Resale value for 19" Primacy Tires

Resale value for 19" Primacy Tires

Hey guys I'm looking to sell my 19" Michelin Primacy with 3,400 miles on them and I haven't gotten any bites on them yet. I was asking $700 for all four. What are they worth?

buickguy | 17 juillet 2014

Probably around $500. I presume you are selling them without the wheels.

Suprkar | 19 juillet 2014

Where are you located I might be interested.

michael | 20 juillet 2014

If you're anywhere near LA - I'm interested ASAP. Need to replace a tire now...

PaceyWhitter | 20 juillet 2014

1k new from TireRack. 700 doesn't sound unreasonable, but if you are not getting bites, you might want to lower a bit.

Darth Fedor | 20 juillet 2014

I'm in Montreal fellas for those asking. I'm actually at $600 now. Got a call from a guy 3 hours away. Still mulling it over

ralsagoff | 22 juillet 2014

@dartfedor: Does it include the rims and what OEM rims do you have? Where are you located? How about posting some pics?

Darth Fedor | 23 juillet 2014

Just the tires I'm afraid, and I'm in Montreal Canada. you can email directly: for me to send pics or even Skype to see em live.