Saddle Leather option: vote here!

Saddle Leather option: vote here!

Model S needs a "saddle" brown leather upholstery option. It would be my first choice, by a long margin, over the tepid tan, lifeless gray, or thigh-burning black. Let's send a message to Tesla here; if you share my view, please vote here.

If you want to "see" what saddle looks like, check the Roadster Design Studio; select Interior/Executive Package, and then click Saddle for the Primary and Accent colors.

Jason S | 21 janvier 2012

Since I'm currently thinking performance version, I chose the Exec + Carbon Fiber version and...

I really like the beige + saddle version. Either combo. Although saddle + black is very attractive too.

Gray + black looks ok and I prefer the Rally versions of those for matching the carbon fiber. However the saddle color brightens the palette nicely for those too.

petero | 21 janvier 2012

I vote yes for saddle.

Dear Tesla,

If I can't purchase the saddle leather from TM I will order the cloth interior and payn a local shop to recover the seats. I would prefer to give you my $1,500.

Thank you,

stephen.kamichik | 21 janvier 2012

I agree with Jason S. If chocolate brown is available as an interior color, I would choose it. As it is, my car will most likely be black with tan interior.

petero | 21 janvier 2012

P.S. The tan color I saw in Fremont was very ordinary and did nothing to excite me, same with the grey.

Larry Chanin | 21 janvier 2012

Hi Robert,

A saddle brown leather upholstery option would probably be my top choice as well.


ThomasN | 21 janvier 2012


adstein | 21 janvier 2012

+1 for saddle brown

Peter Spirgel | 21 janvier 2012

+1 for saddle brown for my sig!

phb | 21 janvier 2012

That would be lovely! I think that it would go great with my green performance model.

dborn | 21 janvier 2012

+1 would look good with Shasta white or red!

Charged_Up | 21 janvier 2012

i've been asking for this for a while as well...any deeper brown, but not light tan! My alternative (but a poor second choice in south Florida) is black...

Larry Chanin | 21 janvier 2012

My alternative (but a poor second choice in south Florida) is black...

Well, if Robert's thigh-burning black doesn't do it for you, how about his lifeless gray. ;-)

Seriously, even though we also live in Florida so far we've narrowed it down to black or grey. My wife's convertible has a grey suede seat and back with black leather trim, that works for her both from an aethetic and comfort point of view.

With the Model S being able to precondition the cabin perhaps these dark colors will be less problematic than in conventional cars.


Mark K | 21 janvier 2012

Given that Tesla effectively builds to order (90 day confirmation), the classic inventory headaches from too many flavors don't exist here.

There's no NHTSA or engineering issues with leather color, so why not make folks happy?

Seems like an easy win to stoke the faithful.

vouteb | 21 janvier 2012


clea | 21 janvier 2012


mlascano | 21 janvier 2012

+1 for saddle brown. Please make us happy Tesla.

JohnQ | 21 janvier 2012

I smell an opportunity for Tesla to offer an executive leather option in order for folks to get saddle brown. Gotta keep those margins over 25% ;-)

Soflauthor | 21 janvier 2012

Absolutely agree. Saddle interior is rich, beautiful and practical. It is something TM should offer in that it will not a affect margins, nor will it impact labor and have only minor impact on inventory.

Please ... Pretty puleeze ... TM ... This is something you can give Sig owners that's easy and will have no real affect on bottom line. It can also be provided as an option for others. Do it!!

David M. | 21 janvier 2012


Then, every time I open the door to my Model S and look inside, I will have a stupid grin, and forget about how much money I just spent.

Oh yeah, I said it once already.

morera_r | 21 janvier 2012

Would love to have it

My5bAby | 21 janvier 2012

Sadle, sadle, sadle, sadle leather brown, make it available for everyone.

Easy way to improve the interior of the Model S



My5bAby | 21 janvier 2012

Sorry for the type O, I meant saddle. I just agree so strongly I typed quickly on my iPad without proof reading.

Dennisf | 22 janvier 2012

Saddle leather with a black or dark grey car would be my favorite combo. And if possible with extensive saddle leather covering the dash and top parts of the doors. Porsche offers this on their Cayenne and it looks gorgeous.

So Saddle get's my vote over every other interior color..

haansberger | 22 janvier 2012

Saddle up !

erik | 22 janvier 2012

Haha, +1 for the saddle leather for sure...but, i can imagine that they've pre-ordered a certain amount of leather in black, grey and tan. What if, given the option, 50-70% of buyers choose saddle? They'll be stuck with half a warehouse of unfavorably coloured cowskin.

Soflauthor | 22 janvier 2012

@erik: Although what you suggest is possible, I have to believe that TM is doing a better job at supply chain management than that. We're still almost 6 months from production. Any tentative order for leather colors can certainly be modified at this stage.

Tesla -- there is substantial demand for saddle leather. Please do the right thing and provide saddle as a color option. In addition to making reservation holders happy, you'll provide more configuration variety for Sig holders who current have VERY limited options. Add it as an option for P holders and you hit a home run, even if the final interior design is less than stellar. Thx.

P.S. I'm sending a formal request to my TM customer rep today. I strongly urge each of you to do the same.

