"P one"...enter and sign in please!

"P one"...enter and sign in please!

I've been watching these boards for years now, but don't recall ever seeing
posts from "P's" in the teens.

Now that all the Signatures are almost out the door, I'm anxiously awaiting that
milestone of "P" deliveries. Since I'm P 153, any news of a delivered "P" means
my car is soon to come.

So far... no news at all on "P's". Any low number "P's" received a delivery window yet?

Hoping for an end of the year surprise!

Robert22 | 20 novembre 2012

P413 - Was told last week when I called that delivery would "likely" be in December but there was still a chance of early January. I'm hoping that was an attempt at underpromising and overdelivering. | 20 novembre 2012

@AaronX - From what I understand, they are manufacturing 85kwh cars with Air Sunspension earlier, so your car may be manufactured later since yours has a 60kwh battery.

Max M.

toto_48313 | 20 novembre 2012

Can P#5, waiting since 04/2009... and waiting for transport Canada to certify the car now.

Hope I'll not wait 4 years

DouglasR | 20 novembre 2012

Unless I missed something, William9's P83 is the lowest U.S. P. It's kind of interesting that we haven't seen anything lower. I wonder whether there might be large holes in the list?

DouglasR | 20 novembre 2012

I meant lowest U.S. P in this thread.

DanielR | 20 novembre 2012

P-482 here. Finalized order in August and I am being told (via phone contact with my delivery specialist) January 2013. Reasons for January delivery: air suspension and 60kw battery

kishdude | 20 novembre 2012

P-130 here. Haven't heard anything. It would be nice to hear 3-4 weeks in advance of delivery so that we can get financing and insurance set up. Time in this year is running short and even with a low P number I'm worried about getting my car this year.

RichardC | 20 novembre 2012

R43 here - also have heard nothing concrete. MPVA stated Oct/Nov. Mid-Oct called and was told delivery likely by mid-Nov. Have been in waiting mode since.

DanielR | 21 novembre 2012

Correction to the entry two above: standard suspension (not air suspension)

mrspaghetti | 21 novembre 2012


I'd call/email TM to get an update if I were you. Probably about time to get that financing in order right now.

Brian H | 21 novembre 2012

That info about EU Sig colours suggests a 2nd Paint Center. That would free a lot of options up, and boost volume.

But maybe not.

kishdude | 21 novembre 2012

I'm P#130 (85Kw performance brown with tan interior) and I called Tesla today to check on the status of my car. Was told that it would not start production for 1-2 weeks and they are still hoping to deliver before the end of the year. They also said that they typically will contact via email about 3 weeks before delivery to get financing/paperwork and maybe about 1 week before delivery they will contact you regarding delivery. One bit of good news is that deliveries to Arizona shipped directly from the factory and are not batched so this shouldn't be a delay.

rbeezley | 21 novembre 2012

Well, with a personally addressed request posted, I am compelled to respond. I have P1 sequence code and am still waiting for my call. I contact Tesla weekly and continue to hear soon/any day now.

Fingers crossed - I'm still dreaming of a (pearl) white Christmas.

mrspaghetti | 21 novembre 2012


We are honored sir! Welcome to the forums!

rwang | 21 novembre 2012

P425 here. 80kwh Performance. I'm hearing mid to end of dec but no official confirmation

nickjhowe | 21 novembre 2012

@rbreezley - welcome! We now have F1 (Steve J), S1 (Jason C) and P1[US] rbeezley. Who's R1? And the other country '1's? Maybe we should start an honor roll thread? :-)

sunnysailor | 21 novembre 2012


Welcome and well done regarding the p1 spot!

Steve_P445 | 21 novembre 2012

@rbeezley: Congratulations on the #1 spot! The early "P's" are a "rabid bunch" right now - all of us (with sequence #'s <1500 or so) are hoping for 2012 deliveries based on the proposed production levels. The only P's I know of that have VIN's are those who have contacted Tesla and asked. Any P's here that have been contacted directly by TM with final info?

vinster | 21 novembre 2012

I've been checking here almost daily for any news of regular P deliveries, so any updates would be appreciated.

FWIW, I'm P#4605 (Perf, 85Kwh). When I signed and finalized my MVPA on Aug 29, the note on it said Nov/Dec delivery. Yeah, right.... :/

William9 | 21 novembre 2012

As posted on TMC:
I have been in touch with several TM employees and the following seems to be the current situation. They are caught between finishing the run of Sigs, some delayed because of parts and QC resolution, and being able to start production of GP's. There are apparently "high level" meetings going on to attempt to resolve having the ability to deliver GP's but having the promise that all Sigs will go first. I was told that GP cars are currently being produced. It's the conundrum of delivery order that is giving them trouble. One of the people told me that if the Sig issues are resolved my P-83 has an outside chance of factory delivery on Dec 1. I'm not counting on it but at least there is hope I'll have it by my birthday, Dec 2!

