SUPER - SuperCharger !

SUPER - SuperCharger !

Although I said I wouldn't, because I'm a local, I tried the new Rancho Cucamonga charger today. Only 1 other when I got there, 6 by the time I left. The amazing facts are: 380+ mph (and climbing), 285A and 370V and I charged to 301 miles.
BTW, the seared Ahi next door was outstanding.
old geezer

negarholger | 23 novembre 2014

Burt - testing is OK... you have to verify that the equipment works.

Bighorn | 23 novembre 2014

I'll probably be dropping in there in many hours.

sule | 23 novembre 2014

Charged to 301 miles? Ideal?

bonaire | 23 novembre 2014

285A x 370V = 105 KW.

Brian H | 23 novembre 2014

Is the scorched tuna free for life, too? ;p

Burt Court | 23 novembre 2014

bonaire, I think this is a near record for KW, right?

Bighorn | 23 novembre 2014

No 125 kW is about the highest I've seen

JayInJapan | 23 novembre 2014

I don't have a MS to charge (yet), but that 285 x 370 rate is not maintained for the entire hour, right?

Burt Court | 23 novembre 2014

Jayln, don't know, shut off before I finished lunch.
Bighorn, you spoiled my whole evening, darn

Captain_Zap | 23 novembre 2014

There is a ramp down in the charging speed as the battery fills up.

lmorelli | 24 novembre 2014

I got 298 x 370 with 85 miles already on the car. Probably would have been higher had the battery been at a lower charge (less miles remaining). This was either at Potomac Mills, Newark, De, or East Greenwich, RI. Forgot which.

hamer | 24 novembre 2014

This may be slightly off-topic (if there is a better thread I'll post on that), but I have noticed a difference in Supercharging rates at different Superchargers, even when I'm the only one. I have not kept track exactly enough to tell whether it is my imagination. I charge most often at the Superchargers in South Hill VA and Glen Allen VA, and even when I'm the only car there (and I usually am) it seems to me that the charging rate is higher (faster) in Glen Allen than in South Hill.

jordanrichard | 24 novembre 2014

hamer, there are differences based on the age of the charger. Meaning the older ones weren't built to charge as fast as the newer ones.

hamer | 24 novembre 2014

The South Hill one is newer than the Glen Allen one. Still don't know if it is my imagination.

jjs | 24 novembre 2014

@hamer - Temperature of the battery and SOC of the battery affect the rate of energy transfer. If your battery is cold it will not accept a charge as fast. The higher your SOC (state of charge) in your battery the slower the rate of charge.

Perhaps one or both of these are contributing factors in your experience?

dglauz | 24 novembre 2014

From what I have noticed, 120 kw starts to drop of at about 70 to 80 miles rated range. However, yesterday I pulled into supercharger at Vacaville with 40 miles range and it only charged at 110 kW to start. After we hit the head we promptly left with 101 miles rated range.

Bighorn | 25 novembre 2014

What did I do to do that ? Were you camped out waiting for me? I charged at around 7am and didn't see anyone the whole 30 minutes I was there. It is a beautiful set-up as SCs go and the mountains behind are beautiful. If it helps, I'm sorry?

Bighorn | 25 novembre 2014

Oh. I see you were probably referring to the charging speed! Nevermind:)

jinglejeff | 6 août 2019

Can you order new Tesla S models with the third row seat anymore? I don't see that as an option. | 7 août 2019

@jinglejeff - Nope, it's been discontinued.