Tesla Financing for All States

Tesla Financing for All States

I have just completed the financing process although I live in a state that doesn't allow Tesla direct sales. I simply flew to a state that had Tesla financing (CA), signed, paid no taxes (paid them later in home state at registration). Went super smoothly and I just took delivery this past Friday. Highly recommend this over third pay financing. Seems to me that Tesla financing is now available to all States if you're willing to travel. Delivery still goes straight to your home.

Mark K | 6 mai 2013

Excellent improvised workaround while state legislatures dilly dally.

Fringe benefit: factory tours are worth the trip.

AlMc | 6 mai 2013

Thanks for the information. If this applies to all people financing it removes my concerns expressed in another thread that
makes this a much better product that can be enjoyed by everyone financing, if they chose.

EVPatriot....Who was your Tesla contact. Since they walked you through this process it might be helpful for other people trying to navigate this situation.


AlMc | 6 mai 2013

EVPatriot....I will try to copy your info into the other thread
'Repurchase Agreement'

txjak | 6 mai 2013

Interesting. Here in Texas we cannot buy directly from a Tesla Motors store, so we have to buy it via the internet. I wonder if why they don't offer the financing via California, since we essentially buy it there and have shipped it to us.

AlMc | 6 mai 2013

txjak: Good point. I wonder if Tesla is reluctant to push the option route that EVPatriot did for fear of lawsuit??

EVPatriot | 6 mai 2013

I can't speculate as to why Tesla isn't advertising this. It works, though. And while Tesla may not be allowed to advertise this option, WE should! Spoke to my very diligent accountant and he saw no problem either. My delivery specialist was Mac (only one guy by that name). Please promote this work-around. It's good for Tesla, individuals, banks. Everyone wins - except for maybe the car dealer lobbies... ;)

P.S.: The initial response I got from the Tesla finance department was that this would be impossible and I may get double-taxed. So beware of misinformation. This totally works, you should have to pay no California taxes, will need to fly in, however when your vehicle is built. Getting registration paperwork in time was the only snag (got it the day prior to delivery).

Brian H | 6 mai 2013

I think the key is not to actually take delivery in CA to avoid its taxes.

txjak | 10 mai 2013

@EVPatriot: When you say "will need to fly in," could you elaborate on what you did and why it could not be done via the internet, for example. Could a third party have handled it for you?


therealmach3 | 10 mai 2013

I tried to discuss this option with my Tesla rep prior to finalizing my order, but he was not able to offer any advice or guidance on what you may or may not be able to do specifically related to this process. I definitely got the feeling that he wanted to share options with me, but was not able to do so because of policy or legal concerns.

That said, I'm really curious about this process. I was under the assumption that you would have to take delivery in another state in order to access the Tesla finance program. I could easily take delivery at either family or friends in CA, but certainly don't want to deal with paying the additional shipping cost from that location to TX.

Would love to get more detail on exactly what your process was like (where you're located, what address Tesla had on file, how you got them to offer you a finance deal in CA etc).

Thanks for sharing

Superraz | 11 mai 2013


I was given a solution by one of the Tesla reps about how to get Tesla financing from texas.

What I was told is that there are 2 options:

1. You can order the Model S in Colorado and pickup the car from Colorado, which is the closest state the allows
You to get Tesla Financing, however, you would need to drive it from Colorado back to Texas...
Not ideal...

2. This was the better solution.
I was told there are two states that allow you to sign all the papers for your car/financing while still having the car delivered to your nearest Tesla service station in Texas. Those states were:
Oregon and New Jersey (I think).

So what I was told to do was order the car online, and then fly out to Oregon a week before delivery to sign the papers for Tesla Financing in Oregon. Then a week later the car will arrive to the Nearest Texas Tesla service station.

I hope that helps.

If you have any questions let me know and I can email you more details,

AlMc | 11 mai 2013

2. This was the better solution.
I was told there are two states that allow you to sign all the papers for your car/financing while still having the car delivered to your nearest Tesla service station in Texas. Those states were:
Oregon and New Jersey (I think).

I can confirm it is NJ

therealmach3 | 16 mai 2013

Thanks guys. That is helpful.

jscottsanchez | 8 juillet 2013

All: super helpful information. I live in Georgia and have also been told I need to fly to New Jersey or Oregon if I want Tesla Financing. I have three questions regarding this, for those that have done it.

1) Can you still get the state tax rebate in your home state? In other words, I fly to Oregon/NJ, sign the papers, and in next year's state taxes, get the additional state rebate, even though though I signed in a different state?

2) Do you have to also file taxes in Oregon or New Jersey if you don't live there but sign for the car there? I'm assuming no, but wanted to double check

3) Do you have to pay state sales tax in Oregon or New Jersey? I'm assuming no and only need to pay in your home state (for me, Georgia), but wanted to double check

So, what are you actually doing by signing the papers in New Jersey or Oregon? It doesn't seem like you're really buying it there...strange, but I've gotten the same advice.

Thanks in advance!
Scott (a hopeful 85W owner!)