trend editor in chief Angus MacKenzie told Elon Musk that the Model S was a fine handling machine, but was outdone by the McLaren MP4-12C supercar. That prompted Tesla to get to work on a package that would put the Model S on level ground with the McLaren."

No way the P+ will be close to the McLaren. I'm just hoping it will be more in line with an M5 or Panamera in the handling/cornering department.

BYT | 2 mai 2013

@hnashif, yeah, I read that article too. I have to save up for $13,500 and might as well wait for the tires on my Model S to wear out to at least make replacing those worthwhile as part of the upgrade cost. Still, at +$12k (if I subtract the tire costs), it's a lot to pay.

I think I'll wait to test drive a P+ that has been retrofit before I decide to take the plunge. There goes all those tax credits which I had already blown half of on the Service Fees.

AlMc | 2 mai 2013

Nice to know that P+ are on the way. Mine has EOL date of May 13.
since I am on the east coast I suspect it will be end of May before I see it.

TikiMan | 2 mai 2013

I just wish Tesla would offer the retrofit P+ to all signature owners for a better deal (like $6,500.00), being we are the ones who helped keep the faith for SO long (and serious deposit $$$$$$$ in their bank), only to find out in the end we paid a substantial amount more for just a few minor cosmetic differences, compared to non-sigs.

eddygorsuch | 3 mai 2013

@paul.e.mcdaniel Hmm, my tour is at 11:00, but we're planning on showing up early. Maybe of there's time, I could catch a ride for comparison?

rchiang | 4 mai 2013

Does anyone know if the P85+ has more power then p85? Or just handling? I bet if you wait long enough you can buy after market parts for it and probably better then dealers parts. I use to own a little civic which I modified and I worked on my civic to change bushing and add multiple stablelizing bars. I know my little civic handle better then my current P85. I notice on the p85 on the first test drive at the show room DC when taking hard corner at high speed it walble. The people over DC show room asked me what I though of it and I told them that the back wheels slips and said that that might be a people for me. That's when I decided to get the 21'in wheels instead of the 19.

KOL2000 | 4 mai 2013

Let me tell you what the TESLA person told me in April, the day after the P+ package was released and I added it to my order.

I know most of you will call BS (I do too actually) but let me tell you I swear on all that is important that this conversation really happened in early April.

I asked if there is anything they can tell me about P+ that is not on the website, like faster or whatever. She lowered her voice to almost a whisper and said "Well, I can tell you that in our in house tests, not publishable yet, we have seen 0-60 times of 3.1 seconds". I started screaming in disbelief and she was laughing. She said it was due to increased traction that they could funnel more energy to wheels. She said these are not official numbers and might change when released but that it was scary quick.

I DO NOT BELIEVE this. But this is what she said and perhaps this will not be what is finally released but I am just telling you what I heard and I swear I'm not making it up.

nickjhowe | 4 mai 2013

@KOL2000 - even with slicks you'd need 600 hp to get down close to 3 sec - it is simple physics. If they stick a 250hp motor in the front and make it AWD then maybe. Until then...

@rchiang - Lolachampcar is doing this on his car - he's already change some of the arms to adjust the toe angle. He's tried sourcing the bushings but it isn't looking good.

lolachampcar | 4 mai 2013

Ok, Tesla is tightening up the rear bushings which will help control the rear contact patch better. They are stiffening up the dampers (just a guess here) which will quicken load transfer. They are adding width to the rear rim and tire.

Two out of the three should/might help launch a little while the dampers should hurt it just the slightest amount. I would not be surprised to see a tenth (or maybe even two) come off the 0-60 but I have to agree with KOL2000 that pulling a second off that time would be darn difficult. Doing it with launch changes only just simply does not seem possible.

