Tesla Consideration for non-US markets

Tesla Consideration for non-US markets

Dear Tesla,

First of all, I would like to apologize for posting this negative remark on your forum. Even if I am one of your biggest fans who can't wait to get his Model S, I am getting upset about the lack of consideration you have for the non-US markets.

just like the major film studios, you seem to consider the rest of the world as a "bonus market" and surely not as an important one!

Why do I think this way ?

- We have been waiting for months now !
- We can't find official charging estimations for other kind of electricity networks (with higher voltages (230V and more) but with lower amperage). My network will support 400V but at 63A. This means, in other words, 43,6 kVA.
- We don't get really informed about the dealer locations. Here in Belgium, I was first said that a Dutch dealer (Kroymans NL) got the deal for the BENELUX (read Belgium + Netherlands + Luxemburg) market. I actually met Mr Kroymans in person who confirmed me this at the Belgian Auto Show. And guess what? A few weeks ago, I read in a newspaper that Jean-Michel Martin would be the official dealer for Belgium. WTF?
- We don't get informed (even roughly informed) about the deliveries. What if my current car breaks down tomorrow... Is it a question of weeks, months, years? Absolutely no idea! Early 2013, the rumor says... :'(

Please Tesla, wake up and give your future customers the consideration they deserve!


Xavier Vermaut

Xav1976 | 18 août 2012

Erratum :

- We have been waiting for the pricings for non-US markets for months now !

Crow | 18 août 2012

You have plenty of time before cars are available. I would rather the company focus on ramping production.

Brian H | 18 août 2012

Speaking of non-US markets, I wonder when sales will begin in Mexico.

steven.maes | 21 août 2012


I feel your grief. But we can only wait. Tesla will communicate when they are ready. Let it go.
Like we say in Dutch "geduld is een mooie deugd".

And if your car breaks down, buy another ...

Epley | 21 août 2012

Also remember you are dealing with a new company who has never done this before. Regulations are different in each and every state, let alone country. It will take some time to pin down all these details, and some of the details may change depending upon Tesla's negotiations. It's hard to wait, but your patience will pay off in the long run with a better product.

ManuVince | 21 août 2012

Bonjour Xavier,

Support for 3-phase charging has been confirmed by Tesla (after a petition from some highly motivated EU customers).

We got some more info from our Tesla customer advocate (UK based), so a reasonably reliable source :
- First delivery for signature reservation holders will happen fisrt quarter 2013.
- Pricing & options should be should be announced in the next few weeks.

Of course, it is a plan, that can still slip.

That said. I understand your frustration, it is tough not to even pricing when some others start to get their cars.

But after all it is an american company, same thing happen the other way around when Mercedes/Porshe/Audi get a new car on the market.

There are technical differences that Tesla need to account for when entering the European market. And there is regulation and taxes which change each single country in the EU...

But rest assured that Tesla cannot ignore Europe for long. And look at it on the bright side, we will get a more mature car with less quirks ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 21 août 2012

+1 ManuVince, and nice to see you around here again!

Alex K | 21 août 2012

@ManuVince: Support for 3-phase charging has been confirmed by Tesla (after a petition from some highly motivated EU customers).

The current Model S charging port only has 2 large connectors. I wonder if the EU version will have three? I guess they could charge from just 2 of the available three phases, but that would lead to some line imbalances.

It would be nice to have this option in the US as well.

jkirkebo | 21 août 2012

I'm guessing we'll get the Mennekes-connector in Europe. It is a much nicer connector than the J1772 anyway, closer to the Tesla connector with electromechanical locking features etc.

Now, if they want to use an extended Tesla connector, 4 pins are either required (3 phases + neutral for a star connection (230VAC between phase and N)) or the chargers must be delta connected and thus accept 400VAC input (phase to phase, no N). The Mennekes connector has all three phases + N and PE.

Sudre_ | 21 août 2012

Or they will make an adapter that will be three phase on one end that plugs into the wall, a 200 pound converter in the middle then a two prong DC connector to the car.
"Honey can you help me throw this in the truck so we can charge at your brothers house?"


jkirkebo | 22 août 2012

Actually, if the chargers can accept DC input, you'd only need a rectifier in the cable. The weight would be closer to two pounds than to two hundred.

kbekaert | 22 août 2012


In which newspaper did you read that Jean-Michel Martin will be the dealer?

steven.maes | 22 août 2012

I have heared from this dealership change in the Belgian news.
Does it really matter ? There will be testdrives at the end of the year. As long as they figure out who will be the dealer at that time, it's fine by me. Untill that time, we can only wait.
I will only make my final decission after the testdrive. All new information is of course nice to have and will only stimulate the Tesla-urge. But I am trying to stay focussed so I can do the test drive as objective as possible.

Xav1976 | 22 août 2012

Hi all,

Yesterday, I got Rogier Kroymans on the line. I would like to thank him for his call, as he took the necessary time to answer my questions.

In short :

- He is directly working for Tesla and is not "linked" to other "Kroymans" activities in the Netherlands.

- The information about a delarship change is therefore false. Mr Kroymans contacted the newspaper (I personnaly think I read that in a newsletter of / to correst this.

- European prices, as well as details about the 3-phases charging abilities, should be announced in the coming weeks.

- Signature models should be delivered in Europe during Q1 of 2013

Nothing really new for most of you but always interesting to see that Tesla is looking after his non-US customers ;-)


PS: Greetings to Helen from Tesla as well!

steven.maes | 22 août 2012

Thx Xavier ! I think I have read it in one of both magazines as well.

Any news on when the testdrives will be ? I was told in okt-nov.

Brian H | 22 août 2012

The term "dealer" should not be used. Store manager is correct. Tesla employs them directly.

Xav1976 | 22 août 2012

Indeed! That's what I actually meant with my last post! ;-)

Xav1976 | 22 août 2012

@Steven Maes : I can't remember what Rogier said about test drives in Europe but October/November seems too optimistic for me... December '12 / January '13 would already be nice...

Brian H | 22 août 2012

I have some memory of a late fall target for demos in Europe. A half dozen cars would make quite a stir!