P85+ For Sale in Colorado>>>1,967 Miles

P85+ For Sale in Colorado>>>1,967 Miles

I have recently posted my Grey P85+ For Sale at the TMC site ( I posted one pic and have many more if you PM me over there. Thanks, Jim

Anthony J. Parisio | 19 octobre 2013

Why are you selling it Jim? Tony

everman | 19 octobre 2013

I'm in Colorado Springs and would be interested in seeing it. Go ahead and PM me. I'd check out. The post on TMC, but it's down at the moment.


skymaster | 19 octobre 2013

@Anthony- I bought my first Model S,(Standard 85) on March 19th. I loved it so much that came up with the bright idea of buying a P85+ to drive a little, and rent a little. I bought the P85+ on 5-16-13. After bring it home, I realized that I really did not want to rent it out. I finally rented it out for one day,((10-3-13) to the company that did the Silverthorne, CO supercharger install. (They wanted to drive it to the ribbon cutting ceremony.)

After this nerve racking day, (they did not damage it at all) I determined that I did not have the stomach to rent it out.

It has never spent a night outside of my garage and I will be happy to keep it if I don't sell it.

skymaster | 19 octobre 2013

@everman- If you want pics, e-mail me at

Thomas N. | 19 octobre 2013

That's one of the oddest selling stories I've heard. Don't you need any kind of special licensing to rent your car out? I'm sure here in California there would be enough fees and permits required to make it not worth your while.

Good luck and I hope it sells quickly.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2013

check out .

NomoDinos | 19 octobre 2013

Skymaster - Are you not going to drive any MS at all?

If you just want to downgrade, why don't you get in touch with one of the people selling their standard 85's, and instead arrange a swap with cash? just put up a post with the exact opposite situation as you, and wants a P85+.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2013

He has a standard, bought the P specifically to rent out.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2013


Surprised you didn't follow them around in the other car to make sure nothing happened!

NomoDinos | 19 octobre 2013

Brian - awww crap. It should be NoMoDrinkingandPosting

Sorry Skymaster! Good luck.