I replaced my upper control arms to take a degree of negative camber out of the rear. If my past experience is any guide, this will help me out on rear tire wear. Luckily there was enough adjustment in the toe eccentric to get the toe back into specification without having to build toe arms as well.

rchiang | 4 mai 2013

@lolachampcar: Do they already have parts yet for tesla P85 or did you have to customize it? I think after market companies start to produce parts they will make lots of money. I think there is great demand out there because tesla forgot to put does improvements. I'm interested in finding your results once you have the right combination. Like when I first started to modify my little civic took me years to get the correct setting. Miss my old little car but I sold it to get this p85. :)

Energize | 4 mai 2013

Saw the P85+ today! Looks great! The badge on the back shows "P85+"
Looks like the P85 but tires are just a teeny bit meatier, but not too noticeable. thumbs up! It's rolling off the lot! Be prepared to see them on the road.

KOL2000 | 4 mai 2013

Wow thanks energize!!! Super exciting!!! Hope someone posts some 0-60 #'s soon and handling report.

Energize | 4 mai 2013

The one I saw was not delivered yet. It was in service for detailing. So congrats to the first owner of a P85+. Just want everyone to be pumped up about this! :) it's exciting.

TikiMan | 5 mai 2013


That would be unbelievably amazing IF just a few tweaks to the MS suspension, a tiny amount of extra rubber in the rear, with slightly different street tires, would actually improve the 0-60 MPH by almost a full second.

Furthermore, if that's all it takes to get supercar numbers on the P85, without a larger DC motor, I wiil just wait until a third-party comes up with even better aftermarket mods, and add my own 2" wider rear tires for even better grip, with lighter after-market 21" racing wheels, and more carbon-fiber replacement panels.

Unfortuantly, I don't think the rep understood what she was talking about (likely she was confusing a time of 3.1 seconds faster around a track), or just blowing smoke.

Regardless, for an extra $6,500.00, I would be willing to take the risk. Worse case, you get a standard P85 that can corner like a McLaren (which is almost unbelliveable itself!).

carlk | 5 mai 2013

I think she either said 4.1s or meant to say 4.1s but let's wait and see. The car could worth at least $50000 more if the 3.1s figure is true.

TikiMan | 5 mai 2013


We already get 4.1 in the P85 (in optimal conditions). It really is physically impossible to improve those numbers by a full second, without a massive amount of extra power added to the car. Or, at least two tons of weight removed from the car.

Besides, IF the engineers at Tesla were getting 0-60 MPH runs at 3.1 sec, Elon would be shouting from the rooftops, and their stock would hit $350 a share, a day later.

brycelisah | 5 mai 2013

I got an email stating

Estimated Pickup Window
May. 17th - May. 31st

Does anyone know how to get a better ETA?

Had e39 M5 and just sold e60 M5 a week ago....making room for the p85+.

Funny, did not test drive a model S. Might have to test drive after I get p85+ just for comparison.

Learning a lot on this forum!

Brian H | 5 mai 2013

"not publishable yet". Hmmm.... Well, if there's enough power to burn rubber with TC off, there's (by definition) power to burn. We'll see.

KOL2000 | 6 mai 2013

3.1 is what she said guys. I verified it over and over again with her. I was stunned and histerically laughing. She believed what she told me.

My buddy is holding off on ordering a Ferrari till he tests my P*....

lolachampcar | 6 mai 2013

ok brycellsah, with your previous M5 ownership your our official P85+ test pilot. I await your evaluation!

Brian H | 6 mai 2013


See my comment above. If you can "break loose", there's waste power that better traction could exploit. Just sayin'.

paul.e.mcdaniel | 7 mai 2013

@eddygorsuch: I do not mind...

jeroens | 10 mai 2013

Hi Paul,

Did you pick up your car today? Any feedback you can provide (between grinning;) ?

eltonf | 11 mai 2013

Tesla publishes a 0 - 60 time of 4.2 seconds for the P85. I'm fairly certain she meant the P85+ has improved on that to 4.1 seconds. Not realizing the significance of her mistake she didn't catch the numerical error when she confused 3.1 seconds with 4.1 seconds.

jeroens | 11 mai 2013

Paul, Eddy - any one?

Park that Performance+ beauty for a minute and tell us all about how it drives and compares :)

eddygorsuch | 12 mai 2013

Unfortunately I got to the factory a little later than planned. There weren't any P85+ in the delivery lot, so we didn't get a chance to hook up.
Maybe its all four the better - no chance to spoil my opinion of my new P85. :-)