TheAustin | 21 novembre 2012

Welcome, and congrats @breezley! Is it all right if I ask how you ended up with P1? Are you an insider, or a real inside insider? ;)

joey | 21 novembre 2012

P65, I was told by tesla rep realistically a 50/50 chance of pre Xmas delivery.

Mark2131@CA-US | 21 novembre 2012


Ah ha! Thank you for stepping out of the anonymous fog and taking your rightful place on the Tesla stage! Congrats on your good taste and timing in snagging the coveted "P One" spot.

May I suggest your personalized license plate? How about "P ONE" ? Nobody outside of this list will understand it! A guaranteed conversation starter.

Looking forward to hearing those magic words: " Your car is ready"! Then I know mine won't be far behind.

Happy holidays to you.


rbeezley | 21 novembre 2012

Thanks for the comments and feedback. With the encouragement, I'll gladly share my journey with Tesla Motors. And I like the idea for a personalize plate!

I can't remember when I first heard about this new electric car company, but I followed any info I could find until they became available to order. I believe I put my initial order in for a Roadster more than 4 1/2 years ago. I went to the opening of the first retail store in West LA and took my first drive as soon as they got test cars on site. Later, I had a chance to take a few spins on a track at SpaceX.

As much as I loved driving the Roadster and how awesome a car it would be to own, I couldn't rationalize that kind of $$$ on any small sports car. When my turn came up, I passed on my opportunity to finalize my configuration and order. I was driving an Audi S8 (now an RS6) and knew the next car on the TM roadmap was to be a luxury sports sedan, so I waited.

I attended the Model S premiere at Space X and decided on the spot that it was exactly what I was looking for. (I was in line to go for a ride when Arnold showed up and took the car away for about an hour so didn't get a chance that night.) They were taking reservations that night for Sigs, but I didn't have a spare $40K laying around for the deposit and wanted to transfer my $5K Roadster deposit over to a Model S. It took TM awhile to come up with a form I could fill out to do that, and awhile longer to get a sequence number which delighted me when it came out "P One." They were still early in signing up Signature models then, so I was apparently the first person to want to wait for a GP.

Had I the $40K to put down on deposit and comfort signing the paper saying that I understood it was a startup and I might never get a car or my deposit back, I'd be driving a red Sig today. Later on, I had opportunities to upgrade while the [US] Sigs were still available, but I just thought having "P One" was too cool to trade in.

I'm fortunate to be in the LA area, so it has been easy to make a lot of events. I went to the premiere, and premiere party at the West LA store, for the opening of the "Revenge of the Electric Car" as well as the opening of the 3rd Street Promenade store in Santa Monica a few months back, joining in to sing Happy Birthday to Elon.

My most recent treat was visiting my brother in Denver over Labor Day weekend. He surprised me with a drop by the Denver TM store, where the wonderful sales staff insisted I come back on Labor Day when they'd have Model S's just released from finishing the US tour. Both my brothers were with me that day, and we all got to take a turn behind the wheel. Just whetted my appetite all the more.

So that's my tale. I've been waiting for a Tesla a long, long time.

My RN, btw, is RN001103. I've asked about my VIN but haven't gotten that info. If other P owners have, I guess I need to bug them again ...


rbeezley | 21 novembre 2012

p.s. ... minor historical correction ... it was when I put in my Roadster order that I had to sign the "you may never see your money again" document. There was an option then to put down $40K and get in the build queue quickly or stick to $5K and go to the back of the line. By the time I was able to order my Model S, I think it TM was on more solid ground and the decision point on a Sig was merely a matter of not having $40K to tie up for a few years.


rwang | 21 novembre 2012

congrats @rbeezley. hoping we all get our cars in for the tax breaks expire

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

should be a long time. Each manufacturer gets 200,000 cars in the program.

DouglasR | 22 novembre 2012

Brian, I suspect rwang is referring to the possibility that the tax break will be eliminated in whatever budget deal gets negotiated.

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

Well, he said "expire", not "get expired". ;)

sunnysailor | 22 novembre 2012


It looks like Tesla has resolved the delivery issue:

As posted on the tesla website:

nkinkaid@teslam... | NOVEMBER 21, 2012
No. There will always be a small amount of overlap at the end of deliveries for one series and the beginning of another. We are approaching that time now with Signature and General Production. We are setting up the last few US Signature car deliveries now and are about to start contacting General Production customers to begin setting up their deliveries. The overlap will be minimal, but there will be a few General Production cars that get delivered before the final US Signature cars. In many cases, these final Signature cars are ones that were configured in September and October and have been given high priority throughout the process, but simply cannot be built in time before General Production cars have started.

