Tan leather with obeche matte or tan leather with piano black?

Tan leather with obeche matte or tan leather with piano black?

I am torn between those two interior color combinations.
Any advice?
Any pictures of those combinations from those who have already received their cars?

Superliner | 7 janvier 2013

Piano Black ..Gets my vote. Have not yet seen this config in person though so can't help there with pics etc. Only two cars @ Fashion Square in Scottsdale one white and one grey with only the white one open and it had Obeche gloss. I can email you the pics I got while there if you wish.

Me = White / Tan Leather / Piano Black / Body Colored Roof / Active Air? / Studio Sound / 60 Kwh? / Twin Chargers / Super Charging Hardware? / Tech Package?

? = unsure .. not finalized yet

wbrown01 | 7 janvier 2013

Anyone has photos of the Tan.....

Superliner | 7 janvier 2013

Yes but it is the Performance interior which differs from non Perf. (suede inserts and contrasting piping "black") and it had Obeche Mat.

I'll gladly send them to you

kisspg10 | 7 janvier 2013

great @superliner
Can you please send them to

Superliner | 7 janvier 2013

Yep; Will do it right now! Only two shots though.. But hope they help.

Bennett R. | 7 janvier 2013

I ordered the tan and the matte obeche.

Superliner | 7 janvier 2013

@ Bennett R.

I thought about it but the fact that the Obeche wood grain is vertically symmetrical it looks like fake wood (even though real)

@ kisspg10

Did the pics come through ok ?

Superliner | 7 janvier 2013

The pictures in the design studio are fairly representative + / - of what I saw more then the pictures IMHO. The tan appears to photograph lighter than it looks to the naked eye. "again just my opinion"

markapeterman | 7 janvier 2013

I have tan/matte and love it. Piano black is too glossy in my opinion.

olanmills | 8 janvier 2013

There was this study that said people who choose tan leather with obeche matte trim are both the smartest and coolest people around.

kisspg10 | 8 janvier 2013

well put olanmills

Getting Amped Again | 8 janvier 2013

Hmmmmmm, where are the "smart and cool people" interior photos?