Parts for collision repair not readily available

Parts for collision repair not readily available

So, I a deer ran into the side of my Tesla (VIN: PO5989) and did $3500 damage. The car has been sitting at Criswell body shop and was 99% completed after the first week. Problem now is that the required rear bumper bracket is not readily available so the car has been sitting for three weeks waiting on Tesla to send them the part. Tesla Service center in Rockville has been trying to get me a status, but they do not know for sure and have not been returning my calls. The body shop, which was was recommended by Tesla, has been told nothing on when to expect the part.

Anyway, I am at my wits end and wondering if anyone can recommend a POC at Tesla to get this issue resolved. Basically have the part fedex'd to my body shop.

So, if you need body work done, be sure you know the parts availability before you take your Tesla in for work. This is definitely not the fun side of owning a Tesla.

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negarholger | 18 avril 2013

Gator - same here. Had an intermittent problem with the air bag. Service took a week to find the problem ( that is fine ) but then it took 2 weeks to find a replacement air bag. Kind of hillarious, because the factory is across the bay and they should have plenty of parts.
But this not only Tesla... anytime when you take a new model from any company. My last ICE I got 3 months after introduction and it had a problem with the drivers side window switch... it took so long to find a replacement that I changed my habbit to use the drive thru ATM... 12 years later I am still walking to the ATM.