Some notes from Norway Event.

Some notes from Norway Event.

Please add whatever I missed...

Elon took a lot of time for questions

Mennekes plug standard in EU
Support for 3 Fase, 32 A, 20kwh
Convertor for CHΛdeMO
Superchargers across whole of Europa, Norway first (3)
Europe gets new charger (to support above), more efficient

Tesla is working to safely increase speed of supercharger, currently 94 kWh, they expect/hope to get to 120 kWh

Small other changes in Europe
DAB Radio support
Slacker will come to Europa (if not in time they will find another provider)
Roaming plan for Europa at cost. Thetering also possible through Phone.

Side issues:
Sleep mode, will be reintroduced and expected 0.2% or so battery loss per DAY when not plugged in.
4WD, basically Elon was cautioned by George to think carefully about his answer, so he diverted.
Same on Additional options, folding mirrors etc.

More to follow...

jeroens | 6 mars 2013

oeps just saw others also added a lot of info to the Norway event thread.

see here:

lolachampcar | 6 mars 2013

Norway.... Glad to see you are getting some Tesla love. You deserve it!

jkirkebo | 6 mars 2013

Regarding sleep mode, the 0.2% must surely be per DAY, not per hour. 0.2% per hour is nearly 5% per day, totally unacceptable.

0.2% per hour would be a whopping ~170 watts continously.

jeroens | 6 mars 2013

Sorry you are right of course, per day (i'll edit it...)

Brian H | 6 mars 2013

There will be no roaming charge over the base rate. "Tesla will eat it."

Brian H | 6 mars 2013

The CHAdeMO adapter will piggyback on the mennekes one.

Salman | 6 mars 2013

Does that mean that this will be a Europe-specific solution for CHAdeMO, and doesn't bring us any closer to having a CHAdeMO adapter for the US market? (Pardon my ignorance, I'm unfamiliar with the Mennekes plug standard.)

Brian H | 6 mars 2013


Electron | 6 mars 2013

Forgive me, how does it piggyback? Are the mennekes plugs not AC?

jemartin | 6 mars 2013

I don't think the CHAdeMo is piggybacking on the mennekes plug. The Mennekes has 3 phase pins + neutral + some communication pin. The CHAdeMo is DC. I think Elon meant that the car will come with a Meennekes adaptor for the home (like ours do come with a nema 14-50), and with a CHAdeMo one for the road.

Joel N. Weber II | 6 mars 2013

In principle, it seems like Tesla could either supply a Mennekes -> US style Model S connector adaptor that has a rectifier in the external adaptor, or they could install a different plug on the car so that a three phase rectifier could be internal to the car. Was anything said that would unambiguously point to one approach or the other?

If using an external rectifier, there is also the question of whether the output of that rectifier will go through a US style charger module internal to the car to regulate the voltage to the battery, or whether the 3 phase external rectifier will simply feed a lower amperage version of Supercharger style DC into the car, with the external module regulating the voltage.

Alex K | 7 mars 2013

@Joel N. Weber II | MARCH 6, 2013: Was anything said that would unambiguously point to one approach or the other?

Elon did say that they have designed new 3-phase car chargers that are lighter and more efficient than the US car chargers. This would indicate to me that the car will take 3-phase directly, which would mean that they either have a Mennekes socket on the car or they will provide an adapter to go from 3-phase to their 3-phase car socket.

Brian H | 7 mars 2013

Posted elsewhere, but here GB says Mennekes will be "native" to Teslas in Europe:

jeroens | 7 mars 2013

Yes as they explained it Mennekes (like) connector on the car with same pin setting but adapted so they can use it for Supercharging (and CHAdeMO with convertor)

Flaninacupboard | 7 mars 2013

Very interesting, I -hope- that their superchargers end up with a mennekes plug on them, which will plug straight into other vehicles. Got a Tesla? You get 120kw DC. Got something else? Well you can have 70kw DC or 43kw AC as supported by the mennekes plug. Even a no SC single charger 60kwh Model S should get 10kw from this setup :)

Jolinar | 7 mars 2013

power of (super)charging is in kW not kWh - kWh is unit of battery capacity.

jkirkebo | 7 mars 2013

Oh, I can almost guarantee that the Tesla SuperChargers will not charge any other cars. It is free, remember ? They can most certainly detect the type of car via the communications protocol.

And we do not want 60kW cars with no SC capability tying up a SC for hours on charging at 10kW, so they will most certainly not support AC from the same charger.

The plug on the car will be Mennekes-compatible, but not manufactured by Mennekes. Tesla will make it themselves, with changes to accomodate fast enough SCing. Probably the pins support a deeper insertion so they can carry more current.

Jolinar | 7 mars 2013

+1 jkirkebo
free electricity from Tesla to BMW/Nissan/...? No way...

or maybe with fat license fee :-D

DouglasR | 7 mars 2013

Getting back to an earlier question, what conclusions can you draw regarding whether the CHAdeMO adapter will have any applicability in the U.S.?

glaserud | 7 mars 2013

If it's going to be used with a new EU-charger and a EU-specific plug, I would doubt it's compatibility with the US-spec Model S.

Brian H | 7 mars 2013

The general tone of GB's statements sounded positive, but ...

jat | 7 mars 2013

@DouglasR - highly unlikely that the same adapter will work with US cars. If they don't move some of the functionality into the car, they should be able to make a different one using the basic design but different connections. But overall I would say less likely than it was before this announcement.

stealth_mode | 7 mars 2013

I just hope the will come up with a similar sleek design like the US-connector.
the mennekes plug is quite bulky and the CHAdeMO even more.
I even doubt that a native Mennekes will even fit into the charging port behind the rear light...
we' ll see ...

Joel N. Weber II | 8 mars 2013

The SAE J-1772 is available in the AC only variant and in the quick charge combo plug variant, and the combo plug connector on a car can accept the original, more basic connector.

This leaves me wondering if Tesla might come up with a way to have the European Superchargers use the same exact connector found on the US Superchargers, but have some extra contacts on the European cars to accomodate the third phase for European AC charging, and the additional CHAdeMO signals.

The YouTube video I've seen showing an east coast Supercharger plug leaves me wondering if there's space within the existing shell for additional contacts.

The contact for the third phase can presumably be smaller than the contacts that seem to be engineered to be able to carry 300A at 400VDC.