Tesla Financing NOT available to the flyover states

Tesla Financing NOT available to the flyover states

"*Tesla Financing Product is only available in the following states: CA, CO, IL, FL, NJ, NY, OR and WA"

Seriously? The great unwashed don't get a chance to guarantee the value of their car? What kind of discrimination is this?

Brian H | 3 avril 2013

The market would de facto be set by the value in those large buyer pool states. Not to worry.

jwhelan19 | 3 avril 2013

You're right......unless you live in a flyover state.

hnashif | 3 avril 2013

Sort of tells you where the Super Chargers are going to be initially concentrated.

Longhorn92 | 3 avril 2013

For the record, Illinois is a flyover state.

Mike C | 3 avril 2013

Not if you're going to Chicago.

cb9 | 3 avril 2013

Yeah, and I guess the Mid-Atlantic coastal states and DC are just the ones you fly over going from FL to NY.

Brian H | 3 avril 2013

The price will not differ much between coastal and interior states. The cars will 'gravitate' to the higher price.

kyleket | 4 avril 2013

I like being in my flyover state of Wisconsin. Close enough to Chicago, and we won't be flooded when the polar ice caps completely melt.

Anonymous | 4 avril 2013


ddruz | 4 avril 2013

Can someone please point me to the source of the OP's statement?:

"*Tesla Financing Product is only available in the following states: CA, CO, IL, FL, NJ, NY, OR and WA"

Basjames | 4 avril 2013

I guess us under privelidged Canadians can foreget about any leasing options up here. We are already hit another 1.0% on our car loans and pay a higher cash price than the U.S buyers even though our $ is frequently the same or even more. In short you in the U.S. enjoy the car and be HAPPY.

Longhorn92 | 4 avril 2013

@ddruz: It was in an e-mail they sent. You can sign-up for their e-mail alerts here:

Longhorn92 | 4 avril 2013

@ddruz: I just forwarded the e-mail to your aol account.

ddruz | 4 avril 2013

@Longhorn92 - Thanks kindly. Turns out that email got shuffled to my spam filter for some reason.

If this financing plan is going to remain available only in CA, CO, IL, FL, NJ, NY, OR and WA it is peculiar that on the Financing web page of this site:

1. There is no specific mention of the financing plan being available only in those states

2. GA, UT and WV are states you can click with tax incentives to calculate the monthly cost

3. NJ and DC are noted as having no sales tax on EVs

One wonders if it is currently only available in those states but plans are to expand it as time goes on.

Brian H | 4 avril 2013

John K.;
Head such posts with --ADVERTISEMENT-- if you don't want to be treated as Spam.

Tiebreaker | 4 avril 2013

@ddruz - it is also at the bottom of the "cost of ownership" page.

ddruz | 4 avril 2013

@Tiebreaker - Thanks. That posting at the bottom of the "cost of ownership page" is new as of today. It wasn't there yesterday when I checked it.

Looks like they are now being consistent and their financing deal is truly available only in selected states. Hopefully they will be able to expand that.

Jack_L | 4 avril 2013

FWIW I called today and was told it is available in 11 states. Mass is one of them per the rep today.

FLsportscarenth... | 4 avril 2013

I flew over CO a number of times... Never landed there but drove across it once, pretty to look at but far to empty for my tastes.

I think the banks limited the number of states due due state specific banking laws, like credit cards have different terms in different states. I am sure that Tesla is just as happy selling a Model S to someone living in Iowa as they are to sell one in New Jersey... Only New Jersey is more EV friendly.

Earl and Nagin ... | 5 avril 2013

There seems to be a bit of coastal snobbery around here. Very disappointing.
Elk Horn, IA (that's the abbreviation for the State of Iowa) has perhaps the highest concentration of EV charging stations per capita of any city in the country. They have 4 public charging stations and a population of 662 people.