Switch from Model X to Model X Performance

Switch from Model X to Model X Performance

I like to know if I will be able to switch to model X Performance ones we know detail about this model and pricing. I expect that price for Performance will be about 90 000 US.

timf2001 | 15 juin 2014

Of course. Performance is an option you select when you finalize your order, not make a reservation This is not the same thing as Signature, which was a separate type of reservation that is now sold out and not tied to performance level.

Tâm | 15 juin 2014


How did you guess the price?

Current barebone Model S Performance 85 is already $93,400.

And it has only 1 motor! Yours will have 2!

BTA22 | 16 juin 2014

Yeah, if the X performance is 90k, Tesla's going to need a bigger factory.

AlMc | 16 juin 2014

The model X performance will be at least $5-7K more than the model S performance price at the time that the X goes into production.

Tâm | 16 juin 2014

And I forgot: You need to pay more for your optional Model X third row seats.

Brian H | 16 juin 2014

Third row seats are not optional (or rear-facing, or child-sized) in the MX.

AlMc | 16 juin 2014

Brian....Yes, the 3rd row seats are optional, as of today, in the MX.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16 juin 2014

Brian, The email I received today indicated forward facing third row will be an option that can be ordered.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16 juin 2014

George, if you have a reservation you will decide what you want when you place your actual order.