Software Update 4.0 Received

Software Update 4.0 Received

Who has received the latest update? I was told that updates go out in batches to make sure if there are bugs that the fewest number of people possible have an issue, but I am getting really anxious with this update. I was just curious how many have gotten the update so far.

mkh1437 | 7 janvier 2013

The release notes should be accessible from within the car (once you have the 4.x update). If you touch the T (Tesla logo) icon at the top of the screen, it should bring up the About box, and the new 4.x update should have a link to release notes.

As for the version number cross-reference, you can view this thread:

portia | 8 janvier 2013

humpf, I still don't have the update to 4.x, had my car since Oct, and got one update a long time ago.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

?? All on hold, awaiting 4.2??

mkh1437 | 9 janvier 2013

Same here. I took delivery in Nov. Still running 1.15.14. In fact, I'm not sure I have ever received an OTA update.

StephRob | 9 janvier 2013

We got our car on Oct 30. Still have 1.15.14. Never have had a software update.

nickjhowe | 9 janvier 2013

Tesla Service two days ago said all OTA updates are on hold. No more updates being pushed until the 'post 4.1' release is available.

mkh1437 | 9 janvier 2013

Yes, that's it. You can see the firmware version numbers here:

There have apparently been several iterations of 4.1 so far.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

Updates and revisions, which a moment will reverse.

(apologies to T.S. Eliot)

portia | 28 janvier 2013

got v4.2(1.19.42) last night have not driven it yet!