Secret Service has Opened Bidding for Next Presidential Limo

Secret Service has Opened Bidding for Next Presidential Limo

Hey there, I was going across and found out that the next Presidential Limo is up for bids. This means that whatever company where to get the honor, will pretty much help but will have one of there cars as the Limo. Now I know Tesla is spending a lot of money at the moment, trying to do many things; but the innovation of this company could be shown across the country in a single day. It would represent the future and small business/entrepreneurship for the country and to the world. There may be little chance, but it is something I believe that should be attempted. For Tesla has been known for doing the impossible, why not now?

For a more reliable source and a quick summary of the info, please take a look at the topic on Motortrend.

Brian H | 14 mars 2014


Bikezion | 14 mars 2014

Did you read the article? They eliminated Tesla already.

NumberOne | 14 mars 2014

The author of the article is the one who is disqualifying Tesla because the Model S is not big enough. It is possible for Tesla to build a unique Limo that is much larger but whether they care to involve themselves in such a project is another story. The goal is to make electric vehicles commonplace, and one presidential Limo would only serve as a distraction and would be a waste of valuable time.

Brian H. all your yawning made me sleepy.

Brian H | 14 mars 2014

Yawning is a reflex designed to give the brain a burst of oxygen. It should wake you up.