Summary of Elon's Trip to the UK

Summary of Elon's Trip to the UK

Hey Everyone,

I know at least one of the videos is already in play but just wanted to post the four videos that I am aware of.
I appreciate that two of these are primarily Space focused but hopefully of interest.

Oxford Martin School- (65 mins)
Financial Times - (3 mins)

Aeronautical Society Interview - (16 mins)
Aeronautical Society Lecture - (67 mins)

Also, a good article from Telegraph -
I could have sworn there was a video attached to this article when I saw it, but I can't find it now.

Looks like Elon had a productive time in the UK.

olanmills | 27 novembre 2012

That Telegraph article is terrible. It reads like Tesla itself wrote it.

Alastair.Nantes | 27 novembre 2012

Pardon me. I should have said "a positive article for Tesla". The Telegraph is a major newspaper in the UK, especially for the prospective buyers of the model S, so biased or not, it should help to Tesla.