Question about So Cal Edison Solar net metering

Question about So Cal Edison Solar net metering

I've had the model S for a year now, and I'm finally getting around to having Solar City install panels on my roof. I'm on the Home & Electric Vehicle Plan (TOU-D-TEV) plan. Solar City says that you sell back to SCE based on the rate at the time you have a surplus. However, I am having trouble finding the exact rates at which they buy the electricity back.

For example, during on-peak when I am likely to have a surplus, do they buy the electricity at the tier 1 rate? Do they buy it at the tier 1 rate until you hit the 130% threshold for the month? for the day? And then anything above that, they pay the tier 2 rate? In practice, do you often get to sell tier 2 electricity?

Thanks for any help!

tezzla.SoCal | 13 mars 2014

They buy back at your current tier rate.

As long as you're in tier 1, they buy back at these rates
When you reach tier 2, they will buy back at tier 2 rates

This means, you want to get into the higher tiers now.