Canadian Signature production is now well under way. Delivery of these cars will overlap some final US Signature cars and some General Production cars.

Aleksandyr | 26 novembre 2012

+1 ANY P's???

Mark2131@CA-US | 27 novembre 2012

Looks like my wait is over! Just got notice that my P153 is available for pick up at the Hawthorne
design center this FRIDAY (nov30th). In an effort to get the cars delivered more quickly, they're organizing "delivery" events at various centers. I have no problem visiting the design center, topping off with the superchargers located there, and heading home (ahead of the traffic).

Can't wait for Friday.

DouglasR | 27 novembre 2012

Congratulations, Mark2131. Performance or non-performance?

Whity Whiteman | 27 novembre 2012

if I got this right, there is a 3(!)-day-delivery event there?
Maybe we get a big surprise ...

Mark2131@CA-US | 27 novembre 2012

Non Performance. You can only go so fast on the 101 at rush hour!

jbunn | 27 novembre 2012

With Mark at P153 for a November 30th pickup, this might imply that they have ramped up to 400 per week, which would put them in the slot for approximatly 3000 cars by the end of the year. IF true, take your P number, divide by 1600 and start counting from Dec 1. At P4100, that might imply mid Feb delivery for example. That's good news. Well, not news exactly. More like speculation sprinkled with optimism.

On the other hand I looked at the job boards the other night. There are a LOT of production workers - Welders, assembly people, vehicle testers, ect that they have open positions for. My assumption was at ramp up they would have those roles staffed and trained. That's potentialy not good news, but I know little about their staffing requriements.

Like everything else in life, your actual mileage may vary. See your local dealer for details. | 28 novembre 2012

But there is no local dealer :o)

jbunn | 28 novembre 2012

Or any "dealers" for that matter. lol.

It's a great model. I don't think anyone enjoys the buying process.

inkynote | 28 novembre 2012

When we configured in August we were told that 80kWh and active air suspension would be the only vehicles produced in 2012. Not knowing how many Ps configured without these features really throws the ability to make an educated guess (or SWAG!) when speculating about ones chances of being included in the 3,000 car goal for 2012 production. If a lot of people chose smaller battery packs or standard suspension, then someone with a sequence number above P1500 has a good chance of getting a car this year (writes a person with 80kWh, active air and a sequence number just over 1500). That said, I think we've learned that sequence number is not as important to production order as we've assumed it would be. I'm all for doing what they need to do to get as many cars out the door as possible. Clearly there's much we don't know. It must be such a complex process!

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

About ½ the reservations seem to be non-85s so far. If you subtract out the Sigs, that goes up to about 55%. So Production 85s could get delivered at a time matching a # about ½ as high. E.g., a P#4000 might be about the 2000th P produced and delivered. This "factor" would reduce the further into the backlog we get.

DouglasR | 28 novembre 2012

Brian, where did you see that half the reservations are 85s? From observing the forums or was there a more official source?

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

Various polls here and on TMC. Some thought the 85 count would drop as time went on, but it seems to be holding.

DouglasR | 28 novembre 2012

Any idea what the Performance share is?

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

IIRC, about 41%. It's been the star of the show, so far.

DouglasR | 28 novembre 2012

So that means Performance is 80% of the 85kWhs? Or do you mean Performance is 41% of the 85kWhs?

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

41% of the total. As volume climbs, that'll likely drop, I guess. But maybe not for some time!

Timo | 28 novembre 2012

I'm not sure it will. To me the the high number of 85kWh battery choices just shows how desirable the long range battery really is, and if you can get 85kWh standard, going ~10k up from that is not that big deal (options that come as standard in performance compared to normal add up to $6500).

I actually think that if Tesla would offer another $10k more expensive 105kWh battery that would be the star of the show instead of 85kWh performance.

Majority of people that can't really afford 85kWh Model S are probably either waiting for GenIII long range car or do not even consider electric vehicle. Market for those smaller battery sizes with that high price tag is quite small. Also car is quite big for town commuter and as such impractical.

Volker.Berlin | 29 novembre 2012

About ½ the reservations seem to be non-85s so far. (Brian H)

How did you arrive at that number?

Brian H | 29 novembre 2012

Various polls here and on TMC. Maybe time to start a new one. The reservation rate has surged, and it would be very interesting to know the new ratios.