Personal Tesla Specialist

Personal Tesla Specialist

I've read where people contact their own personal Tesla rep to check on their order. At what point is this person assigned? Do they contact you via email or phone?

earlyretirement | 1 août 2013

Mine contacted me about 2 weeks after placing the order. He called me to confirm everything and emailed me as well. He actually called me and we scheduled the pick up date.

wolfpet | 1 août 2013

I was introduced by the sales person via email next day after ordering, but I understand that it's normally done 2-3 weeks prior to the delivery.

Renegade | 1 août 2013

I finalized my order on Sun., 28 July and I got an e-mail from my sales person yesterday, 31 July if that helps.

I'm sure if you call the corporate office and ask you'll find out.

ironmikeii | 1 août 2013

I was contacted via e-mail about three weeks before scheduled delivery date with a significant checklist. Very helpful on many fronts. Now let's see if the car is delivered as promised on August 17th???

Sailor | 1 août 2013

Getting delivery on Thursday the 8th.
Delivery specialist made first contact on July 16