parcel shelf and folding back seats

parcel shelf and folding back seats

I have been looking at pictures of both the folding 2nd row seats and the parcel shelf but can't tell from those alone how it will be in person. In the pictures of the folding seats, it seemed that they didn't really fold flat. Is that still the case? In the car I have now, a button needs to be pushed on each side to release the seats. Being the Model S has three seats, I was wondering how this works; I didn't see any buttons. Just curious.
As far as the parcel shelf goes, again, I just have the Prius to go on, but it is almost like a slide projector screen or a window blind in that it rolls away. In the pictures, the shelf seemed rigid. If that is the case, will it fit on the trunk floor, or if not in use, does it need to be stored outside the car? If this is the case, I'm thinking the frunk alone for any concealed items.

jerry3 | 11 juin 2012

The last pictures I saw showed the second row seats folded flat. The third row folds flat into the well. But we won't know for sure until we see the production cars.

For $250, I'll conceal any packages in the frunk. Most of the option prices I don't really have a problem with (other than to wish they were less :-) but that one I do.

h8young | 11 juin 2012

The parcel shelf on the Red Performance Beta that I saw at Fashion Island was more like a foldable board that you can fold flat (imagine a Monopoly game board). It is not permanently attached or secured to anything. You simply unfold it and place it on top of the shelf to cover your belongings in the trunk and to put it away you just fold it up and lay it on trunk floor.

Jason S | 11 juin 2012

I imagine there will be plenty of Signature series to get actual in the field samples before production must make a decision.

That said, I've seen it as 1) substantial (can put stuff on it if you want), 2) same color as the leather, 3) fold-able.

I don't know if I would've bought one if it was an option (I'm getting the Sig) but it seems reasonably nice overall.

ddruz | 11 juin 2012

h8young or anyone who has seen it in a beta: which way does the parcel shelf fold (side to side or back to front) and how many folds in it? Thanks!

Jason S, are we sure it is the same color as the leather or is it the same color as the headliner, slightly off white, which is close to the color of the Sig white leather? Thanks!

h8young | 11 juin 2012

I want to say that the parcel shelf folds into one-thirds rather than one-half but can't remember 100% and I do believe it folds front to back.

ronalddhing | 11 juin 2012
BYT | 11 juin 2012

Not a total one handed unfold but does tuck away very nicely!

phb | 11 juin 2012

Looks pretty slick to me!

bsimoes | 12 juin 2012

The video is really slick, but I was wondering about the 2nd row of seats not the third row. It is confusing as to how to label them. "Back seat" doesn't quite do it either! In one picture, it looked like they stuck up about 4-5 inches. I'm just wondering because even though this is a luxury car it will still have to function as a workhorse carting things about. I'll manage either way, I'm sure!