Rotation of tires.

Rotation of tires.

5500 miles on our s. Anyone out there that has rotated the tires yet? and did you take it to Tesla or tire shop ?

olanmills | 17 avril 2013

Any garage can do it, but if you bought (or plan to buy) the Tesla Service Plan, be aware that tire rotation is included:

The regularly scheduled maintenance inspections shall include the following (subject to change by Tesla
at any time and without notice, in its sole discretion):
• Vehicle inspection;
• Replacement or repair at the time of inspection of normal maintenance items and wear and tear
parts, excluding the Battery and tires;
• Wheel alignment*; and
• Tire rotation*.


jat | 17 avril 2013

I was told that tire rotation was included in the annual service, but the mid-year rotation was not.

Robert22 | 21 avril 2013

Is it true that they hold the tires in place and rotate the car?

Brian H | 23 avril 2013
Robert22 | 23 avril 2013

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prytog | 23 avril 2013

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Brian H | 24 avril 2013

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Robert22 | 24 avril 2013

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Brian H | 25 avril 2013

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info | 25 avril 2013

It had always been my practice to rotate tires every other oil change or 6,000 miles. When I started using Mobil 1, I started changing oil every 10,000 miles and rotating at 5,000. I think it's good to do it at this interval for a couple of reasons. First, the tire wear on fronts and rears is different and you prolong the tire life. Second, if there is an alignment/suspension problem, your tire guy will know by the wear pattern and may be able to correct it early, again prolonging tire life. And maybe most importantly, all the safety equipment on the car may not be able to save you if you have a blow-out on a front tire while doing 70 mph. The more attention you pay to the contact points (tires) the less likely you are to have a bad day. I have 6,000 miles on my car and will have my tires rotated on Sunday.

I asked the Tesla Service man about rotation and he said at 12,000. I respect his opinion but I think he's wrong

jandkw | 25 avril 2013

@info@richardpol, I agree with you. Tires require rotation every 5K-6K miles or twice a year, not once a year. I'm not sure why Tesla Service recommends every 12K for rotation (save them labor for sure). After all, the 19" All Season Goodyear tires on my MS are just the average tires. I purchased all of my replacement tires from Discount Tires with hazard insurance and life time rotations. This is what I plan to purchase for my next set of tires, Michelin not Goodyear.

rkang | 25 avril 2013

I had the service center in Queens, NY rotate my tires when I had about 3,500 miles on the car.
I think the recommended interval for most cars is every 5K miles.

Epley | 25 avril 2013

So who are you all using to rotate at mid-year?

GeekEV | 25 avril 2013

FYI, when I had some tire work done at a tire shop, they didn't have info in their system for the Tesla Model S so they were unsure of the proper lug nut torque to use. Their system said 70 ft/lb for a Roadster so they were going to run with that. But I called Tesla Service and found out the proper torque is 130 ft/lb...

bostoncde | 1 mai 2013

Boston service center suggested every 5k miles and said they would do it.

bp | 3 mai 2013

Was told by Tesla call center that the 6K tire rotation & balance was included in the service plan - and would probably not be included in the a la carte annual service.

rd2 | 3 mai 2013

I just had my tires rotated and balanced yesterday. They did it for free ('Goodwill') because there wasn't a clear pricing structure for it yet. But the implication was that there will be a charge soon. So I would take it in now if you haven't already!

Also, I'm not signed up for the service plan, and will be doing annual $600 services. Menlo Park team was not sure how that would work: would mid-year rotations be covered with just an annual service if you haven't paid yet? Or would the $600 cover that service and the FOLLOWING year's tire rotations? They are going to have more clarity on this specific question next week.

One way to do it is to have owners pay the $600 at the mid-year rotation, but delay the actual servicing (obviously included in that payment) to the end of the year if you are getting the 'annual' service plan.

horst | 4 mai 2013

Incredible! I never spent a thought about rotating tires very often for the last 25 years. Instead I looked for maximum life span for the tires. For safety reasons, you should have more profile depth on the front tires than on the back. Aquaplaning always starts at the front axle.

I always keep the tires in place, until I reach app 50% wear on the rear axle. Then I switch front to rear but never rotate. This is most important in terms of safety.

Then I run the tires until I reach the legal limit on the rear axle in Germany. Which is 1.6 mm. At that point I still have an additional mm left on the front axle for safety.

jrabena | 5 mai 2013

I don't know what you guys r talking about. My tire rotate while driving.

billbaggy | 5 mai 2013

I have just over 8000 miles, brought my MS to Tesla for tire rotation this past week. No Charge, plus I finally got my front mats, and as a bonus, got rear mat too!

pencil2man | 5 mai 2013

I just had a ranger visit for a few items and I asked about rotation. His suggestion was to rotate every 4,000 miles and to xcross the back to the front and slide the front back. This means REAR RIGHT TO FRONT LEFT, REAR LEFT TO FRONT RIGHT, THEN FRONTS GO TO THEIR SAME SIDE ON THE BACK.

djm12 | 5 mai 2013

If you have 21", you may need to rotate more frequently. Tesla recommends just the annual service for the 19s.

rodhoffman | 5 mai 2013

NO! The Goodyear tires are DIRECTIONAL. Just look at the tread patterns. It is front to back only.

rwang | 17 mai 2013

This is ridiculous. the tires don't last more than 8000 miles how in the heck can you rotate very 12000?