Roadster 3.0 upgrade and Signature edition

Roadster 3.0 upgrade and Signature edition

I'm about to buy a Roadster (used ofcourse, as Tesla doesn't make them anymore) but I was wondering about one thing.
I have asked in a few places but I never seem to get a decent answer to it.

The Roadster I would like to buy is a 2009 Signature edition, on of the first in Europe.
The specs of that series seem to be significantly different from the later (fi. 2.5) versions,fi it only has 185kw where a 2.5 has 215kw.

I was wondering if anyone knows if the 3.0 Upgrade will be available for / applicable to the Signatures and what will it do to their specs?

Any input would be very much appreciated.


Lars1 | 15 février 2015

There is no such difference, could be that the 2.5 you are looking at is a sport-version.

martin.welzl | 12 mars 2015

Hey, i think the upgrade is applicable for any version of it, some changes i found:

The Tesla Roadster 3.0 is actually just an upgrade to the current 2.500 Tesla Roadsters out there.

The big range increase is a combination of a more energy dense battery at the same size. (16kwh increase), more aerodynamic body kit (10+ % better aero) and lower rolling resistance tires. They're planning to demonstrate whts possible with one charge with a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles without recharging the batteries.


bent | 20 mars 2015

I wonder if 3.0 will be supercharger compatible.

ScoobyDoo | 20 mars 2015

3.0 roadster upgrade will not be SC compatible.

Brian H | 24 mars 2015

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knahra1 | 21 mai 2015

To my knowledge, the 3.0 upgrade will only be available on the 2.5 roadster.
.... although I'm anxiously awaiting an update on the roll-out of the 3.0 upgrade.

- KN

knahra1 | 22 mai 2015

UPDATE: projected to be available in August, according to Musk's twitter.

the bonnie | 24 juin 2015

The expectation is that the upgrade is for ALL Roadsters, not just 2.5s. Tesla has never indicated otherwise.

daniel.friederich | 11 novembre 2015

Meanwhile Roadster 1.5 is upgradeable to 3.0 too
I won't do mine 1.5 until the original battery is really gone bad....

eric.zucker | 25 février 2016

Any progress / news about the upgrade rollout? I'm not in a hurry, just would like to know if it's actually going to happen. Any been upgraded yet?

AEdennis | 26 février 2016

Look at the pictures on the eBay listing for a 3.0 upgraded car...

alt=308 miles on VDS>

Tonyespiritu | 1 mai 2016

Do you think the vehicle sold on eBay was really upgraded as the letter and printout at the botom of the listing suggests? Has anyone heard of any other 3.0 upgrades being completed? The manager at my local Tesla dealership did not believe that any roadsters had been upgraded anywhere.

AEdennis | 17 mai 2016

@Tonyespiritu... there have been several Roadsters upgraded to 3.0.