Putting the Sport back in SUV

Putting the Sport back in SUV

I would really like to get a cool electric SUV, preferably a Tesla. I had a series of BMWs X5s before they became too large and currently have been driving X3s - and Land Rovers before that. One big issue I have with all SUVs these days is that the "sport" part of the equation seems sorely lacking. I use my car on the weekends (New Yorker here) and the last thing I want is a car filled with plush carpets, delicate upholstery or the kind of feeling that it is too delicate to mess up. I haul gear around (including kayaks, to join the chorus of falcon door skeptics) and there are times when you need to jump in the car dirty after a day outside. Can't there be a package or option for people who want an Eco-friendly, high performance vehicle that reflects an active sporting lifestyle rather than a suburban luxury minivan? A third row of seating is of no use, but the ability to pack a weekend's worth of gear is important, as is an interior that can be cleaned and is tough enough to stand up to wet shoes and dirty equipment. Think about it - there is a whole segment out there looking to actually get out into nature, and do so without fossil fuels. Too much of what I see seems to ignore the SPORT part of SUV.

ian | 6 mars 2013

Sounds to me like an S would fit the bill for you. No?

You can put a rack on the roof. There is lots of room to put stuff in both the frunk and the trunk. There is more storage room in the S than any X3 or other small SUV. If you don't get the Performance model you can get textile seating (rather than leather). Get some rubber floor mats and you're good to go!

The X is going to be even bigger than the S, which is quite large if you haven't seen it already.

I could see them doing a smaller SUV on the next chassis they build for the Gen 3 but that's not going to happen for quite some time.


Target | 7 mars 2013

A four door sedan does not allow the ability to move around anything large, so that is not an option. Frequently one needs interior height to fit a larger item, so a trunk won't cut it.

I also doubt it does very well on dirt roads, etc. It is a great looking car, but not appropriate for the country.

patientv | 27 juillet 2013

I take offense to the minivan / third row seat comment... (wink) Kids are a CONSTANT mess and kids plus equipment need even MORE room. So I agree that an easy to clean vehicle whose designer interior isn't easily knicked,rippedor ruined is ESSENTIAL. My minivan is a workhorse!!! So the option to fold seats flat in various platforms is key... It's not easy to fit sleds, bikes, board's and bags, plus all the kids comfortable AND safe! Being able to shift seats or fold them flat works for the "Sporty" guy/girl and the active family. A car full of kids Sandy from the beach or covered in mud/snow from a sledding adventure plus all that geer has to go somewhere.

I am constantly folding down a seat in row three and pushing a board through to row two, then loading geer and organizing access to the cooler so child 2 can get a cold drink during the drive while child 3 isn't awoken by a full collapse of luggage. minivans seem like this easy comfortable ride but mine goes through the ringer! Candy wrappers in seat pockets, spilled drinks, dirty foot prints, little soldier guys stuck between the cushions, and that's just my husband. (Kidding) So It's very important there's a S in this model X or better yet a R...for Rugged...The model XR

Brian H | 27 juillet 2013


Yes, kid-proofing. Is the Model X up to it?