Parcel Shelf

Parcel Shelf

Delivery in a few days, so I went in to the local store to buy the parcel shelf that I forgot to order when I configured. Tesla salesperson told me they are being delivered with all cars now, like the rear floor mats. Will know for sure soon!

JDPink | 30 avril 2013

Good luck. I opted not to get it and now I go back and forth as to should I buy it or not.

cgiGuy | 30 avril 2013

Still listed as a $250 option in the Design Studio.

My opinion--you're not getting $250 worth of product. They should absolutely be included for free.

I thought it would be more like a roll-out tonneau cover made out of nice material.

appljd | 30 avril 2013

@Peter J: Very interesting. I had cancelled mine. Yet one got delivered last week... I was gonna call Tesla to send it back...

DouglasR | 30 avril 2013

I'll believe that when I see it. I was just told the one I ordered is in, so I'll find out tonight or tomorrow.

sahaskatta | 30 avril 2013

I heard that Tesla was going to include the rear floor mat for cars that didn't get one when you take it in for service. Is that true? Will a parcel shelf be thrown in too?

DouglasR | 30 avril 2013

Well, I just two hour ago paid $250 for a parcel shelf. Nobody knew anything about it being free.

kyleket | 30 avril 2013

I received delivery of car April 26 - no parcel shelf or rear floor mat. The included front mats are the lower-quality variety. I think they'll be fine, though. Was really hoping Elon's tweet about the better mats would come true. No dice.

Robert22 | 30 avril 2013

The parcel shelf works but it truly stinks. You'll be driving with open windows for awhile.

DouglasR | 30 avril 2013

No odor on mine.

bmwfan | 1 mai 2013

Mine either. Received last week and immediately installed it.

noel.smyth | 1 mai 2013

no odor on mine either. agree its not worth 250.

bob | 1 mai 2013

Took delivery on 4/26 at the factory. I was going to pass on the parcel shelf, but once I saw it, I decided to stay with it. It's well designed for easy use, does what it's intended to, and easily tucks away completely in the bottom of the well if not needed. No smell either.

cgiGuy | 1 mai 2013

I picked up my car on 25 Apr and it had the parcel shelf (I paid for it) and the rear floor mat (free).

No odor, so far, from the parcel shelf.

pilotSteve | 1 mai 2013

received mine (due from December 2012!) last week. Didn't seem to smell bad so I put it in the car. Later that afternoon, while driving, noticed the awful smell. Now its airing out in the garage and I will try it again in a week.

Cirrus | 1 mai 2013

Received my three days ago.. (Feb car delivery). It did indeed have the bad smell. Mine's airing out in the basement.

Robert22 | 1 mai 2013

Sounds like a mix of newer and older shelves. This is not a smell you can miss,

Keith72 | 1 mai 2013

I received mine a little over a week ago - no smells at all. The front passenger side floor mat won't stay in place. The top falls down over the bottom and curls up. I've tried a few pieces of Velcro, but can't get them to stick to the carpet - it really is a piece of crap on such a nice car. Guess I'll have to spring for nicer mats

bsimoes | 1 mai 2013

If all are going to get the parcel shelves free, will those of us who paid for them get a refund?

Pungoteague_Dave | 1 mai 2013

TM changed the design and supplier. The old ones have a heavy chemical smell, and lie flat when folded. The new ones don't smell, have a nice carpet underneath the shelf, and will not lie flat when folded - they completely block rear visibility. I havethe new one. I bet there will soon be a third version when the service calls start about visibility. I will call tomorrow...

