sunroof and hot states

sunroof and hot states

Question about sunroof and ho Arizona.
Does anyone have one in Az or somewhere hot and can tell me how much heat and light really come through.
thanks to all
reservation holder 9995 and ready to order.

fluxemag | 4 décembre 2012

Most standard moon roofs have a blackout shade that can cover them. If the pano roof doesn't, I would never buy it in AZ. I've lived here my entire life and there is no way I would do a glass roof that didn't allow me to fully block the sun.

Maybe go check out the one at Scottsdale Fashion Square. If you have a reservation number they will let you sit in it and play around. It has the pano roof but I wasn't paying close attention to that since I'm not getting it. I plan to do the black roof.

Cattledog | 5 décembre 2012

My thoughts from August...

Cattledog | AUGUST 15, 2012

Just test drove in Austin, 103 degrees, pano roof, NOT an issue. Sat in pano roof static car that had been sitting in the sun for hours, windows open mind you, warm inside, not hot (probably 103, screen readout said 109 for outdoor temp, probably from sun/pavement). Closed windows, turned on AC, quickly cooled.

Everyone worried about the pano roof in a hot climate, turn your attention back to cupholders and consoles...

kishdude | 5 décembre 2012

I actually did my test drive in Scottsdale at the get amped event in the middle of summer and living in AZ, I was worried about getting that large glass roof. I was also worried how powerful the AC was and let me tell you my fears were alleviated on both counts. First even though the car I drove had the pano roof, you really can not feel the heat coming through it. It is very dark, even though you can see perfectly well through it. I never noticed any heat or excessive light during my drive. My specialist told me that it only lets in about 10% of the light. The AC had no problem and was not even on full and cooled the cabin with no problems. As a result, I did order my car with the pano roof.

Brian H | 5 décembre 2012

Yes, so far no complaints about overheating the interior thru the roof. Seems the issue will come up with all prospective hot state buyers, though.

Bennett R. | 5 décembre 2012

My concern with the sunroof on a hot summer day is not how much heat would come in while you were driving, but how hot it would get while parked outside for several hours.

Brian H | 6 décembre 2012

Same comment; it doesn't appear to increase "parked" heating perceptibly.

fluxemag | 6 décembre 2012

Wow, I guess I was wrong on this one. Good to hear!

purrpleh | 6 décembre 2012

Any delivered Model S in Florida? thinking about the glass roof, but sure would like to hear some experiences from owners who have had their car for a month or so.

nickjhowe | 7 décembre 2012

There's quite a few. Head over to the Florida forum here or on TMC.