Tesla Business Plan

Tesla Business Plan

Hello Tesla Fans,

My name is Mike Taylor and I'm a Marketing Management student at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). I'm working with 4 other students on a Business Planning project and we've chosen Tesla Motors Leasing Inc as our topic company.

We're just getting started on the research phase and I thought these forums (or more specifically, the people on them) might come in handy. I'll try not to ask mundane or obvious questions and save this resource for some of the more obscure areas of interest.

Other than that, I love everything I've learned about the company so far and looking forward to digging deeper. Hopefully I'll land a sweet job with my education so that I can afford the Model S by the time it's released :)



Jaffray | 14 octobre 2010

Welcome to the site Taylor!

Rrroger | 6 décembre 2010

The 3 year lease plan discussed on Tesla's official site, should more than double the activity of the Tesla business, while people wait for the next generation of batteries, and also to let the first Model S get its release kinks over with.

Brian H | 8 décembre 2010

What makes you think the Model S will be kinky? Are you some kinda prevert?

searcher | 8 décembre 2010

BrinH "prevert" I think you have just invented a new rude word. Or maybe I will go check my dictionary to see if "prevert" is already invented. Honestly, you need to take a look at the ground rules for this website. Just some plain old fashined courtesy would be refreshing. You are really above this. I know because I have enjoyed talking with you on too many occasions.

Rrroger | 8 décembre 2010

Although BrianH may have gone outside the foul language boundaries, I found his statement humorous! It caused laughing in
our office! Good to keep a sense of humor! The word he refers to is for ALL start up changes that are discovered?

searcher | 8 décembre 2010

Rrroger, glad his cutesy comment caused some laughter in your office. Obviously they were starving for some humor be it rude, personal, or smart alecky. But it's ok I was nice to Brianh today also.

Brian H | 10 décembre 2010

Ah, the inexperienced young! Get a copy of "Dr. Strangelove", and wait for the dialog between Gen. Jack D. Ripper and and Group Captain Lionel Mandrake. Enlightenment will ensue.

Great film, leftie Kubrick propaganda though it is. I've seen it 6 times. Peter Sellers stars 3 times in it.

Brian H | 10 décembre 2010

correction to above: It wasn't the dialog with Gen. Ripper, but with Colonel "Bat" Guano.

Samuel H. | 10 décembre 2010


The Model S will probably have its bugs as do the first of anything. As a rule of thumb, be cautious with version 1.0 of anything. I really do hope that they have worked the bugs out before the first one rolls off the production line.

Tesla Motors
Live Long and Prosper!

Timo | 10 décembre 2010

Considering that OP doesn't ask anything, chatting is OK for me. No need to yell about topic. Tesla business plan is basically "sell stuff, make money". Very efficient plan :)

Samuel H. | 11 décembre 2010

Aw, I wasn't yelling. I just uses CAPITAL letters.

Tesla makes money. They sell cars to make more money. They use some of that money to make more models to make more money. They are not in it for the good of the Earth although their products are "earth friendly". (what a misnomer!) Hey Timo, your posts are always so informative. Thanks.

Samuel H. | 11 décembre 2010

sentence replacement: "I just used CAPITAL letters."

Brian H | 13 décembre 2010

Actually, Elon Musk is SPECIFICALLY in the business "for the good of the Earth". So was the original CEO, Martin Eberhard. Elon's hope is to force and inspire other makers to produce lotsa good E-Vehicles. For that reason, the battery tech etc. is available for purchase by others. His attitude towards SpaceX is about the same; as he said of it, "If you want to get wealthy, there are a lot faster and better ways to do it than building space ships!"

Timo | 13 décembre 2010

Yes and no. Elon chose a business that can also benefit the Earth. Basic principle is that if you can't make money with it it isn't going to last. Not in current economic mode we live in (as in whole world lives in).

Elon and Martin are both dreamers, like most of us. What separates them from us is that they make dreams come true.

searcher | 13 décembre 2010

Ah so Elon and Martin are dreamers, sounds great to me{of couse} even if I do get stubbornly "lost in space" former genteel reference made to me along with a few choice other ones,ha. Seriously not a problem or I still wouldn't be hanging around bugging everybody. timo that last sentence in your post sounds like something DanAderhold said just in a differnent way when referencing his engineering group. Honetly, you need to be a consultant for Tesla or someway associated with them for financial gain. You are a virtual storehouse of Tesla stuff. "Teeing your bean" now,ha. Enjoy your informative comments.

Timo | 13 décembre 2010

They gave me a hat. Must make it worth something :)

searcher | 13 décembre 2010

See I told you, you are on a roll now.

Brian H | 15 décembre 2010

No, Timo. Elon SPECIFICALLY went into EVs to save the Earth. He was already wealthy from selling PayPal. There were lots of better businesses for him to get into for money. Martin was even zanier; he was selling cars that cost $140K to make for about $90K, and hoping to 'make it up on volume'. Elon discovered that AFTER putting his $45 million in, and ended up in a showdown, resulting in Martin's eventual departure and a couple of years of desperate reworking and rationalizing and a couple of price hikes.

Martin's fans are still ripped about all that, but he was obliviously headed for a 100-foot thick brick wall at full speed. (I think he's now on with VW as an EV ideas guy, btw. That could result in some interesting developments ...)