Stability Control Disabled and Air Suspension Needs Service

Stability Control Disabled and Air Suspension Needs Service

I picked up my Model S 85 at the Fremont factory in mid-December and everything was well for the first week or so. Then these two warnings popped up on my screen and dash: 1) Stability Control Disabled 2) Air Suspension Needs Service. The car still seemed to drive fine and my manual changes to the air suspension while parked seemed to be as expected. I also upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1 software as it was pushed to me, but those warnings were still present. But it was now Christmas Eve, so I had to wait until the 27th to bring the car back to the Fremont Service Center. While I was there, I also had asked them to look at the chrome window trim on the driver side rear door which was misaligned with the rest of the trim as well as the hood, which had a significant gap with the front fascia when fully closed. A quick look at some of the cars coming off the factory line and getting tested at the service center showed that mine did have more of a gap.

After waiting 3 hours at the service center (watching a movie on my ipad), the techs and engineers weren't sure what was wrong to cause those 2 warnings, which was the first time any of them had seen those particular warnings. They wanted to keep the car for a few days, so they paid for an Enterprise rent a car, which I kept for 2 days only as I was leaving on vacation. Tesla would have covered a rental for the whole repair period had I wanted it. After about 3-4 days, it was discovered that a faulty YAW SENSOR was causing the service warning. That was replaced and the warnings are gone. I took BART to go retrieve my car and a courtesy shuttle was sent for me, although it was a bit disappointing that the driver just drove his own Ford F150 pickup. Everything was covered under warranty and my car was washed charged up to a standard charge for me. I did find that my homelink programming and my driver profiles were wiped out when I got my car back. My internet favorites were also gone. However, all my audio favorites and bluetooth pairings were still intact.

Overall, it was good experience with service and they were able to figure it out and repair it. It wasn't too much of an inconvenience as they provided the rental and i was out of town on vacation anyway.

jchangyy | 8 janvier 2013

thanks for sharing. I'm expecting mine with active susp. in Feb/March and concerned about problems and getting it fixed. I live in Santa Clara, which isn't too far from Freemont, but pain to get to....

JThompson | 8 janvier 2013

Jim2855: Thanks for sharing your experience! I especially liked the fact you provided a factual, non-emotional picture for us. I wish more folks would just tell the facts and keep the ranting and temper tantrums out of their posts!

My P85 has performed flawlessly in the week and a half since I picked it up, but it is good to read posts like yours in case I run into this type of issue with the car.

Brian H | 8 janvier 2013

Now they know: the yaw sensor can get dizzy!