Public Charging Station Grants Still Available?

Public Charging Station Grants Still Available?

I am a proud Model S owner in NC. Aside from the recent simple-minded, self-serving legislators in our state who are currently trying to ban TM sales, the state is filled with many wonderful people. Some of these folks work at Bald Head Island--one of the finest vacation spots in the US.

I have had a vacation home on the island (no cars on the island and only accessible by ferry) for over 10 years. When considering the purchase of my Model S two and a half years ago, I knew one of my obstacles would be charging in the parking lot while on island so I could make the 180 miles drive home after visiting the island. The folks at the BHI Transportation company came through in grand style earlier this year by designating four spots as green (they have even painted the lines green) for EV charging. So far, they have only installed 50 AMP plugs for my use. But, they need to progress to J1772 plugs for other (non-TM) cars that want to charge too.

The folks who have been so helpful (and enabling) for me have asked for my help on researching any remaining federal or state grant money they might use to complete their project. I have started my research, but could think of no better place than this forum to ask for help on this topic.

Does anyone have suggestions?

choots.humphries | 21 mai 2013

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

akikiki | 21 mai 2013

Starting point to begin your search, Dept of Energy Alternative Fuels web at:
Best of luck to you.

choots.humphries | 21 mai 2013


colopy | 28 juillet 2013

I'm going to Bald Head in a few weeks and would like to drive the Tesla. Where are the charging stations? Are they are the Deep Point Marina? Thanks.