Snow on the roof

Snow on the roof

What happen if you got lots of snow ( Quebec / Canada) on the roof and you try to open the back door (falcon wings) ?
tks for the answaer

see the link as a exemple :

Vawlkus | 7 février 2013

you clean it off and go on your merry way. | 8 février 2013

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Blip | 9 février 2013

I sense a bit of a Californian denial on the fact that snow in the backseat might be impractical...
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Timo | 9 février 2013

If you don't want to have snow on the back seat then clean it off first.

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Eple | 9 février 2013

Often you will have ice on the roof as well (under the snow, due snow melting and then freezing..), that is not so easy to remove..

Tiebreaker | 9 février 2013

Just coming out of a Noreaster snowstorm:

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In New Jersey, if you drive with snow on the roof, you will get fined. If you cause an accident because of the snow on the roof, you are responsible for all damage. The law was enacted afrer a piece of ice flew off a truck and almost killed a police officer who was driving behind the truck.

Vawlkus | 11 février 2013

I don't know snow? Really?

Try again, this is overnight for me.

ArieK | 6 mars 2013

At the Tesla event in Oslo today someone asked Elon how the Model X dealt with snow on the roof. His answer was they hadn't exactly tested how it would behave. His advise was to brush it off before you leave. That drew quite a few laughs from the crowd in Norway in a positive way. Most people seemed to think that was the only logical way to deal with it.

jackhub | 8 mars 2013

On many mainstream cars, the upper part of the door extends 2-3 inches into the roof. It is normal practice to remove the snow before you open the door . . . unless you want snow in your seat!

davisu | 10 mars 2013

Yes, removing the snow before you go is the obvious solution.

The real issue is,
can the wing be opened with little effort from the inside with snow and ice on the door,?

And can the doors be opened without the ice damaging the doors?

As an after thought, if the doors get frozen shut,IE: water between the door seal and the door, how much force is required to open them.

Tesla, you better check this out dudes.

Go tesla Go.

ian | 10 mars 2013

The doors are motorized.

davisu | 11 mars 2013

So you get bumped (heaven forbid that it happens) and the battery disconnects but its ok because the doors are motorized so you just hit the icon and your away?

Not likely. There has to be a manual way out or i aint buying one and thats for sure.

Safety first damn it.

ian | 11 mars 2013

You asked about the effort to close or open with snow or ice on it, not about an emergency situation.

Of course there will be a manual way to open them. The S is one of the safest cars on the road, do you think they'll compromise on the X?

As for getting frozen shut, that's why you have an app on your phone that you can pre-heat the cabin. Done. Not frozen any more.

Vall | 11 mars 2013

What happens? You get snow on your back-seat, that's what. Choice is yours, do you want snow there or not? Having in mind that driving with snow is dangerous, not sure why anyone would choose the first option, but hey, if you want snow in your car, AS WELL as getting fined or causing an accident, by all means, go ahead and do it. Although the linked article says why you shouldn't drive with snow on the roof. In germany, the police can fine you for that. In case you are trapped inside due to malfunction or frozen doors, there should be a way to get out from the front doors, for example by having folding front seats. Nobody seemed to ask what happens if the doors of the SLS AMG are frozen or there is snow on the roof.

davisu | 11 mars 2013

A heater tape along the door seal would be a bit more efficient and much faster I think.

And since not every one has been duped into using cell phones, that might require a better idea as well.

Don't get me wrong though, I think the wings look cool. I'm just a bit dubious about them. I'd sooner see them as an option.

kristian.skogstroem | 11 mars 2013

A bigger issue is that you probably cannot use a skibox or put skies/bikes on the roof. This makes the Model X impractical when going on vacation with 3 kids++ and is the reason I hope Tesla skips the Falcon wings. I think it is very risky to go for that design. Go for normal doors and put rails on the roof!

Brian H | 12 mars 2013

Speaking of snow on the roof, how many owners have white hair? <9}

Kal-el | 12 mars 2013

@kristian.skogstroem : use the hitch

Vawlkus +5

@Brian H +1, I'm only 36 and have white hair

joshnd03 | 31 mars 2013

Thinking about ski/snowboard racks: Another option, one that would not cost much for Tesla in redesign costs, would be to add an option for a passenger side door panel that integrates a rack (which could be designed & sold as a proprietary product under the Tesla moniker). All they would have to do is replace one smooth gull panel with a more expensive panel that includes the mounting brackets. Ideally with a quick release system so that the owner could easily remove the rack when not in use. This wouldn't work for roof boxes, but in a vehicle this size you may not need those anyways.

In the panel, integrate a weight sensor to detect when you have skis/snowboards attached. That weight sensor would communicate with the car's computer to not allow the front passenger door to open without first automatically opening the passenger gull. This would still allow for use of the entire rear cabin through the driver side.

It would be a great add on value, one that people who enjoy winter sports (who tend to be more affluent) will readily pay. Heck, you could make it compatible with a surf board too for those of you near the beach.

It would also be wise to target that demographic. As baby boomers (the ones with the disposable income this vehicle is geared towards) retire, they are looking to get more, not less, active. This means surfing, skiing, biking, etc. Please don't alienate this demographic by excluding those who want more from life than to go from home to work and back and nothing else.

Sorry for the essay.

Brian H | 31 mars 2013

once upon a time a reported claim of a brilliant solution in the works at TM was made. But no details. It may resemble your ideas.

Silkefot | 4 avril 2013

Check the "Elon, please make the falcon doors optional" thread that covers this topic among others

joshnd03 | 7 avril 2013

Silkefot, maybe the people in that thread should check out this one!