tesla conversion kit for mercedes ?

tesla conversion kit for mercedes ?

I am interested to know if Tesla produces a conversion kit with their technology? Please don't reply with marketing comments about whether this would compete with building their own models (start your own separate discussion please). I have a Mercedes SLK and would like to convert it to electric with a quality system. I have read internet threads that such a system from Tesla is available, but it looks sketchy at best, and I cannot discover exactly if such a kit exists or not. Lastly, I am in Europe. Any advice on European sources would be much appreciated.

VolkerP | 19 janvier 2011

Hello aeromet,

Tesla sells drive trains and battery packs to "conventional" car companies (Daimler, Toyota). This is quite different to a conversion kit. They sell only complete cars to private people. BTW, the same subject was discussed in this forum in the thread electric delorean.


VolkerP | 19 janvier 2011

ok, relative link does not work :-( and there is no edit...
see this thread.

Vawlkus | 20 janvier 2011

We need to get a couple engineers together and see if we can find a way to assemble a generic conversion kit and start a company to sell 'em. I know there are a few companies already doing similar work, but none of them are dealing with Tesla.

aeromet | 20 janvier 2011

Firstly, thanks to all for your posts.

Vawlkus, I am an engineer for onboard electronic maintenance and control systems; either for aircraft or automobiles. I would be interested in what you have in mind for a startup...

for, I was not aware that Mercedes was planning on a SLK EV for 2012. The short answer to your post is that 1) my SLK is already paid for and I really like it... 2) As an engineer, I would never buy a first year model of anything unless I had inside information on how efficient and stable is the design. So to wait two more years while the price of fuel keeps going through the roof doesn't have much attraction. 3) Mercedes makes stable and efficient cars, but I would like to research more on whether their effort is purely experimental or a serious effort/commitment to enter this market.

For VolkerP, thanks for the first post - except the "Delorean" thread doesn't discuss this issue (at least the digression of the first few posts made me stop reading to see if anything serious was there).

I briefly saw a web site for someone who actually does EV conversions on Porsche (and it was EVPorsche in Florida). They also had other makes for sale... I'll keep trying to find this again.

Financeaholic | 20 janvier 2011

I feel like the main problem with a conversion kit would be the battery. Each car would require a custom designed battery pack and figuring out where to place it would be tough. If you put it in the engine bay or in the trunk it will really screw with the weight distribution of the car. Also, I'm pretty sure Tesla isn't going to sell their battery technology.

Vawlkus | 21 janvier 2011

I'm an electronics engineer as well, and I know I can't do that myself, it needs a couple mechanical engineers involved.

Take a look at the conversion kits here
and you'll get a better idea of what's involved.

eberhard | 22 janvier 2011

Look at they have a lot of experience and have done conversion.

qwk | 23 janvier 2011

Unless you know somebody very high up the food chain at Tesla, you won't be able to buy a drivetrain. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. The same goes for an AC propulsion drivetrain which is similar.

With all the design copying done by Chinese companies with blatant disregard for patents, you can't really blame Tesla for not selling their revolutionary drivetrain.

If you are dead set on a Tesla drivetrain, you can probably buy a wrecked roadster at a good discount. About 1/3-1/2 new car price.