Super chargers to Washington State

Super chargers to Washington State

Does anyone know when we'll be seeing super chargers in Washington State? And will there be any in Eastern Washington and when?

Brian H | 14 février 2013

I was going to say, "When the Columbia freezes over", but actually I expect about 2015. E.Wash. might get one or two.

DouglasR | 14 février 2013

The original map displayed in September of last year showed the network extending into Washington "within two years." That map did not show any superchargers in eastern Washington, however. The "long term" (five year) map might have had superchargers in eastern Washington, but it's hard to tell. Note that these maps are only illustrative, and do not provide precise locations.

kenliles | 14 février 2013

Those charts definitely showed in Western WA up I5; I asked some folks here working for Tesla and they were pretty mumm on exact locations, but said the Seattle area will have 'several' and locations are mostly determined but wouldn't say (they were good employees!).

My own conjecture is one south like Tacoma or around Airpot- Boeing field, then Seattle proper perhaps University area plus one on the 405 side of lake WA in Bellevue (the store in Bellevue Center already has charging facility in the parking ramp lower level); and the perhaps one more on the North side somewhere; Issaquah might be a wild card going East, but I don't think they will go out 90 to East WA - because that I90 stretch east seems like a last priority.. Nothing East of Issaquah area looked to be on the map I saw-
those are my thoughts

Brian H | 14 février 2013

None in "Seattle proper". Try to grasp this: SCs go between cities.

ian | 14 février 2013

What Brian H said.

@kenliles - You're missing the point of the Supercharger network if you think they'll be that close to Seattle proper.

There won't be any in Seattle or the outlying "burbs". There will be one between Seattle and Portland for sure. Maybe one between Seattle and Vancouver BC too. I'm hoping they put some in E. Wa. as well. Ellensburg would be a great spot to allow travel to Spokane and south on I-82 through Yakima to the Tri-Cities and I-84 in Oregon. I'm really hoping so as I travel to Walla Walla at least once a year. Obviously this is all IMHO.


sthornton | 14 février 2013

Vantage is half way from Seattle to Spokane at roughly 125 miles. That could be a stretch for 60kWh batteries at freeway speeds (70 mph) in the cold and with mountains to the West, so perhaps placing 2 SCs, one at Ellensburg and one at Moses Lake or thereabouts, would be better.

kenliles | 14 février 2013

Yes as the map shows there will be one between Portland OR and Seattle and another between Seattle and Vancouver BC. But as you know Seattle like Los Angeles is at the cross road of Interstates North-South and East-West. As such (as indicated on the Tesla network map) somewhere in or near Seattle is required.

Under your plans above you assume everybody starts in Seattle. But due to the crossroad positioning of Seattle (like LA) , You'll never get from south of Tacoma (between Portland and Seattle) to Ellensburg on I90 (which by the way is also a city). Seattle to Ellensburg alone is 110 miles. Ditto if your coming from the north, VancouverBC

If I'm missing the point to extent you guys claim, then you should suggest Tesla remove the one in the LA area since they must not get it either. Similar situations will apply to Chicago and many other major cities that are crossroad cities and as such are concurrently source-destinations AND midpoints for travel through them.

You're right there likely won't be all of those I mentioned, likely just one of them. I did probably overreach a bit given the purpose.

and hey @Brian H, thanks for the insult, and right back atcha. See if you can glimpse at a map and grasp that;
if not, just go for your ankles

sthornton | 14 février 2013

Certainly, having SCs in or close to major cities would be ideal. I hope Tesla is counting on placing these as part of their rollout. If they are placing them 120+ miles only from cities, those only traveling through and not overnight are buggered.

olanmills | 14 février 2013

"If they are placing them 120+ miles only from cities, those only traveling through and not overnight are buggered." ~sthornton

Why would they be buggered? If they are travelling through the city, then it doesn't really matter where the supercharger is, as long as it's on their route, correct?

Presumabely, you would charge up somewhere along the line before you hit the big city, and then somewhere after you pass the big city. If you plan is to just travel through the city, why do you care if the supercharger placement is shifted one way or the other?

Brian H | 14 février 2013

Accommodating 60 kWh cars is not on. If they happen to be able to make a particular trip, fine. The network is for the cross-country car: the 85kWh. That's why TM discontinued SC hardware in the 60, until the squawking started. IT'S THE WRONG TOOL FOR THE ROAD TRIP JOB.

And the LA site is a one-off, at the shared HQ location of TM design/SpaceX/Solar City. City placement will not be repeated. Neither in NYC, or Seattle.

kenliles | 14 février 2013

Yes it will. And in more places than those 2.... Reach for the ankles..

CharlotteOmoto | 18 août 2013

Now that Vancouver BC to Portland OR is feasible with the 2 superchargers on I-5, I hope the one on the Fall 2013 map of supercharger smack in the middle of WA is at Vantage to allow cross state travel on I-90 and also from Pullman to Seattle.