Proximity sensors on falcon wings?

Proximity sensors on falcon wings?

Just wondering that such proximity sensors to stop the motorized opening of the wings, would make much sense in close parking spost ans low ceiling garages...

modelx2015 | 9 juillet 2014

they better have a sensor because there is no way they will open all the way up in my garage. From the picture I saw with them extended all the way I think most garages will not accommodate that.

NumberOne | 9 juillet 2014

On the Reveal video, there was a picture of a roadster in Elon's garage as well as a picture of a Model X. The same garage that is in the picture on the Model X page. If you have ever stood next to a roadster, you will know how small they are, and the Model X was not as much taller in the garage as you might have expected. I plan on getting the active air suspension for many reasons, but most importantly for parking, because the car can be lowered. This is really a case where every inch will count.

The whole point if the proximity sensors is to stop the door from hitting something, so it would absolutely make sense where space is an issue. With parking sensors, there is a beep so that the entire car can be stopped. With the sensors on the doors, the beeps are not needed. The doors will simply stop when encountering an obstacle. I will be taking some precautions with foam when I use mine for the first time.

Red Sage ca us | 9 juillet 2014

Elon Musk mentioned the sensors during the Model X Reveal Video.

rmoy88 | 9 juillet 2014

There should be sensors on the doors senses the space for the doors to be opening out and up.
I would think the model X would be garageable in regular house garage size.

gfb107 | 9 juillet 2014

As Elon stated in the unveiling, the falcon-wing doors require no more vertical space than the rear hatch on most SUVs. If you have room to open the rear hatch on your current SUV, you'll have room to open the falcon-wing doors.

The Model X is definitely not as tall as most SUVs.

Tedsla | 9 juillet 2014

I remember this question being asked and answered at the Stockholder's meeting. Elon said there were pinch strips to protect fingers and proximity sensors to protect objects from the doors. I expect the doors will have user settable height settings like the rear hatch on the S. So you could then set the doors for heights you want in your garage.