Standard Charge < 235 in cold?

Standard Charge < 235 in cold?

The weather has been between 10-20F the last few days and I have noticed that the standard charge mileage when fully charged has dropped from 235 to about 227. Has anyone else experienced this?

jat | 24 janvier 2013

Tesla has pointed out that the range estimate is changed by the temperature, because you get less energy out of a cold battery and the range assumes the battery stays the same temperature. The range isn't lost, as it comes back after the battery warms up. They have said a future update will correct this behavior.

Personally, I see anywhere from 235 to 241 after a standard charge, but it isn't as cold here.

nickjhowe | 24 janvier 2013

@jat - based on my experience the 241 is achieved immediately when charging is complete. The range then bleeds down, even with the charge cable plugged in. I've never seen it below 235. It is more noticeable with 4.2 than it was with 4.0 - I guess because of the removal of the sleep mode.

noel.smyth | 24 janvier 2013

with the cold (below 20F), I am getting about 228 to 230 in the mornings... However last night I changed up the charging rate to go slower and it finished up close to when I was leaving for work and I had 238 this morning...I ramped down to 15A and I think it finished within an hour of me leaving for work... and regen was available right away too when I used this approach!

mcollester | 24 janvier 2013

Thanks Noel. I will experiment by slowing down my charger tonight and try to have it finish at about the same time I leave in the morning. I am really looking forward to the new remote app so that I can warm the car and battery before leaving for work.

NielsChr | 24 janvier 2013

It would be perfect if one could set a charge start and end time, and your tesla then calculated the slowest posible charge rate to gain full charge.
this would also help the local electricity compagny, as it would lower the current peeks to a minimum.

Brian H | 24 janvier 2013

Probably works best to target a while AFTER you intend to use the car; that way the battery is still late in its charge sequence, and for sure will be warm.

jackhub | 24 janvier 2013

My garage is not heated and the Temp here in Louisville hit 8 to 10F the last few nights. My charge was between 267 and 272.

jackhub | 24 janvier 2013

Sorry, that is standard charge.