Supercharger locations in Norway (and Sweden)

Supercharger locations in Norway (and Sweden)

Haven't been able to find this discussion elsewhere. Only TM knows about the whereabouts of the new Superchargers in Norway, but I thought some input from us who lives up in Scandinavia could be in place.

IMO 4 SC would be sufficient in the first step (if they plan on covering the Oslo-Bergen-Trondheim triangle plus being able to go to Stockholm as stated in Oslo on March 6th). I thought we could give our input on locations.

-On the Oslo-Stockholm trip I would see a SC i Örebro (at Boglundsgatan, Max restaurant) as perfect. That would also give the MS owners in Sweden the possibility to go between Stockholm-Gothenburg since it covers both E20 and E18.
-A SC just south of Oslo (junction E18-E6) would make trips through Oslo, and also southward, possible.
-Most probably one in Geilo on the trip Oslo-Bergen?
-A SC between Oslo and Trondheim that would also cover trips from Bergen-Trondheim. Ringebu/Vinstra?

You people living in Norway, knowing the places, come with your inputs and suggestions!

cdabel114 | 20 mars 2013

I believe Tesla was on an inspection tour to Geilo, and since this is the route Fredrik Hauge (Well known environmentalist) took in a MS from Bergen to Oslo for the Elon Musk event, I´m guessing one SC will be located there.

gisleosaland | 20 mars 2013

Would absolutely suggest one somewhere around Kristiansand/Lillesand as well, lots of people both on the east and the west-coast have cabins south in Norway, there are also living lots of people along the coast, as well as we them will have covered the route Oslo-Stavanger/Sandnes. I honestly think this region with their strong economy have reserved the second most TMS after the Oslo-area.

GenIIIBuyer | 20 mars 2013

"SuperChargers along corridor between Bergen and Oslo, eventually extending to Trondheim and Stockholm, Sweden."


KnutNorway | 20 mars 2013

I hope for Otta in stead of Ringebu/Vinstra. In addition to Oslo-Trondheim, Otta connect the route Stavanger/Bergen - Geilo - Otta - Trondheim.

TS | 20 mars 2013

Why Geilo, and not Hemsedal?
Then you don't have to depend on a ferry . According to my TomTom, Hemsedal is the fastest route from Oslo to Bergen.
Gol would cover both routes and it will be about 310km left when leaving for Bergen. You will also reach Sogndal , Førde and Stryn (Ref 85KWh battery and good margins)

They should be placed very close to nice diners (NOT "By the way" diners) and close to main powerlines and not in a valley of shadows, in the case it will be based on solarpanels

Brian H | 20 mars 2013

The solar arrays may or may not be close to the superchargers. For Solar City, it only matters that they sell array output for more than they spend powering cars over the course of a whole year, over the entire network. Not on a site-by-site basis.

gisleosaland | 20 mars 2013

From June 2013 you will be able to travel from Bergen to Geilo without depending on a ferry, new bridge almost finished close to Eidfjord, isn't this true?

GeirT | 20 mars 2013

The triangle has to be assumed already well defined and I am convinced Tesla Norway know exactly what they are doing to make us all happy customers. Rest assured that they will hear it if they don't. This group of customers are pretty vocal ;-)
I think the major issue at hand now is just get started and make sure the SCs are ready when the cars arrive. And pray (!) that the July arrivals will actually happen, furthermore that 40% of the 500/week for Europe is a maintained target.
Waiting is a pain!