software bugs

software bugs

I just got my new model s this past weekend and I have found a few software bugs that I am surprised have not been fixed yet. One is that I am unable to bookmark a webpage on the browser. I was able to successfully navigate to sites like Moviefon and Yelp but when I try to add them to my "favorites" by tapping on the heart+ it does not show up on my favorites list. Is anyone else having this problem?

The second bug I have noticed is with the day/night/auto on the display settings. I prefer the day setting on a low brightness rather then the car automatically changing to the dark night time setting. When I go to the settings screen I am able to easily change it from "auto" to "day" but the next time I am in the car it automatically reverts to auto again and changes the display to dark mode in the evening.

prash.saka | 20 février 2013

I think, for the second bug you mentioned, you need to save your choice in your user preferences. Then, based on which user preference you load, the appropriate settings will be used.

gary.greene | 20 février 2013

I am getting poor AM and FM radio reception. Talked to service person wbo said it is a software problem but no solution. Told to wait for next update
Anyone else experiencing this? I live in south OC California.

rsampsonjr | 20 février 2013

On web favorites, reboot the main console. I had the same problem, but the reboot took care of it.

KendallPB | 20 février 2013

Ditto on reboot fixing things. Walking me through the car, my DES noticed that history and/or favorite items (I forget which) weren't showing up, and took the opportunity to show me how to reboot. That fixed the history/favorite issue.

Brian H | 21 février 2013


amir | 21 février 2013

How do you reboot?

wbrown01 | 21 février 2013

The door handles don't alway come out when I press them, so I must use remote. Also the charge port does not always open when I press the button on the charge cord. The worst is once using the Supercharger in Delaware I could not pull it out and had to sit in the car and use "open charge port". Those ports on the Superchargers are very tight fitting.

wbrown01 | 21 février 2013

Yes, that's right on this car all problems go back to softwares. Nice thing is software can be updated remotely on a Tesla. Does anyone know what's in the next software update?

Brian H | 21 février 2013

holding down buttons on the steering wheel. Search "reboot" on .

tim | 25 février 2013

Definitely a "beta" product, although it's great. The fact Favorites don't save is a shockingly obvious bug.

rkang | 25 février 2013

I hate the AM reception in my car. Worse than any other car I've owned.
I listen to Bloomberg radio a lot here in the NJ/NY area. I've tried streaming it via my iphone and the Bloomberg app, but it's a hassle.
I hope they fix it soon. I hear the whining of the motor or some kind of interference during acceleration and regen.

Mliss | 25 février 2013


craig.tesla | 25 février 2013

Bloomberg Radio is on tunein -- can you listen to it that way instead?

Mel. | 26 février 2013

Rkang, what do you listen to on TuneIn? Is there a station on Am/fm that you cannot get on TuneIn?

mikeadams | 26 février 2013

Not sure if this is a bug or something I did... A few mins before I was to leave work, I pulled up the phone app to warm up the car. I noticed that it indicated the car was unlocked (suprisingly), so I locked it using my phone. After I drove home, I exited the car, closed the door and walked away and checked on my phone app later and it indicated the car was locked as I expected it should be. Not sure what happened at work and why it said it was unlocked.