Robert22 | 1 mai 2013

From a prior correspondence with service via ownership:

“The fabric on the new parcel shelf is definitely different. There is less than an inch of unattached fabric on the ends of all surfaces. This is so the parcel shelf aligns up with the rail track.
The old parcel shelf was a bifold; the new parcel shelf is only one fold.
I could not get any information on whether or not the parcel shelf was designed with sound quality and dispersion in mind.
One of the reasons why the design was changed was because the old one would rattle when driving over roads that were a bit bumpy.
If the customer is unhappy with the parcel shelf he received, please tell him to return the parcel shelf at the local service center.”

rmbod | 1 mai 2013

I had the same problem. drove me nuts. then i found that if you reach your hand up along the foot well you will eventually get to a hard plastic molding. the top of the passenger mat will fit under that molding and stay in place. i forced it in there two weeks ago and havent had an issue since. good luck

Keith72 | 1 mai 2013

Thanks rmbod!!

PD - I have the new style parcel shelf - no smell and it doesn't block my view when left folded - I can just barely see it in my rear view mirror when left folded.

Peter J | 1 mai 2013

Took delivery today, and the Parcel Shelf was NOT included. The guy working the Seattle store was mistaken when he said it would be. I ordered one.

jjaeger | 1 mai 2013

I am with Keith72, zero smell and barely noticeable when left folded. From the various threads here and on TMC, there are at least 3 types - dual fold, single hinge and no hinge. Don't ask me how the smell factor crosses this trio as i smelled mine in search of any scent and got zip (while others have to let them air out for days...).

Now what I personally find amusing is all this on our $250 parcel shelf. Just love the comments carping about the price of the CCI, when in comparison it's a couple of factors above. Think Tesla's CCI variant will morph through several versions and scents before it settles out :-)

MandL | 2 mai 2013

I got my parcel shelf last week. One fold, slides back and forth, doesn't lie flat, and stunk to high heaven for the first few days.

hnashif | 3 mai 2013

FedEx just delivered mine 5 minutes ago. I reserved the car late in December and took delivery on March 1st.

portia | 3 mai 2013

I got my car in Oct, no parcel shelf then, but got it (due bill item) in Jan, folds in half, lays flat, no smell, no blocking. Ordered one for my dad last week, who did not order one with the car, it was shipped from Menlo Park a day later, he got it, but I haven't seen it, he sais no smell!

hnashif | 3 mai 2013

There was a minor vinyl smell as I unwrapped it. I installed it in the car and drove to the office. I did not notice any smell during the drive. Also, it has good fit, folds in the middle w/o obstruction, and hides what's underneath it. However, while I do not know why I would need that, it does not seem to be sturdy enough to hold much weigh on top.

rd2 | 3 mai 2013

Mine arrived a month ago. Perfect. No smell, fits well, sleek design.

8508BlueS | 3 mai 2013

We received our car last week (4/24) got the back floor mats but not the parcel shelf.

djy | 3 mai 2013

Got my parcel shelf 2 weeks ago - no smell, single hinge, not worth $250.

Still waiting for my rear spoiler - called Santa Monica service today, and they said they just got a large shipment in. Probably get installed next week.

negarholger | 3 mai 2013

got mine today. Single hinge, very minor new part smell. Car delivered 3/1.
Don't want the spoiler and P85 badge... I hope they don't glue it on without asking at the next service.

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 mai 2013

I called customer service today and was told that the new design shelf WILL NOT fold flat and it SHOULD NOT be forced or it will be damaged. If it is folded flat, it is forced beyind its design limit and is damaged.

Lush1 | 3 mai 2013

Made deposit on car in March 2010. Got it in February 2013. Got shelf this week. No smell, one fold, doesn't fold flat, but I don't know why one would want to drive with it folded. Fits well in tracks. Easy to install, no rattle or problems. Probably not sturdy enough to hold much beyond tissue boxes or light items like a few pieces of clothing.

Was it worth $250? Not really, it's not especially high quality, but I'm not complaining. In almost every way that counts I think the Model S is a good value. A few of the minor accessories are kinda cheap, but I love 99.99% of the Tesla. The shelf fits, goes in and out smoothly and is easily stashed. I really like it and am very happy to have it. When carrying stuff around in the rear or traveling with luggage, it is very nice to have the shelf to keep belongings from prying eyes.

negarholger | 3 mai 2013

- parcel shelf covering the trunk contents and muffeling the noise... worth every penny
- buy for $30 and sell for $250 that is how to become profitable
- but I agree parcel shelf should be included in base configuration and never be an extra.

