St. Louis Service Station opening soon

St. Louis Service Station opening soon

I just went by the purported address of the new St. Louis Tesla service center. They are nearing completion and the construction guys told me they were targeting the 4th week of January, but it would definitely be open by early February. I saw the blueprints with a big Tesla symbol on the top and they gave me a quick tour of where everything is going to be. I am excited to know that they are definitely coming to St. Louis. Although the website has promised it, seeing is believing.

Brian H | 8 janvier 2013

Everything's up to date in Kansas City ... or thereabouts.

sandman | 8 janvier 2013

wow, that's awesome news. heard today that they've hired the Dallas service manager already but no location picked yet. he's mobile and out of his house so far.

dbbtex | 8 janvier 2013

The Dallas service location is settled and prep'd too. Its just north of 635-LBJ freeway, near the Galleria. I went by a few days ago and the logos are on the building, the lobby has Model S framed art, and equipment was being set up in the bays. Nice to see something concrete close to home!