Dennisf | 22 janvier 2012

Offering an extra leather color is not a big change.. I'm going to urge my customer advocate to send our wish to Tesla HQ..

stephen.kamichik | 22 janvier 2012

I already sent my consumer advocate an email regarding this matter.

tnawara | 22 janvier 2012

+1 Great suggestion. Saddle brown leather would top my list for the interior.

Muskoka | 22 janvier 2012

+1 saddle brown would be my choice as well!

dborn | 22 janvier 2012

Have just written my customer advocate. I guess all should do it! I also suggested that they should monitor the forums if they don't already do it. The more direct letters they get, the better. | 22 janvier 2012

+1. I would love to see saddle brown leather too. I don't love black, tan nor gray. I think brown would look much more rich.

Max Mindel

Soflauthor | 23 janvier 2012

@Max: I agree that tan and gray are blah. Black is nice, but many of us in hot climates avoid the color as an interior.

Since you have a website dedicated to TM, why not write a brief editorial at asking Tesla to be responsive to this request? The more voices (both direct and indirect), the more likely TM will give us saddle leather. In actuality, it's a absolute no brainer for TM. I just hope they act on it sooner, rather than later.

EdG | 23 janvier 2012

I'm all for more choices, so even if I don't yet know what color(s) I'd like, I'd rather have a larger selection than what is showing so far.

Apparently, Tesla thought so, too, with the Roadster. The number of combinations of Roadster colors available is very nice. I hope TM didn't come away with the notion that all those choices made things worse in any way. Perhaps they still have room to change things around when they update the design studio.

SD in the OC | 23 janvier 2012

A Big +1 for Saddle Leather. I prefer not to get black but it's the only other option in my opinion.

Brian H | 23 janvier 2012

At least everyone who doesn't like black isn't going bananas!


dborn | 23 janvier 2012

Reply from from my customer advocate. I am in Australia.

"Thank you for your mail and your suggestion of saddle colored leather.
We do understand it is mentioned in the forum, but as for today, the color we have announced is the final interior colors we will be offering in the US.  Since Australia cars will be another year and a half out, there may be some changes in the options, but these colors were carefully chosen by our designers after significant consideration and testing.  "

Charged_Up | 24 janvier 2012

dborn -

tell your advocate they didn't test with the people who are actually buying the car - that's a pretty annoying response...

dhawan | 24 janvier 2012


David M. | 24 janvier 2012

I got the same response. Too bad nobody surveyed the customers. Nobody wants a black interior in hot climates. Tan and grey are blah.

Robert.Boston | 25 janvier 2012

My advocate actually called me (he was waiting for his Prius to be done at the shop....). His feedback was a little softer, that the three colors were definitely the only initial colors, and they'll add additional interior options only after they have solid experience with these four.

I was disappointed that the DC store doesn't have the Model S color palette, even though it does have the Model S "skateboard" on the floor.

Notwithstanding this initial response, we should still voice our individual and collective opinions and seek change. I can see that adding or swapping a paint color would be challenging; there's some complexity in getting each paint color to look "just so" on the car. Leather is leather, though, and working with one color or another is no harder or easier, nor does it require a significant incremental investment.

Soflauthor | 25 janvier 2012

@R.B: If your advocate's feedback is accurate, that's very disappointing news. I've emailed TM but have not as yet rec'd a reply. I'm visiting the Dania Beach store tomorrow, so I'll ping yet again.

I also cannot understand why TM takes an unyielding position on leather colors. It's pretty obvious many reservation holders would like saddle; it's not an extreme color and will, I think, be very popular. As you state, there's no real incremental cost in providing it. I completely understand the need to limit options or configuration variations that would reduce margins, but saddle leather would not increase TM's costs and would provide more than a few customers with what they want.

jpbrewer | 25 janvier 2012

I vote yes on the saddle leather. It is the only thing that goes with the brown exterior.

jandkw | 25 janvier 2012

Saddle for me as well. BMW offers this color and it looks great. TSLA, please do what the customers want.

stephen.kamichik | 25 janvier 2012

TM is probably getting a great deal on the colours that they are offering.

dborn | 25 janvier 2012

I still think it is worth everyone writing in. We will get the same stonewall, but hopefully they will get the message that there is a demand.

petero | 27 janvier 2012

stephen.kamichi. I doubt TM is getting a great deal on their black and 2 other lame colors (grey & tan). Until they ramp up production, they will not enjoy any economy of scale. If anything, they are keeping it simple. For the next year plus TM will be a made to order car manufacturer with a 3 month lead time. This is plenty of time to bring other leather choices.

Who knows, TM might even get some other tire companies involved and offer choices.

JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH | 27 janvier 2012

Add another fan of saddle leather. If available it will be my choice.

Mycroft | 27 janvier 2012

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that they'll be introducing more interior colors when they come out with the "Muir Red" in 2013.

David M. | 27 janvier 2012

Tesla has already checked the "I'm done" box on the leather, so it's going to take a LOT more votes than this to make Tesla change their mind and add one more leather color for the Model S this summer. Keep 'em coming . .

Frankly, had they surveyed even a small percentage of the reservation holders, they would have known how popular "saddle leather" is a full year ago.