Robert22 | 3 mai 2013

Not supposed to fold flat? So a partially obstructed rear view was a design choice?

Dewittekoen | 4 mai 2013

When I saw the car for the first time in Europe, I was very surprised the the parcel shelf was not a standard item. no premium car is being delivered without parcel shelf in Europe. moreover, it should be made from good quality material...

DouglasR | 4 mai 2013

There is no way to make everybody happy. If the shelf is made a standard item, people who don't want it will complain because they are being forced to buy something they don't want. Remember the complaints by Model S Performance purchasers who didn't want the 21" wheels and tires? Or do people think the shelf can be made a standard item without it affecting the overall price of the car (along with coat hooks, cup holders, front and rear center consoles, power folding mirrors, parking sensors, spare tire, and eight years of service)? If I thought the car was overpriced, I wouldn't have bought it.

hoffa24 | 6 mai 2013

Can someone please post a picture demonstrating how it folds or slides, or lays flat? the photo on the website is useless. Can you also please clarify that this is just black vinyl ?

gianni.terragni | 6 mai 2013

Dewittekoen + DouglasR

In Europe, no car that costs more than € 9000 does not have a parcel shelf as standard. I do not discuss the price or quality, however it must be at the level of the car, but of the principle. In America the parcel shelf is always an option? Do not think so
I want the the parcel shelf and I pay it, but it seems strange that it is not standard

pebell | 6 mai 2013

@hoffa24: +1. Judging from the Tesla website, it's as if digital pictures cost a buck per pixel. SO many details of the car and its options are in thumbnail size or simply not visible anywhere at all.

negarholger | 6 mai 2013

@gianni - it has nothing to do with the price. If you order the 3rd row seats option then the parcel shelf is useless... so I can see the reason why the parcel shelf is offered as an option here.

carlf9121 | 6 mai 2013

Received my parcel shelf in the mail last week and installed. Good fit in the shelf rail. No rattles or smell. Lays flat. Serves the purpose of concealing what is stored in the hatchback and helps to deaden the road noise while driving.

nickjhowe | 11 mai 2013

@hoffa24 here you go. Close up of the cover, then the unfolded and folded views.

Robert22 | 12 mai 2013

Are the edges of your carpet surface unglued at the crease? I can fit my thumb under the material at both corners when folded. Curious if this is a design feature or flaw in mine.

nickjhowe | 12 mai 2013

@Robert22 - am away from the car so can't check, but IIRC everything is tightly glued. No loose edges.

ColonyGolfer | 12 mai 2013

I have 2 Lexus SUV parcel shelves in my garage. I put them there when I picked up the new cars at purchase, in 2000 and 2006. These shelves hamper the transporting of golf clubs, and are a nuisance. Quite honestly if there is something visible in your car worth stealing, ptt it in the cubby or the frunk. Can't imagine breaking into a $100,000 car to steal a $900 TV. The'd probably be better off figuring out how to just boost the car.

Pungoteague_Dave | 12 mai 2013

dvclifford, it isn't about hiding your stuff. The tinting is such that the stuff isn't visible with or without the shelf. The reason for the shelf IMHO is that it significantly reduces noise.

Brian H | 12 mai 2013

Your imagination is severely underpowered. 100K cars have been broken into for $2 in loose change.

Robert22 | 14 mai 2013

@Nick- Thank you. I'm very close to dumping this shelf. It still has an unpleasant odor that gets my attention everytime I get it into the car, and the fabric doesn't appear to be tacked down properly at cut points.

@Dave- I asked about the noise reduction several weeks ago in regard to the parcel shelf and ownership checked with the engineers. In a written response they stated there was no intended sound dampening feature.
Does it mitigate noise from the motor anyway? Probably.