Power Folding Mirrors added to Tech Pkg

Power Folding Mirrors added to Tech Pkg

Powered mirrors added to Tech Pkg. Was $3500 now $3750. If you want it, call ASAP to get it added to your build. If your MS isn't already on the production line you may be able to squeeze it in.

ecarfan | 18 octobre 2013
s.schan2 | 18 octobre 2013

Whoops. Sorry about the duplicate posting!!

Brian H | 18 octobre 2013

They are not power folding. They power tilt for parking.

Gizmotoy | 18 octobre 2013

@BrianH: They are indeed power folding, now.

wmg | 18 octobre 2013

That wouldn't be new. Mine tilt in reverse.

Brian H | 18 octobre 2013

I wonder how they did it. Fancy hinges and levers and cables, I guess.

teslamaniac | 18 octobre 2013

Can you retrofit? I would love to have this feature on mine!

chrisdl | 19 octobre 2013

They simply put an additional motor in the mirror. It's quite a simple solution, just like most solutions from Tesla. The stem has nothing to do with it.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2013

The original "reason why not" was that the motor would thicken the stem and increase drag.

Gizmotoy | 19 octobre 2013

Which doesn't make an sense as an excuse, because you can just put the motor in the mirror housing like most other automakers. Was that actually an official response from Tesla? Couldn't have been...

petochok | 19 octobre 2013

"The original "reason why not" was that the motor would thicken the stem and increase drag."

Even if it were, it obviously wasn't the real reason. They were R&D time constrained and releasing the car a soon as possible was a priority.
I really wish people would realize that this will continue to happen. Additional features will continue to be released on an ongoing basis. Tesla obviously chose to keep adding features on the fly throughout the the model year production run. Since there are no true model year designations, they are open to make changes to the design and adjust pricing accordingly anytime they please. This is good because they can increase their margins as a result immediately instead of having to wait until the following production year to offer additional features.

Gizmotoy | 19 octobre 2013

@ TSLAholic: It's a great way to do things as a small automaker.

It's going to make buying a used Model S with the options you want hell, though. Such as:

This one has Tech, but textile seats: Is it early enough that it lacks memory seats because they're not leather, or was it from after that feature was added to the tech package? Etc. | 19 octobre 2013

One reason I thought it might not be possible to make the folding mirrors is multiple antennas are located in the mirror housing, along with the motors for the mirror adjustments and wiring for the mirror heater. The space behind the mirror was already rather packed in, so I'm actually quite surprised they could squeeze the extra motor for the folding operation. An impressive bit of engineering and I suspect not something that was easy to do.

NomoDinos | 19 octobre 2013

Making complicated things seem simple, that's a beautiful thing!

petochok | 19 octobre 2013


Unfortunately, most manufacturers aim to please new car buyers vs. used car buyers. Such is reality.
I guess those in the preowned market could benefit from VIN range detail knowledge.
But I agree about the complexity of things. When shopping for my last car, all I needed to see was either the front of the car to check for the adaptive cruise sensor or the rear for the backup camera (both part of tech package requiring every other package I was interested in) in addition to the exterior and interior colors to know the car I'm looking at has all the features I want and nothing I don't.

Flyshacker | 19 octobre 2013

From the reactions to missing out with power mirrors, I hate to imagine the reaction if TM releases a new option for a Model S 110 (with another 25 KWh bigger battery like the jump from 60 to 85). The price of being an early adopter is you get to enjoy an innovative car and all the celebrity before everyone else, but you miss all the inevitable new features that come after. Just a trade off.

Brian H | 19 octobre 2013

Yeah, being firstest with the mostest only lasts so long. Gen II ups the ante.

robby81 | 20 octobre 2013

@Flyshacker. I can just imagine something like that happening, when the newer higher density cells come to market.

A Model S with around 100 Kwh, combined with a fully built out Supercharger network, maybe some other engineering efficiencies worked in there, a couple of carbon fibre parts just for good measure. Now we're talking...

Carefree | 20 octobre 2013

I actually don't miss any of the new features, incl. parking sensors or folding mirrors. As one of the earlier adopters we got our fully decked P85 at a much, much lower price than anyone ordering the car today and we had 6 more months of pure joy:-)

chrisdl | 20 octobre 2013

Adding the power folding mirrors likely was not rocket science (*wink*). Even with the antenna's in the mirror, there's plenty of room to replace the hinge by a motorized hinge. The modern mirror motors are very unobtrusive.

This is how an MS's passenger's side mirror looks like on the inside (without power folding):

And this is an example of a fairly new folding motor which clasps around the hinge (BMW mirror):

I don't know where the story about the stem not being thick enough comes from. Folding motors are always located inside of the mirror.